Collins Resigns

UPDATED 4:30PM - Team President John Collins resigned as Team President of the Cleveland Browns, as the team resolved conflicts between Collins and general manager Phil Savage. Randy Lerner will step in as interim Team President until a replacement can be found. Join us on the forums to talk about it!

After several days of chaos, multiple sources are reporting that Team President John Collins will resign as Team President of the Cleveland Browns. According to radio reports, Lew Merletti will stay with the team.

The resignation of Collins will come as a relief to Browns fans, who reacted angrily to news that Phil Savage might be forced out as the general manager of the team.

At 2PM on Monday, team owner Randy Lerner released the following brief statement:

"John Collins has resigned his position as President and CEO of the Cleveland Browns. Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel will remain in their current roles and I will assume the responsibilities left open by John's departure. It is my expectation that the role of President will be filled although there are no current candidates or time frame set to do so. My priority is to give the General Manager and Head Coach all the resources necessary to make the Browns successful."

At 4:30 today, the team issued the following statement from General Manager Phil Savage:

"I came to Cleveland because of my belief in Randy Lerner, his integrity and his commitment to making the Cleveland Browns a championship team. I am excited about continuing as GM and am more committed than ever to this franchise and to helping the organization bring the Browns fans a winner."

Savage will speak the media next Monday, at a time to be determined.

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