Stephen Braggs Chat Transcript

Here is the transcript from Stephan Bragg's chat on Wednesday night. Stephan talks about his days as a Browns and what he saw as a coach for the Berlin Thunder of NFLE. Also, there's some information about Stephan's upcoming football camp at Lakewood HS.

thekid stephen braggs is in the building. he's using stephen as his name tonight.
thekid stephen is ready to accept questions
Artbtz Great to have you here Stephen!
Stephen Hello Everyone
Artbtz Hey McDawg.... you wanted to be first in line, so let it rock!
Ramllov Welcome back to Cleveland for a nite
Stephen This is Puppy dawg
mcdawg2 alright
mcdawg2 first off how ya doin stephen?
Stephen Thank You
Stephen Glad to be back with the greatest fans
Stephen Been doing great, staying in shape
Stephen Coaching over in NFL Europe
mcdawg2 you started off in C-town back 87, that was a year after the team was already buzzing due to the season before.. my question is what was it like going into a locker room where all the players expected to win
Stephen I felt right at home in the beginning because I came from a great tradition school the Longhorns
Stephen But I still had those butterflies in my stomach, because this was the big league
Stephen It took me a year to finally soak in that my dreams had come true
Stephen And I was glad that I came to the same team as K. Mack
mcdawg2 what was the most memorable moment you had while you were with the Cleveland Browns?
Stephen I would say, first making the team
Stephen Then in the Chicago Bears game where I got 2 pics and had a great day on Special teams
mcdawg2 you and Kevin were friends before coming to Cleveland?
Stephen No, when I was at UT we had a NFL film we watched before every game, and I had K. Mack running over DB'S
Stephen So, I thought, man I have to hit guys like that
mcdawg2 lol
Stephen But K.Mack and I are very close friends now
mcdawg2 makes sense
mcdawg2 that's it for me thanks Stephen...and thanks for still rememembering us Browns fans !!!
Stephen How are the fans taking the change of new Brownies
Stephen I locate Browns fans everywhere I go. I make it a point to thank each and everyone of them
Artbtz The stadium is really starting to feel like home now....
Stephen Great, I'm glad the fans have made the transition and embraced change
Artbtz I don't know if we've embraced it, but we've at least wrestled it to the ground and made peace with it.
mcdawg2 you can take the Browns out of Cleveland..but you can't take the Browns out of the fans
Artbtz The stadium is really starting to rock again, though... it's good to see the old spirit coming back strong.
Stephen I know, but I believe in time, things will get back to the old tradition of winning
Aqib Hey Stephen back when you and mark harper were with the team it seemed that you guys could have started for most teams in the league did you ever get frustrated playing behind Minnifield and dixon
Stephen At times I felt that we should have tried to explore more options but I was excited to play here
Aqib what players helped your transition to the pros the most?
Stephen Hanford Dixon and Al Gross, Bernie Kosar, Flex Wright, Langhorn & Brian Brennan
Aqib thanks Stephen
Stephen Hey guys I am operating a Football Camp here on June 24th - 28th At Lakewood High
Stephen I will have K.Mack and A load of former Browns working the camp
Stephen Would love to have some volunteers and create a good welcome back
Artbtz What ages of kids are going to be at the camp?
Artbtz How could interested people contact you?
Stephen The ages are 8-18 and college and 1st and 2nd year NFL players
Artbtz Wow... quite a spread.
Stephen My website is my toll free # is 866-643-8270
Artbtz Cool.... we'll reprint that tomorrow in the transcript so interested people can contact you.
Artbtz I know thekid wants to let loose with a bunch of questions, but I have to admit that I've been a fan
Artbtz of yours since you were a rookie. You did some ""rookie diary"" columns for a local newspaper, which were great.
thekid How did you feel about Bill Belichick as a coach and were you surprised at his success in New England last year?
Stephen Thank you about the diary! About Belichick, I was glad that he won the championship. That's about the size of it
Stephen He is a good coach with a disciplined scheme, for his personal attributes, I'll take the Zero.
Stephen Has anyone else did the diary?
Artbtz I think they've had others, but yours is the one I remember.
Stephen Thank you for the support, I was a very enlightening experience. And I reflect back on those diaries, because they are a keepsake for me.
thekid What did he do differently in NE than in Cleveland?
Stephen He had a chance to surround himself with his style of players. I don't believe that his acceptance level was too high
Stephen We were the experimental team for him as a Head Coach
Stephen He then had a chance to Improvise, Adapt , Adjust, and overcome some past experiences as a Head Coach
thekid It sounds like maybe an old dog can learn new tricks. He learned some lessons here.
thekid Can the Browns pull a ""New England"" this year?
Stephen Yes, we were a stepping stone for him. I excited for him because he is a very hard working coach
Stephen Yes, I feel that they can. We must win the game of Turnovers and the game of leverage and have a balanced attack
Stephen I finally got my first NFL Championship, in 2001. It came as a coach for the Berlin Thunder in Europe
thekid Have you followed the free agent signings and draft picks? Do you think they upgraded enough to go all the way?
Stephen I have followed the draft a little. I believe that they have the right formula in place
thekid thank you.
Stephen You are welcome, have a great night
redright Stephen you've been coaching in NFL Europe. Could you expand on that? Do you use NFL schemes similar to any specific team? How do you compare the talent? There chances for making a roster.Anyone special to keep an eye out for?
Stephen Yes, I use the schemes from the pro's. Last year I taught the scheme from the Buc's Defense and we won the whole show.
redright Have you any info on Browns players currently in NFL Europe? Your thoughts on there growth and chances, please. thanks I'm done.
Stephen I feel that a lot of athletes that go over to NFLE have to develop the basic consistency in fundamental soundness
Stephen I do not have any updated info about any Browns players this year, because I opted to stay state side and run my company
redright What is basic consistency in fundamental soundness mean?
redright Thank you I'm done.
Stephen Players and become comfortable with bad habits and poor decision making and are not technique sound, when it comes to open field tackling, execution of multi tasked defensive schemes.
beanpot Thanks so much for sharing the time, Stephen. I'm also curious to know about your experience in NFL Europe. You earned a reputation as a perfectionist in life and in the NFL. Assuming that reputation is accurate, how difficult has it been to deal with players much less than perfect?
Stephen At times it was frustrating, but I am a leader with direct reports. So, basically rolled up my sleeves and put on my cleats and showed them by example what I meant. Then they did not want to be out done by a older guy or a coach
Stephen I had to improvise and reach them at different levels. of communication
Stephen You are welcome Beanpot
beanpot I appreciate the reply. Very honest. Thanks for your time.
Ramllov I would like your opinion on how it was to play against John Elway? I wonder if you have followed much on Tim Couch or any current playing QB who could be a guy like Elway and control a game?
Stephen You welcome, thanks for the support
Stephen I respect Elway and a great athelete as he is. Yes, I followed Tim Couch and he has the same heart as Elway.
Ramllov How did you like the performance of the Browns secondary last year with all those interceptions?
Stephen I believe that QB for NE was as poised as they come, I expect big things out of him next year.
Stephen I love it, It have them a chance to win games, You have to get turnovers in this game.
Ramllov Have you figured out a winning scheme in the NFL, is it great defense, special teams and a good offense? Please explain?
Stephen But the best thing about that is, now they expect to get them. That is what make up great defenses
Stephen I believe that you have to Defense that is positive in the turnover ratio, and offense that has ball possession from a clock standpoint. with a balanced running attack.
Stephen Offense must have a great Red Zone efficiency rating of scoring, and Special must create Big Plays and win the game of field position
Stephen The Defense must be great Red Zone defenders
Lumpy Stephen, thanks for coming on line with us die hard fans tonight. May is usually a slow month for football news except for the fanatical fans. I believe you played all or most of your NFL career with the Browns-are you still a fan and do you follow the team??
Stephen I am still a fan, and I visit Cleveland often, I have club seats in the stadium, and this is my only team
Stephen I finished my career with the Dolphins
Lumpy Who do see you see having break out seasons on the Browns secondary?
Stephen The cornerbacks should have a good season, I like Fuller and McClutcheon a lot
Lumpy can you comment on Fazio's defense? what is unique about it....
Lumpy I am finished-thank you very much !
Stephen He run's a cover 2, zone blitz principle and it is the style of defense that gets turnovers
Stephen Should work good for this style of corners, great disguise defense
beanpot Probably a stupid question. That said, is it common for DBs in the NFL to equate their success/lack of success to the DL?
Stephen No, You measure you success my the turnovers and staying healthy and not getting beat when the ball is throw your way.Because those guys get paid on the other side of the ball too.
Stephen Sorry, by the turnovers and passes broken up
Stephen No missed tackles, I like to keep the blame on that player not any one else
beanpot Understood. Thanks again, Stephen
Artbtz Can I ask you one more before we shut down Stephen?
Stephen Yes.
Artbtz I'd just like to know who was the toughest WR you had to defend - college or pro...?
Stephen Pro, was Webstar slaughter, Brian Brennan and Jay Novachek
Stephen Had some others but they stick out in my mind
Artbtz Anyone while still a Longhorn?
Stephen Yes, a WR Jeff something at Stanford
Artbtz Gotcha... thanks :-)
Stephen Welcome
Artbtz Well, we're going to wrap it for tonight.... thanks for swinging by Stephen!
Artbtz Good to hear from you again... see you at the Stadium this fall!
Lumpy GO BROWNS !!
Stephen Thank you guys, remember I have camp coming up June 24 at Lakewood see ya soon
Artbtz .................WOOF!
WebDawg Thanks Stephen
Stephen See ya at the Stadium WOOF! WOOF!
Artbtz We'll let folks know how to contact you... thanks all you die-hards for attending as well!
Stephen Welcome Webdawg

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