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Jamel White Chat Transcript

Jamel talks about the upcoming competition for the starting RB spot, how he feels about being a third-down back, his off-season workouts, and what threads he reads on the forums in the latest Players Only chat transcript. <PIMP>DK has cranked out the <A HREF="http://www.brownstng.com/browns/news/btng_newswire.asp">Daily Newswire</a> as well.</PIMP>

DK I would like to thank Jamel for stopping by tonight and lets get things started
JamelWhite Good evening everybody, it is nice to be here
JamelWhite Your welcome, thanks for the invite
Lumpy Jamel, thanks for joining chat tonight-what specific training have you done to gain the extra weight?
JamelWhite Basically just being ready to compete, spending my offseason here was a plus for me, lifting weights everyday and keeping myself mentally prepared.
JamelWhite I recently weighed in at 215.
Lumpy I was unaware of your background until reading an article today. I applaud you on your focus and dedication. Do you like running the ball or catching better?
Lumpy That's all for me-I want to give everyone a chance-thanks Jamel and Insiders!
JamelWhite I like to do them both. I don't like to be one dimensional, you need to be able to both run and catch the football in the NFL today. I like to have the ball in my hands, trying to make something happen.
JamelWhite You're welcome
DK Atown is up
ATownDawg Hello Jamel. Thank you for taking time to drop in and chat with us this evening. First, I'd like to comment on your commitments to the community, and the work you are doing. We need 1000's more like you :-) Second, we are all obviously Browns crazies here...what if anything can you tell us about Butch's QB School? Thanks again for your time. I'm out :-)
JamelWhite Coach Davis has a good understanding of the players, the QB school is getting us prepared for the season, getting everyone on the same page. He is a good coach............
vbf Jamel, thanks for stopping by to chat. And thanks too for being so active in the community. You make us proud to have you as a Cleveland Brown. I have a couple of questions.
vbf How much of the playbook was actually installed last year?
JamelWhite It is good to get out in the community, sharing your interests with the people, involving your interests with theirs. Getting out and being part of something like that is good for everyone.
JamelWhite Not the entire thing, there are a lot of plays, a whole bunch. There will be a lot of new things that people hadn't seen last year, it is going to be a lot of fun.
vbf Does Butch discuss the tradition of the Cleveland Browns with the team and/or new guys? Do you get a sense that the players feel its special to play here or just another city?
JamelWhite It is special to play here, you have to, you'd be crazy not to. This just isn't a place to play, the fans are great. Take the bottle incident for example, some thought that was crazy, but you have to understand why that happened. It is much different here than say Los Angeles, I enjoy it here in Cleveland and appreciate the fans and the city.
vbf My little 7 year old girl wants to know how Tim's thumb is feeling? She was very concerned. She's a HUGE fan already and I bring her to camp every year.
JamelWhite Tim's thumb is doing fine. He is throwing the ball accurately, he is having fun and doing his thing.
vbf I was going to ask you how the players felt about the bottle incident. Did they think the fans were nuts or did they appreciate the passion?
vbf That's it for me, thanks Jamel...you'll be seeing and hearing us at camp!!! GO BROWNS!!!
JamelWhite We appreciated the passion to some degree, to some degree that all our families are out there, we have to have some responsibility, but you have to appreciate the fans here and what they bring to the game.
OklahomaDawg Thanks for taking time to talk with us, Jamel! Do you feel the competition between yourself, James Jackson, and William Green is/will be stiff, friendly, or both?
JamelWhite I hope it will be friendly, but competition is competition. I look forward to it, it is about the game, what ever it is, competition is what it is about.
OklahomaDawg Last question for me.......what differences do you see between the Indianapolis organization and Cleveland? Was Coach Mora as emotional in the locker room as he is in press conferences? :-)
JamelWhite I'll pass on that one :-)
DK LOL - Ok teco is up
teco have you slowed at all after bulking up?
JamelWhite No, not at all. I know what I need to do to be that player, I'm ready and haven't slowed up at all. I think that I have enhanced my running ability.
teco did the packer defense talk to you much while you ran all over them?
DK :-)
JamelWhite They had a fair amount of words to me, after awhile they quieted up when they realized that I was running on them. They were saying things like ""where has he been at"" and 'we didn't see him on film"". It was cool to have that opportunity.
DK anything else teco?
teco great!!!
teco no that's it
Edwardson Jamel, if I remember correctly, didn't you follow a girl to South Dakota?
JamelWhite No, I never followed a girl to South Dakota. I did go to South Dakota, but I didn't follow a girl there.
Edwardson my bad...thought I read that
DK anything else Edwardson?
Edwardson Which of the new players is impressing at this point?
Edwardson that's it
JamelWhite That's a good question. They all have looked, Andre Davis has been impressive and hasn't dropped a ball yet, and has made some tremendous catches.
JamelWhite All in all, they all have been pretty impressive.
Edwardson cool, thanks and good luck this year
DK great - wideright is up
wideright Hey Jamel. That's some pair of guns you got there!! How do you feel about the additions to the offensive line?? Does the contract discussions with Jamir and KJ effect the team psyche in a negative way? Knock the hell outta Ray Lewis for me, will ya? I'm done.
JamelWhite I got your back on all of that........You have to love the additions to the offensive line. Everyone is coming along and we are going to do some good things. Much sooner than later, many people will see what kind of offense we can have here.
JamelWhite I think that we'll just get better and better as time goes along.
DK if anyone wants to get in line just private message me by double clicking on my name - we have 4 more after wideright so we may be able to squeeze more in
tmac1 Thanks for being here Jamel - I saw you and the other guys on the ESPN special on video games; I just wondered who won that tournament, and who's the best gamer on the Browns...BTW, ask Bruce Arians to try running a SCREEN once in a while...or isn't that in the playbook? That's all for me, thanks!
JamelWhite I forgot who won the tournament.......Lewis Sanders is probably the best in our locker room, that video game is realistic anyways :-)
JamelWhite I'm not as good as I want to be, but I am getting there.......I watch too much game tape :-)
JamelWhite We do have screens in the playbook, we just need to know when to run them.......Bruce has it under control, he knows what he is doing!
DK thanks tmac - pegasus is up now
DK ok Deployed Dawg is up
DeployedDawg Hey Jamel, do you feel like you'll get a fair shot at winning the starting job in training camp? Butch now has one of his Miami guys and his 1st round draft pick at RB, just curious. Has the new Strength Coach made an impact on the overall heath and size of the team? Are you looking forward to playing in the playoffs this year? :) Thanks, that's all. Good luck this season! Stomp the Steelers and Ravens!!!
JamelWhite I want to be given the fair opportunity and I understand what my role is as being a third-down back. I will run with what is thrown my way and if that includes the opportunity to compete and win the starting job, then I am all for that.........
DeployedDawg We're all rooting for you!
JamelWhite I don't know yet, it is too early to tell, but he has new tactics and we have to be patient and see how it all works out. Hopefully by next year we will know if it has an impact on the team.........
DeployedDawg we're crossing our fingers the injury bugs stays away
DeployedDawg I'm done
JamelWhite Oh yeah, most definitely, I have never been in the playoffs, we are getting closer and I can't wait for that opportunity. Hopefully, when we get there next year we can take it all the way!
YBD First Thanks for taking the time to be here.... Next, do you personally ever read the forums on this site? Do you think Kevin Johnson is upset about all the ""trade KJ"" talk that goes on here (In your opinion)? How would you feel if it were (God forbid) ""trade Jamel talk""?
JamelWhite You're welcome
YBD Good luck on the season & it's nice to see someone be able to get to the outside & turn it upfield. I'm out.
JamelWhite Sometimes I read them........example being the one thread on me getting bigger and losing my speed :-)
JamelWhite I don't think so, I believe that he learned how to handle it, he has matured a lot and has been through it here before.
JamelWhite Thanks........
Pegasus Jamel, great to have you here. How long before most of the players were won over by Butch and totally bought into his system last year? And as a follow up, how is the team attitude different from a year ago?
JamelWhite I think the players buying into Butch's concept was as important as the players understanding what it takes to win. We were tired of losing, we want to win, we have players like Corey Fuller here that has won and we have picked up on that. We didn't want to be that team that everyone expects to beat weekly.
JamelWhite We now expect to win and we are going to win!
Pegasus Do you or any of the other players ever surf over to Bernies Insiders? Good luck this year. I'm done.
JamelWhite Oh yeah, you have to :-) With all the news going on, you guys know about it before we do! I'm pretty sure that many of the players visit the website.
redright Whose running inside this year. Will you have a H-back or Full back? preference?
JamelWhite We'll probably have both looks next season and see how it works out. That is about all I can say at this time :-)
redright You have a great deal of range and the versatility of a Curtis Martin, Are you being prepped for a 3 down back?
JamelWhite That is what I have always been since I came here. The idea has been for me to fill that role. Bruce and Todd McNair have placed me in that role and I am not where I want to be in that position yet. I have more learning to do, but I will work hard and be the best that I can be at the position or role.
redright I'd like to see more of you on the field I think you can be a complete back for the Browns good luck I'm done.
DK thanks redright - last question will be from GMD
DK GMD is up
GMD Jamel, thanks for talking with us. Related question to redrights... how do you feel about being cast as a third round back? People take issue with your size, yet you seem to size up with James Jackson, a supposed three-down back, pretty closely. Do you feel you're being type cast? I have a follow up.
JamelWhite I feel at times feel that I am being stereo-typed, but I don't say anything about that. I would rather show people what I can do, rather than complain about it. Doing it on the field and in practice is all that I can do and will do. Working hard builds character, many people didn't believe that I could make it in the NFL, but I am here though. I have a l,ot of hard work ahead of me, a lot of learning to do and I am willing to keep going. I love playing the game and will do what ever is needed or asked to help the team.
GMD Well, you've certainly proved a lot already. Here's the second question.
GMD What part of your game do you most need to improve?
JamelWhite I think the mental part of my game, knowing what can or is going to happen before it does happen
GMD Thanks again, Jamel. I'm out.
JamelWhite You're welcome
DK We would like to Thank to Jamel White for chatting with us tonight and I would also like to thank all the Dawgs that attened the chat tonight. The BTNG Crew may keep the site updated and running but you guys make up the heart and soul of Bernies Insiders. Thanks for supporting us and the site!!!!
JamelWhite Thanks for the invite, thanks for having me tonight............No problem, anytime, it has been real

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