Much Ado About Nothing?

Bernie's Insiders gets to the bottom of the "Where Is William Green" mystery. Plus, updates on June 1 cuts and the Verba injury quagmire.

Reports over the weekend that rookie first-round draft pick William Green had missed six of nine quarterback school sessions -- and had teammates questioning his work ethic -- sent waves of panic throughout Browns fandom.
However, a Browns source tells The Insiders, the report was much ado over nothing.
According to the source, Green did indeed miss time at the school, which began on May 15 as the first of 14 voluntary practices.  The running back missed a portion of the first part of the school due to the Rookie Premier sports card photo shoot, which was held the weekend of May 18 in Los Angeles. 
Additionally, Green missed time at the QB school because he had to attend to unnamed "personal business" involving his daughter. 
The source added that Green is in Berea now and is "looking great", participating in the final leg of the school that began yesterday and runs through tomorrow.
As to the report that teammates were questioning Green's work ethic, the source responded in a manner that wouldn't be fit to print in Hustler, let alone Bernie's Insiders.  Suffice to say, however, the source completely dismissed the work ethic portion of the story......
A Browns source has confirmed that the club does indeed have an interest in wide receiver Keenan McCardell, released by the Jaguars this past Monday.  In fact, Cleveland was one of the first teams to get into contact with the McCardell's agent once the receiver was officially made a cap casualty by Jacksonville.
However, the source reiterated what this space has been reporting for the last two months, stating that the Browns "may not have an interest at the price [the organization is] judging he would like."......
Speaking of June 1 cuts and who may or may not be of interest to the Browns, it seems that, past McCardell, there is no one of interest that the club will seriously pursue at this time.
"Other than [McCardell], there's not much interest in the June 1 guys," the source said.
The implication is that the Browns have cooled in their interest in WR Derrick Alexander, partly out of his expected cost and how seriously the Vikings are pursuing the former Kansas City Chief.
The initial diagnosis on offensive tackle Ross Verba's pectoral injury was that he would be out anywhere from four to eight weeks.  As late as this past Saturday, the organization -- and the people around Verba, for that matter -- were concerned that the injury could even limit the offensive lineman in the beginning of training camp.
Follow-up tests, however, indicated that the injury was not as severe as originally thought and he should, barring a setback, be completely healthy for the mandatory minicamp, which begins on June 11......
Obviously, the new reports on Verba's health just about ends any interest the Browns had in former Bills offensive tackle John Fina.  Following the injury to Verba, the Browns suddenly became interested in Fina, mainly as insurance against Verba's injury being worse than expected.

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