Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

John Taylor and Lane Adkins offer the scoop to chat guests in Wednesdays Browns Uncensored chat transcript. The usual Browns Uncensored karma is in place, despite tornados circling John's house and the unfortunate circumstance of another patented <I>Browns Uncensored Lightning Round</I>. Click and ye shall recieve.

artbtz Anyone else??? Hammer going down in....
artbtz three
artbtz two
artbtz one
artbtz OK, you're all hammered.
Butch2K1 First of all, is Westbrook still in the picture?
JohnTaylor At the moment, no he's not.
Butch2K1 It seems like he might be a good value at this point, with everyone bidding for McCardell and Alexander
Butch2K1 Second, Ray Brown?
Butch2K1 He is old as dirt, but he seems like he would be a good glue to buy the Browns a year to acquire more talent.
Lane There hasn't been any contact with Westbrook's people from what I have heard
Butch2K1 Brown might also be a good bargain at his age and is pretty injury free
JohnTaylor Browns had an interest in Brown, but he's on the very, very backburner as far as they are concerned.
Lane There was some early discussions with Brown's people. but nothing in the past couple weeks.
Butch2K1 Interesting
Butch2K1 Is Wolly going to restructure, and is there any danger of him being axed?
Lane A restructure at this time is not a priority, but at some point soon it will become a reality. He should be on the roster in 2002.
Butch2K1 Is the Dennis Northcutt deathwatch on, or do you really think he will get another look?
Lane The Browns are not confident in letting him off the hook, wait till next season
Lane He will get another look, that doesn't mean that the look will be a lengthy one.
Butch2K1 Finally, who do you think get's the nod, Jujuan or Andre King?
Lane Andre King, of course :-)
Butch2K1 I would think King would have the advantage based on ST and Miami
JohnTaylor I'll go with JuJuan.
Butch2K1 Wow....
Butch2K1 That is all I have
JohnTaylor Me and Lane can't agree on everything. :-)
Lane Thanks Butch2K1
JohnTaylor Gracias.
Lane That JT is always looking for a controversial edge :-)
wideright Any truth to Green missing QB school and questions about his work ethic?
artbtz KJ is up next, followed by Eric the Brown
artbtz Zap me a person to person if you want in... three in line...
Lane He has missed time, that is true. Just a specific article didn't mention some of the reasons.........
wideright How serious is the Verba injury?
JohnTaylor The work ethic angle is BS from what I've been told.
Lane The link that you see there tells of the Green crisis :-)
Lane The Verba originally was thought to be serious, the injury does not appear to be one that will require surgery
Lane The Browns are going to be cautious with Verba, though
JohnTaylor The Browns were originally very concerned, but, upon further review, their worst fears weren't realized. It's still a problem, don't let Verba's participation in practice fool you. But it's not as bad as once thought.
wideright do you see Davis starting as number three WR?
Lane Davis very well could be the #3
JohnTaylor Definitely #3, very possibly #2.
wideright If Miller continues to miss camp can anyone start in his place?
Lane At this time Davis has done a very good job, has picked up quickly, etc.....lets see where he falls when the pads go on.
Lane Anyone can step in that spot, now being as effective as Miller is the question
Lane BTW.........I expect to see Miller at mini-camp
wideright who do you think it would be?
Lane Marquis Smith
JohnTaylor Marquis Smith?
wideright I'm done thanks
JohnTaylor Thanks.
Lane thanks wideright
KJ Ray Brown is an old crusty crunt...what's your takes on Fina? I don't like him and he's lost alot in the last 2 years in foot speed...I'll be back...Go to the next one...thx
Lane What is a crunt?
KJ lol
JohnTaylor Yeah, my wife would like to know.
Lane On Brown...........he may be up thee is years, but he can still play the game on a high level.
JohnTaylor I would be very scared if Fina were the starting LT for the Browns in '02.
Lane On Fina.......he is not nearly the player he was, but could help as a stop-gap measure
ericthebrown What happens with a guy like McCutcheon if we don't have him signed by this next little deadline? I have never payed any attention to contract stuff before this year so I really don't know what these deadlines are about.
Lane He will be forced to play under terms of the tender offer.
JohnTaylor This deadline means squat. It can come and go without a deal being reached, but he'll still, in all likelihood, get a new deal at some point before the end of the 2002 season.
ericthebrown Based on what you have heard, which rookie and which free agent addition do you see making the biggest impact this year?
Lane After the 2002 season, he becomes a free agent, the Browns are trying to get something done with him
JohnTaylor Green, obviously, for the rookies, Holmes on the FA side.
Lane Green or Davis............Holmes as well, he HAS to be an upgrade at MLB
JohnTaylor Just because of the massive upgrade over Wali. (Threw that one in for Greg.)
Greg :-)
ericthebrown Ok. I guess I have maxed out my inquisitive skills for the night. Thank ya.
BrownsBacker How is the situation with J Miller and his contract dispute looking? Any chance of him skipping mini camp? Also are any of our drafted LB's looking anything more than mediocre? Any chance Andra Davis starting a few games this year?
JohnTaylor Thanks Eric.
artbtz (Guest23 up next, followed by the Wali Rainer Fan Club)
JohnTaylor I'll be very surprised if Miller is not at minicamp.
JohnTaylor It will take injuries for any of the rooik LBs to start a game THIS YEAR.
Lane Andra Davis is progressing nicely, the best case scenario is that Holmes is a demon (as Butch Davis expects) and Andra Davis gets some reps and learns
Lane Miller should be at camp, he has made his thoughts known
BrownsBacker Has Jackson's beefing up in the offseason made it any more of a competition with Green for the starters role at RB? or is it a dead given Green will be the starter?
Lane Of course, any news from QB school comes second=hand as we are unable to attend the sessions
BrownsBacker understood on QB school
Lane Green should start, but there will be competition and don't discount Jackson and White, yet
JohnTaylor It would be more than a minor upset if Green is not the starter come September. That being said, there will still be carries for Jackson, at least early on in the season.
BrownsBacker thanks Lane, JT thats it for me Art
Lane welcome
JohnTaylor Have a good one, BB
BrownsBacker you too
Guest23 With Dudley's bad foot and Sanders' greeness - do you think Aaron Shea will step up and be the man at tight end? Is TE a potentially weak spot for the Browns?
artbtz (Greg up next... and then we're open... send me a P2P if you want in....)
JohnTaylor It has the potential to be very strong or very weak, with a lot riding on Dudley's recovery. The Browns running game suffered when Dudley went down last year, and his return to health is a key.
JohnTaylor Shea has improved his blocking, is a better player than people give him credit for.
JohnTaylor Lane is having problems with his ISP. I have him on the phone and will relay his replies until he gets the ISP issues resolved.
JohnTaylor Shea is a very determined kid who continues to work hard. (Lane)
Guest23 Reaction to Pete Garcia seems to be mixed around the league. Some say he did a great job recruiting at Miami. Others say a blind monkey wouldn't have trouble getting super athletes to come to Miami. What do you think of him?
artbtz If you get hit by a tornado, then Greg and I will discuss last night's World Cup match.
JohnTaylor Thanks, AB.
artbtz np
JohnTaylor At the time Pete and Butch appeared at Miami, the program was in dissaray and walking a tightrope of death. Butch and Pete turned that program around into what you see today.
Guest23 Was Pete Garcia available to the press today?
artbtz Is that all 23?
JohnTaylor The aura and mystique of Miami getting the best plkayers at that time was non-existant. They had to bring in players that other schools didn't want. The people in Cleveland should feel very fortunate to have this duo here. (Lane)
Guest23 That's it. Thanks for your good work.
Greg Guys, share some philosophy with us... Davis is all about SPEED SPEED SPEED, and then he signs Lang, Holmes and Griffith, who definitely won't be teaming up in the 4x100 relay... Some say Butch's defense really isn't about speed, but I don't buy it... what say ye both on Butch's defense and speed?
JohnTaylor I very much concur with Lane's thoughts. This is a helluva team for the city and for the fans.
artbtz Greg's up....followed by Ramllov and Worthington Dawg
Greg (btw, regarding Garcia... when I did research on Butch last year for the site, talking to some close to Miami's program, they believed the loss of Garcia may be harder to fill than losing Davis....)
JohnTaylor Speed is just one portion of Butch's team, both offense and defense. Yes, he would prefer a player with speed, but that's not the be-all, end-all as far as Butch is concerned.
Greg thanks John...
Greg hearing any backchannel word on Zukauskas?
JohnTaylor Speed is great, but being instinctual is of greater importance. See Nehemiah, Renaldo.
Greg and yes, AB... I'd talk World Cup with ya if John gets hit by a tornado.. :-)
JohnTaylor Z is looking good and the Browns staff remains very, very confident in the kid's ability.
Greg still a year away with Zuk?
JohnTaylor Why don't you just swap recipes, Greg. Same thing.
JohnTaylor Yes Greg.
artbtz All set, Greg?
Greg better instincts, huh? Go figure.... :-)
JohnTaylor :-)
Greg ok, AB.. I'm done ..
Ramllov How do you feel about Tim Couch this year? C. Brown and Morgan?
JohnTaylor OK, Lane is back with his ISP problems resolved.
artbtz We got scoreboard on Portugal!!
Lane C. Brown must step it up in 2003...................
artbtz Worthington dawg is up next, followed by wideright
Lane I made it back in time for Ram!
JohnTaylor Tim Couch has the talent to be both a Pro Bowl-level QB and the leader of a Super Bowl team. The talent around him must step up to his level.
Lane Tim Couch is taking his leadership to a new level since the end of the 2002 season, he has spent a significant amoumt of time in the film room
Ramllov What about Sanders and Henry, are they really that good or just getting better at this stage?
Lane Mogan has bulked up and looks very strong. He looked good in mini-camp
JohnTaylor Much like Butch and Pete, Browns fans should be very thankful that they have TC as their starting QB.
Lane Both players should improve as players with experience, in the case of Henry, he is a diamond that Pete Garcia brought in
Ramllov I would like to know more about Earl Little, is he the free safety this year? Can he be that good?
JohnTaylor Little will be in a dogfight with Bush for the starting safety job opposite Griffith. It's way too early in this race to handicap it. I'd say it's dead nuts even right now.
artbtz (Worthington dawg, then wideright, then the lightning round)
Ramllov Last question is Wohlabaugh going to be a very good center this year?
Ramllov thank you both!
Lane Littl and Bush will battle it out with Michael Jameson lurking around the corner
JohnTaylor Wolly will be what he is: a solid, unspectacular NFL offensive linemen. He will also be an ex-Brown in 2003, when Fowler/O'Hara have the experience to justify the Browns' opinions of them.
Lane With Wohlabaugh, you get what you see. He hasn't had a very good supporting casr surrounding him since he came here
JohnTaylor Thanks ram.
Lane In 2003 I expect to see either O'Hara or Fowler at center
JohnTaylor Yup yup, Lane.
Lane Remember the Browns were looking very hard at LeCharles Bentley from OSU as well
JohnTaylor We've entered the lightning round a little early here, AB.
Lane Bentley could have been that one player to push the Wohlabaugh roster issue, quickly
JohnTaylor Amen, Lane.
WorthingtonDawg Is there any truth to this rumor of KJ and Butch Davis having tiff today or yesterday?
JohnTaylor Have not heard that. Where did you pick that one up at?
WorthingtonDawg lobby chat
WorthingtonDawg Ore brought it in
JohnTaylor Where did the lobby chat get it from?
Lane As long as KJ is in Cleveland there will be rumors, situations, etc..............I have not heard that anything out of the ordinary happened today
WorthingtonDawg official site
WorthingtonDawg message board
WorthingtonDawg thanks thays all I have
JohnTaylor That's something that we'll check into, but I highly, highly, highly doubt it.
artbtz Thanks worthington
Lane Back to Pete Garcia quickly................
artbtz I'll give wideright a second to find the chat again... he was the last one up.
Lane Garcia is a self-made personnel guy that spends endless hours at his profession. Many people have drawn a picture that he was behind the scenes causing havoc in Berea, that is NOT the case at all.......
Lane His tremendous working relationship with Davis is the story. He and Davis are on the same page and know what each wants and expects, nothing more, nor less.........
wideright in your opininon, what would be a good contract for KJ?
wideright length and money?
Lane Dwight Clark was involved, but he didn't have Davis' ear like Garcia has......Clark could not get past the fact that his role was changing, factor in that Lal Heneghen had become more involved in the player personnel angle of the front office, Clark was not the main man any longer
Lane On KJ............
JohnTaylor I think KJ deserves what Johnnie Morton got -- seven years, $28 million -- plus about 20%%, but with it not as backloaded and with a bigger signing bonus, probably in the $8 mil range.
Lane He wants a contract that ecxceeds the Morton deal and he wants a significantly higher upfront base
JohnTaylor What the Browns will be willing to pay is another matter entirely.
Lane He may approach the Morton contract, but he won't see the huge upfront $$$$
wideright what's your opininon of the new LB's? Which has the best chance of starting first?
Lane Some $$$, yes, but the entire pie, as he wants
JohnTaylor IMHO, Andra Davis.
wideright thanks guys
JohnTaylor thanks.
Lane It's hard to tell at this time, it is so early and we haven't seen these guys in pads.....Both Davis and Bentley have high motors, my guess would be one of those two
artbtz Thanks wideright...
artbtz It is time for the L-I-G-H-T-N-I-N-G R-O-U-N-D
* artbtz (Plays Sound: applause.wav) yeah
JohnTaylor woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lane Lets rock!
artbtz All short answers to my stupid question
artbtz 1. The best thing about offseason is
JohnTaylor beer.
artbtz A. The rumors get funnier
artbtz B. Machavellian activities in Berea
artbtz WRONG!!
artbtz C. It ends
Lane C
artbtz D. Counting the mistakes in the preseason football mags
JohnTaylor b
Lane All the above
artbtz There is no beer off-season
JohnTaylor :-)
artbtz Thank you
artbtz 2. Keenan McCardell and Derrick Alexander aren't interested in the Browns because
artbtz A. Not enough jack
artbtz B. Too cold
artbtz C. Think David Modell is still running around up here
artbtz D. Don't think the team will contend
Lane C
JohnTaylor a
artbtz It's all about the Benjamins
JohnTaylor but I'll add that McCardell is interested in the Browns.
artbtz 3. Two word answer: The first WR to be cut will be ________ _________
Lane Take your pick on the undrafted free agents
artbtz Answer the questions as they are put to you!!!! *#&*(@
Lane :-)
JohnTaylor Dennis Northcutt, after the obligatory UYPS guys are let go
artbtz Gotcha
artbtz 4. The biggest non-story of this off-season has to be...
artbtz A. Ross Verba being hurt
artbtz B. William Green's work ethic
artbtz C. June 1 cuts
artbtz D. Jamir Miller's contract posturing
JohnTaylor B
Lane D
artbtz 5. Your reaction when reading articles by Bengal pimps in the national press is
artbtz A. Laughter
artbtz B. Stomach pain
artbtz C. Knowing ""hmmmmm""
artbtz . Rapid head-nodding
artbtz D (heh)
JohnTaylor A
Lane A
artbtz Excellent. As it should be.
artbtz True or false
artbtz the following players will be starting for the Cleveland Browns in Game 1
artbtz Daylon McCutcheon
JohnTaylor False
Lane T
artbtz Heh... note to self... record that one
artbtz Earl Little
JohnTaylor False
Lane F
artbtz Jamir Miller
JohnTaylor True
Lane T
artbtz William Green
Lane T
JohnTaylor True
artbtz Quincy Morgan
Lane T
JohnTaylor True
artbtz Melvin Fowler
Lane F
JohnTaylor False
artbtz Lewis Sanders
Lane F
JohnTaylor False
artbtz Anthony Henry
Lane F
JohnTaylor True
artbtz Shaun OHara
Lane F
JohnTaylor False
artbtz Well, I'm out of questions. Thanks guys!!
JohnTaylor That's it???????????
Lane Welcome!
JohnTaylor C'mon, more lightning round ?'s
artbtz LOL... hey, you try to think this stuff up while running madly to the beer cooler.

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