OBR News and World Report: 2/20

Start you day off with John Taylor's review of the weirdness that is Cleveland pro football. A new daily feature on the Orange and Brown Report!

(Editor's note: This is the first of what we hope will be a daily column. While at first it will be simply links—with an OBR twist and flava--to news stories associated with the Browns and other AFC North teams, we will eventually be branching out into original material ala the NFLtalk Rumor Mill and the old BTNG Sunday Morning Massacre. Of course, the usual smarminess and snarkiness that has been associated with the above two mentioned columns will continue in liberal/heavy doses.)

--Given the paucity of news at this time of the year, the Canton Repository's Steve Doerschuk revisits the letting go of one-game legend and icon Kelly Holcomb and how his departure may or may not have impacted the 2005 version of the Cleveland Browns.

As Doerschuk ever-so-deftly points out, Holcomb had a better season, numbers-wise, than Trent Dilfer, but Dilfer may have been the better choice to mentor and further the advancement of young Charlie Frye.

--In a completely unrelated story, a veteran Stark County sportswriter is under investigation for animal cruelty and abuse of a corpse. As one police insider told us, "In layman's terms, he's being looked at for `beating a dead horse'."

--For the better part of the eight years since the Browns returned to the NFL, there has been a constant and incessant cry (wail?) amongst fans on message boards and sports talk shows:

"Bring Bernie Kosar back."

While The Triumvirate of Lerner, Policy and Policy's Hair tossed Cleveland icon aside shortly after the "new" franchise was acquired, there have been signs that the new regime was open to Kosar returning to the organization in one capacity or another. Kosar's stint on a 2005 preseason telecast added further fuel to the speculation fire.

Now, according to the Miami Herald, Kosar has "rejected overtures" to become part of the Browns front office. No specifics were given as to what the front office duties would have entailed or why Kosar turned down the offer/overture.

--It's no secret that the Browns are lukewarm in their interest in retaining free-agent wide receiver Antonio Bryant. Whether this is all a part of the free-agent game—or the Browns are indeed willing to toss aside a thousand-yard receiver—remains to be seen.

One team, according to the Dayton Daily News, that will apparently have an interest in Bryant if he does indeed hit the open market is southern neighbor and AFC North rival Cincinnati.

This rumor comes on the heels of other stories and innuendo that have Bryant joining the Steelers upon the start of free agency.

(An attempt was made to reach Bryant for comment on his future but, after answering, the WR proceeded to drop the phone several times before shouting a string of expletives and hanging up.)

(The above was in no way, shape or form true, just merely an attempt to show that Bryant has the receiving skills oft-times associated with a quadriplegic or one born without hands.)

The article went on to mention that Cincinnati may have an interest in soon-to-be free-agent tight end Aaron Shea, and that the Browns could have some competition for LB Will Witherspoon in the form of the Bengals.

--A belated "Happy Birthday" to Browns legend and Hall of Famer Jim Brown, who recently turned 70 years young. God bless you for all of the great, great memories, Mr. Brown.

(As an aside, there is no truth to the Internet-generated rumor that Brown celebrated this milestone by throwing three parties and two women.)

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