Browns Talk to First-Day OT

According to the OBR's Lane Adkins, the Browns are sniffing around at least one of the top tackles available in 2006. With rumors of a possible move to Ryan Tucker to left tackle if Shelton departs, the Browns are exploring the tackle position on both sides of the line...

At the professional level, the offensive left tackle position may be the toughest position to fill with an overall amazing talented player. In a day and age which displays phenomenal athletes, with amazing size and speed flying after the quarterback, a thoroughbred at this position is deemed critical.

Hands down, D'Brickashaw Ferguson (Virginia) is rated as the top offensive tackle prospect in the draft. Following Ferguson are a few intriguing prospects, some of whom could become solid contributors at the professional level.

Winston Justice from USC, Marcus McNeil of Auburn, and Eric Winston from Miami, Florida all have received significant attention. McNeil in particular was talkative and open in discussing his health, training, and collegiate career.

"There were times I may not have played as well as I could or should have. I believe I have raised my level of play and maturity and I am hungry for the opportunity to play in the NFL," McNeil said. "I am in pretty good shape and working hard, I have had some things happen (Grandmother's death) which played into some of things being said in Alabama (Senior Bowl), but I am ready."

Scouts from the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, and New England Patriots noted to that McNeil has the physical attributes to play tackle on either side of the offensive line.

In Indianapolis, as many as a dozen teams have spoken with McNeil in some capacity, many of which should be viewed as "unofficial" talks, rather than the customary interviews. has learned McNeil has briefly engaged in talks with the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, and Dallas Cowboys while in Indianapolis.

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