New Features: Free Agency Wire, Roundtable

Two new features hit the OBR as free agency gears up over the weekend! First is the free agency wire, a constant stream of rumors, news, and analysis all filtered through the perspective of OBR publisher Barry McBride. Also, a new subscriber forum called the "OBR Football Roundtable" has geared up and is becoming a great place for football talk and info for BROWNS FANS ONLY.



If you just check out the front page of, you're missing a lot. The front page is the proverbial tip of the iceberg, and there's a lot of great information lurking behind it waiting to be discovered.

Likewise, if you just hang out on the forums, you're missing a lot as well.

This short article is for non-subscribers and folks who normally just hit the front page to let you know about two things which you may not have seen yet.

Back in 1999, a lot of folks found the first incarnation of this site, BrownsTNG, when I had a week off from work at the start of free agency and spent it filling the front page of the site up with rumors and links to everything I could find. Dozens of updates relevant to the Browns and free agency every single day. Folks liked it a lot.

I've tried to do that again over the last couple of years with varying levels of success, but this time I think I've got it, thanks to some new technology we've implemented that makes it easy to fire off update-after-update quickly.

The result, which I originally called the free agency wire and made available to subscribers in the OBR Football Roundtable forum, has quickly mutated into a stream of links about cuts, free agency rumors, and anything else relevant to Browns fans updated throughout the date. The stream is available to anyone with either a web browser or an RSS feed reader.

While you should have noticed that we're doing more and more stuff that's free for all fans (e.g., John Taylor's daily updates resume tomorrow), we're also doing more for our subscribers. The free agency wire and Football Roundtable forum are two of those things that are being made available just for them during the early days of free agency.

The Football Roundtable itself has become another great place to talk football on our forums, because it's only for subscribers, it's protected from trolls and gets a ton of info that shows up only there throughout the day. Give it a try if your subscriber. If you're not, give subscribing a seven-day free trial and check out all this extra stuff!



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