2006 Mock Draft Muncher Unleashed

The Mock Draft Muncher (2006 version) is now available to all Browns fans. The Muncher is revealing a number of interesting trends in the minds of draftniks, including the quick fade of LB Chad Greenway (pictured), who looks less and less like the inevitable pick for the Browns with their #12 selection in April's draft...

For the fourth straight year, TheOBR.com is proud to present the Mock Draft Muncher, another free service of the Orange and Brown Report.

The Mock Draft Muncher takes dozens of mock drafts scattered around the web and analyzes them to generate the consensus of the mock drafts and also to spot trends in the thinking of "draftniks" in the NFL world as draft weekend (April 29-30th) approaches.

Born from the complex and mathematically intricate spreadsheets of our good friend "TheBrownsFan", the Mock Draft Muncher has been advanced the last couple of years with the addition of Flash-based trend charting, and full access to the originating mocks on the original sites. New mock drafts can be entered and analyzed quickly, making it possible for us to smush over four dozen mocks into the MDM machine.

We are starting off this year with over thirty mock drafts, and are already seeing some interesting trends develop which are relevant to the Cleveland Browns. The foremost trend at this moment is the fading of Chad Greenway after a mediocre performance at the Indianapolis combines.

At the beginning of March, Greenway was being chosen by the Browns well over half the mock drafts analyzed at that time. That has faded dramatically in the last week, as Greenway - while still the most popular selection - has dropped sharply. You can find the trend analysis for the 12th pick by clicking here.

While part of this is due to Greenway's weak combine performance (click here for average draft position trend for Greenway), part of the change can also be explained by the surge of interest in Vanderbilt QB Jay Cutler (trend chart) and Maryland TE Vernon Davis (trend chart) who have moved close to and into the Top 10 draft selections in recent days. Cutler and Davis have pushed some other appealing prospects into a range where the Browns could select them.

The most prominent name falling to the Browns as a result of the rise of Cutler and Davis is NT Haloti Ngata, who is now being selected by about 15% of the mock drafts in the system for the Browns.

While Cutler and Davis have risen on draft boards, other players have dropped quickly. One example is Vince Young (trend chart), who started as a #2 pick in our analysis, and now averages out between pick four and pick five in most mock drafts. Young's reported low Wonderlic scores and decision not work out at the combine have worked against him. Another player showing a steady drop is Alabama outside linebacker DeMeco Ryans (trend chart).

There are a lot of different things to see on the many Mock Draft Muncher pages. Enjoy!


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