OBR News and World Report: 3/9

Speed-Dialing the Postons for Dummies Edition... John Taylor brings you anything of value found on the Internet or within the confines of Mr. Taylor's brain this morning...


With speculation running rampant regarding interest on the part of the Browns in free-agent linebacker Lavar Arrington, there is finally some confirmation of the rumors.

According to Arrington's agent, the Browns have called expressing their interest in his client and whether or not the interest runs both ways.

"Yes, they have called to ask if he's going to be available, and the kind of interest he'd have in Cleveland," Carl Poston told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "I told them he wants to wait for the collective bargaining agreement to be done."

The paper went on to say that Arrington will not visit a club unless said club first proves they're serious about Arrington. And just how could a club prove that they truly desire his services?

"He may want to look at money (offered) before he visits," Poston said.


Despite the Browns being consistent in their refusal to comment on Maake Kemoeatu-understandable given how hard the NFL puts the hammer down on tampering (chuckle)-their interest in the Ravens defensive tackle remains obvious to even the slowest of mind.

Sources continue to tell The OBR that Kemoeatu will be one of the club's first targets once free agency actual commences. Even Kemoeatu's agent sees the two as a match made in football heaven.

"Any rational human being would say that's a possibility," Ken Vierra told the Canton Repository, "and not just in a theoretical sense. (The Browns) have the right scheme, and they're a division rival."


Not really a Browns-specific note, but multiple NFL sources are telling The OBR that there is a strong likelihood free agency will be pushed back one more day, with the likely starting date now being 12:01 a.m. on Saturday.

Given the complexities of the new agreement reached last night, sources say, the player's union will likely be amenable to the later starting date. The additional time will allow owners to digest the new agreement and give them an additional day in order to implement their free-agent strategy.


Daunte Culpepper has finally gone public with his desire to either be traded or released by the Vikings. Naturally it would seem that the Ravens, who have Kyle Boller purposefully listed as their starting quarterback, would jump at the opportunity to add a player of Culpepper's skills to the mix.

As Lee Corso is wont to say, not so fast my friend.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens will approach the Culpepper situation with a degree of trepidation. The club is concerned about the QB's health-he's recovering from major knee surgery--and will do their medical due diligence before proceeding. Even then, a contract heavily weighted in incentives based on playing time may be in the offing.

Then again, with another season of Boller-ball staring them directly in the face, one would think that anyone in possession of all of their limbs and no significant paralysis would find the Ravens throwing a lot of money in their general direction.

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