Join Us on the Muni Lot!

The OBR rolls out another brand new - and free - area for Browns fans. Here are some of the details!

Join Us on the Muni Lot!

Not the real Muni Lot, the massive parking lot which hosts hard-core Browns fans and tailgaters every home game, but a virtual Muni Lot that we have set up adjacent to the news areas and forums on

This brand-new - and completely free - area of the OBR has a variety of features, some of which have been fully populated, and others which will rely on the Browns fans who visit the OBR to fill them up. We have been developing the Muni Lot for nearly six months, and are finally able to let everyone in on this new set of features.

Here are the major features of the brand new area of the OBR:

  • Blogs - We have migrated from our old blog softare to brand-new and blogs on the Muni Lot. The blogs from Ace Davis, Bernie Parrish, and Mike's Dawghouse Blog have been fully moved over to the new software. These blogs are faster, more flexible, and easier to add than ever before. So, if you're interested in a blog of your own, contact us to have one set up.
  • Podcasts - A special type of blog which attaches MP3 or other files to entries, the Muni Lot is now home to the OBR Radio Podcast. Look for more podcasts from Browns fans in the weeks and months to come.
  • Photo Galleries - Looking for a way to share those photos you took of training camp with your friends? Have some old pictures of yourself and some Browns players to share? Maybe a little bit of photoshop madness that needs a home? We can now set up photo galleries to share among our members.
  • File Galleries - We will be making OBR software, application skins, screensavers and more available here over time.
  • Browns Wiki - Power to the people! Browns fans are already starting to work on our own encyclopedia of Browns knowledge where everyone can participate. In addition to a history of the team, we will be using the Wiki to chronicle the history of Art Modell's betrayal of Browns fans and how we fought back. We're also going to be using the wiki to store information about OBR itself (history, tech support) and some of the things you want to know every year (free agency terms, etc). This will be whatever the fans who congregate here decide it will be! Want to participate? Contact us!
  • The AFC North Truthcenter - It's back! One of the most-requested features on the site, the Truthcenter returns after a three-year absence to record the horrifying truth about the Browns rivals' in the AFC North. It's just starting up again... more and more features will return in the weeks ahead.
  • Feed Readers - Available to individuals who register and log into the Muni Lot, this area of the Muni Lot can be used to track and read RSS feeds from the OBR and elsewhere. Great for folks just discovering the world of RSS.

The OBR's long history goes back to the 1995 era of fan revolt against Art Modell, and fans have always been the ones in charge here. The Muni Lot gives each of you a greater opportunity than ever before in making the OBR a place created by fans, for fans.

There are areas of the Muni Lot which are still a work in progress - for example, the Wiki and logout capabilities will be enhanced (and fixed) soon. With the excitement of another busy off-season upon us, we did not want to delay any further in getting this new area of the OBR available to you. We hope you enjoy it!

- Barry


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