Inject Yourself with Instant News

You want the news? You want it now? You want it FIVE MINUTES AGO? The OBR News I.V. is the latest innovation from OBR Nerdtronics, Inc, and will plug you into breaking news this free agency period like you've never been plugged in before. Available as a web page and RSS feed, we've set up the News I.V. to keep you up-to-date as news breaks from now through the draft... is debuting its third new free feature in three days today with the official introduction of the Free Agent News I.V.

That's "IV" as in "intravenous injection".

Currently, the News IV is available as both a web page and an RSS feed. Fans using the RSS feed should set their readers to retrieve updates frequently.

NOTE: Injecting news directly into the brain or bloodstream is more a metaphor than reality at this point.

In addition to the web page and RSS feed, a "mini version" has also been placed in the "News and Links" panel on the OBR front page and is accessible by clicking the "News IV" button. The OBR forums also have a few of the latest stories available in the form of a set of links above the countdown ticker, although those links tend to lag the actual feed by 15-20 minutes.

The diagram below indicates how it works:

We've enjoyed our four-and-a-half years on the Scout network, but one thing that has been frustrating is that it generally takes 15-20 minutes to get an item of news into the hands of Browns fans via our front page. It has been longer in a lot of cases because we write up a story, attach a picture, etc.

Back in the ol' days, we could slam something onto a web page, publish it, and bang-o, it would be out there fast. Now that the OBR staff have been plugged into Scout's NFL network of local publishers and have our own people working the email and phones for info, we have 10x more info that comes to us than we could ever put on the front page of the site in a day.

The News IV provides a quick connection from our gang here to Browns fans by offering short, quick, updates as soon as we get them. We get news, we zap it straight out. Then, we can put together a longer article or commentary later. Or go to a bar. Or something.

One thing that makes this service different from other news services is special technology developed expressly for the OBR. We currently have over four dozen custom-developed web spiders watching for Browns-related news around the internet, and have plugged the News IV into off-line blogging technology which allows us to literally type something and have it available to you within seconds.

The other thing that makes the service different is that, well, we're Browns fans. Most of what we send along has some sort of relationship to the Browns, and will have that, um, unique editorial slant that you've come to expect from the OBR. At present, Barry McBride and John Taylor are the guys who are churning out these stories.

All fans can participate by routing us tips via the old "Tipline" feature. While the tipline no longer appears on the front page of the OBR, we still get new tips given to us and will give you credit if you route something to us. 

Enjoy this latest free service from The OBR and tune into the News IV in coming weeks for the fastest delivery of Browns news to be found anywhere.


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