Peterson, McGinest & Hope: The Scoop

EXCLUSIVE: The OBR's John Taylor gives us the very latest on exactly what is creating all the internet buzz concerning the Browns and Pro Bowl LB Julian Peterson. Plus, where the Browns stand with respect to visiting LB Willie McGinest and rumored interest S Chris Hope.

What in the name of Internet hoaxes is going on with Julian Peterson?

Internet forums and Detroit-area terrestrial radio stations—in addition to a certain satellite radio provider--were abuzz throughout the day yesterday that the Browns had signed the free-agent linebacker.

No, wait, the Lions had, in fact, signed Peterson.

No, wait, Peterson is responsible for the disappearances of both Amelia Earhardt and Jimmy Hoffa.

So, what exactly happened yesterday?

According to two independent sources, the Browns made initial contact with Peterson yesterday after Kalimba Edwards decided to return to Detroit and re-sign with with the Lions. This was the first contact the Browns have had with Peterson or his representatives since the start of free agency.

At no time yesterday did the Browns make an offer to Peterson, in spite of the flurry of rumors coming out of Detroit that Cleveland had offered a four-year deal worth upwards of $30 million.

Does this mean the Browns will not sign Peterson? No.

What it means is that the Browns have begun to explore the possibility of signing Peterson, but, as of right now, they are still in the very early stages of talks.


Here's the latest on Willie McGinest, as we know it as of Wednesday, March 15, at 10:30 a.m.

McGinest arrived in Cleveland late yesterday afternoon and remains in Cleveland this morning. The two sides are very interested in getting a deal done, with the Browns still holding firm to their stance that they will not get bullied into overpaying for McGinest simply because of his close relationship with head coach Romeo Crennel.

Numbers have been exchanged between the two sides, and, a source said, they are getting closer to finding a "happy medium".

Ted Washington, the newly acquired defensive tackle, has already made good on his promise to recruit McGinest, The OBR has learned. According to a team source, Washington has made a series of phone calls to his former New England teammate, trying to convince McGinest to join him in Cleveland.


Free-agent safety Chris Hope, who has been connected to the Browns over the past few days, will visit with the Texans either today or tomorrow. Following that visit, Hope has a trip planned to San Francisco to visit with the 49ers.

A league source tells The OBR that Hope, who visited the Titans yesterday, has no visits currently planned for Cleveland and that the Browns have had only minimal discussions with his representatives.

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