Browns Uncensored: Goofiest... Chat... Ever.

John Taylor and David Carducci answered questions in a wide-open Chat Room Wednesday night. The lightning round got brutal as everyone in the chat participated and the worst answers got kicked out, ala Survivor. The horror, the horror. <BR><BR> Speaking of which, around the Browns talk, Rosie O'Donnell really took it on the chins in this one. Little did we know the Rosie obsessions out there (shudder). Here is the completely unedited chat transcript....

RC Good evening...
ericthebrown This is wednesday right...
RC I was wondering if I missed something also
ericthebrown I suppose everyone is coming to the party late
Cybered55 That is what i was wondering??
artbtz Yo
RC Heh......ok
RC So I wasn't crazy
ericthebrown Did you forget the beer Art? No one showed up to the party
artbtz There's supposda be a chat...
RC Yep
artbtz People must have found out I was serving Genny Cream Ale
ericthebrown That was the only reason I showed up. Oh that Genny Ale!
artbtz LOL... oops!
ericthebrown That is the name of a stripper right?
artbtz It's warm Old Milwaukee lite
artbtz No strippers, tragically.
Ramllov Hey Art
artbtz Hey Ram
artbtz Kabeee joins the party
Ramllov I think your timing for the commentaries will be great over the next three to four weeks
ericthebrown Did the storm last week take the insiders out?
kabeee hey art and guys
artbtz Hopefully, so, Ram. There's not a lot going on, so we might as well entertain ourselves.
kabeee we early?
Ramllov The editing is time consuming
artbtz Here's the latest: Lane is waiting for the Adelphia cable guy to slam in his modem.
artbtz Carducci said that he would try to make it and JT said he would be here.
kabeee well that'll be in a week
artbtz So, we'll hang until someone smart shows up.
RC Nifty
artbtz Whoa. Mr. Carducci arrives.
Ramllov It is a good week of mini camp
Ramllov Hey Dave
David Carducci Hello everyone. Greetings from vacationland
artbtz Mike McLain sent me a mini-camp story that I'll slam on the site during the chat.
ericthebrown Where ya vacationing?
artbtz We anxiously await either Mr. Taylor or Mr. Adkins and we'll roll.
David Carducci Beautiful Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
artbtz Woo hoo! How can you afford it?
ericthebrown never been there
artbtz Got a timeshare?
Ramllov Is the weather in Cleveland turning hot finally, I heard you lost your spring?
ericthebrown I hear they are all stuck up rich people there
ericthebrown :)
David Carducci It's pretty nice, actually. Beautiful day for the Browns golf outing on Monday in Medina. Unfortunately, my game was not up to par
artbtz Mr. Taylor arrives.
JohnTaylor What's my dad doing here?
artbtz LOL
David Carducci I wish that were true eric. I'd be happy to be stuck up if being rich was part of the deal
artbtz Since we're a small comfy group tonight, I'm not going to drop the hammer, etc. We'll just let things flow unless it gets crowded in here.
RC Cool.
JohnTaylor 'cept for the lightning round, of course.
artbtz Oh, you had to bring THAT up.
JohnTaylor :-)
Ramllov If it is not to soon to ask a question, I would like to know about Kevin Bentley, Has he shown anythinghing?
kabeee SOOOOOOOOOOOO how happy is Jamir?
David Carducci Maybe we should include everyone in the lightning round
artbtz Maybe I should come up with some lightning round questions.
artbtz ;-)
ericthebrown Everyone must be watching American Idol
RC I have a question.....what have you guys heard about the Bengals signing Micheal Westbrook and does that mean Darnay Scott will be cut? If so, any interest on the Browns part?
David Carducci The guy Butch has talked the most about is Taylor. The only thing he said about Bentley coming into camp was that he's like all the other rookies, lost
JohnTaylor If Westbrook is signed, Scott will be out the door. As it stands now, the Browns will have no interest in darnay.
David Carducci I think we'll get a better idea on guys like Bentley, Andra Davis, Gonzalez, etc., as training camp rolls around. This is still very early for those guys to even begin to feel comfortable enough to show their best
RC Thanks.
Ramllov Westbrook is so surprising, earlier in Free agency , it sounded like this guy was coming to Cleveland. What happened?
kabeee About he in with the right artitude?
JohnTaylor Butch overruled Robiskie's tremendous interest in Westbrook. Robiskie pushed hard for his ""son"", but it proved fruitless.
Ramllov thanks
Ramllov Is Jamir going to get a contract extension on 2003 and out?
David Carducci I'm a bit surprised there wasn't more interest in Westbrook, considering his connection with Robiskie. I think ultimately the Browns just want to give their young receivers every opportunity. The emergence of KJ as a go-to guy has made it a bit easier for them to stand pat
ericthebrown Are we better off without Westbrook? I don't really know him but keep hearing something about attitude..
David Carducci I think Jamir might have to come down a bit on his demands. Everything I've heard is that the only real option the Browns are willing to consider is an extension.
JohnTaylor That remains to be seen, eric. Depends on how the youngins perform.
rockdawg the Adelphia cable guy is waiting for his check to clear chapter 11
Ramllov Did anyone hear the amount of Daylon McCutcheon contract and signing bonus?
JohnTaylor Don't let Lane BS ya'll. His Beermeister is on the fritz.
JohnTaylor Not yet, ram. Something I'm working on.
Ramllov Thanks,
David Carducci I haven't heard anything yet about the terms of the contract. Part of being on vacation. Everyone else gets to do the dirty work.
JohnTaylor :-)
Ramllov It appears that the amount left of cap money is inadequate to take care of J. Miller and K. Johnson for signing bonuses this year?
RC the experts have any fantasy football sleepers for this season? :)
David Carducci Fantasy football sleepers ... From the Browns I like Quincy Morgan.
JohnTaylor Don't ask me for fantasy advice, RC. Trust me.
RC I know......
RC JT. :)
JohnTaylor :-)
JohnTaylor There are always ways to work around the cap if teams are so inclined, ram.
David Carducci I also think Aaron Shea is a good late-round pick in Fantasy ball this year if you have to play a TE in your league.
Ramllov Art, if a few more members show up, you will have to hit the hammer
wideright how do you guys feel about darnell sanders? do you expect him to start this year or next year?
Ramllov But I am enjoying this
Cybered55 Coach Davis must feel pretty confident in dudley making a full recovery?? About what percentage is he now?? and what are your thoughts are we safe goin in to camp with who we have ???
Grinch How is Joauquin Gonzalez looking so far in Q school and mini - camp ?
JohnTaylor Injuries are the only way that Darnell will start this year. Very talented, but extremely raw.
David Carducci If it comes down to a choice between KJ and Jamir, I think there is no question who the Browns will take care of.
JohnTaylor Second Dave on that one.
wideright who?
Cybered55 kj
Ramllov Do you look at Kevin Johnson as a great number two receiver and a good number one receiver?
JohnTaylor The Browns are cautiously optimistic about Dudley. He's between 85-90%% heralthy -- whatever the hell that means.
David Carducci I think Dudley should be ready from everything I've heard. Interesting that Davis would say Dudley has ""GREAT"" hands. Great? I don't know about that. I do agree with Dudley in that he's valuable in his ability to stretch the defense.
wideright i read on the team page robert taylor, lb was cut
Grinch Two part question - (1) Is William Green comfortable running from a one back set ? and (2) Are the Browns comfortable exposing TC to a one back set with W. Green -- a rookie -- as the one back on passing downs ?
JohnTaylor Somewhere between a good and great #1 WR. There are very few great #1's. That word gets tossed around waaaaay too much.
David Carducci In Q school, there is no way to evaluate Gonzalez because there is no hitting. Like everyone, it's going to be until training camp before we can truly evaluate the rookies. Gonzalez probably fits into the group of lost rookies trying to adjust to a very new life in the game
Ramllov BD does say that Dudley can block very good, better than BD expected?
Ramllov do you agree?
JohnTaylor I think Dudley is an exceptional blocking TE, and thought the running game suffered when he went down last year.
JohnTaylor 1.) Yes, William Green is comfortable in the one-back set.
Grinch Thanks David - that's somewhat my thoughts -- I thought maybe you could tell if a lineman is picking up his reads and things like that
JohnTaylor 2.) No, the Browns would not be comfortable pexposing TC with a rook in the one-back set.
wideright hello JT and DC- how will the AFC north finish, in what order?
Ramllov This could be a repeat from another chat, how long and how much for Kevin Johnson type contract extension?
JohnTaylor Pitt, Cleveland, Cincy, Baltimore.
Ramllov agreee
David Carducci I agree with John. I think KJ is just a very valuable receiver. If you have two guys who are great ""No. 2"" receivers, you have a pretty good starting tandem. John Stallworth was always considered a No.2 receiver behind Swann, but in reality, he was the guy the Steelers looked to when they needed a big play. KJ is the same thing for Couch. The confidence they have in eachother is an important key in their success. In that resp [msg continues in 20 se
David Carducci ect, I don't think it is important to label him as a 1 or 2, necessarily [msg complete]
Pegasus Do you think there is any chance in hell the Browns might sign Sam Adams?
JohnTaylor KJ will want a deal that averages AT LEAST $5 mil per season, with a sb in the neighborhood of $8 to $10 mil.
David Carducci You are right Grinch. It's possible to pick up some things from watching Q school or minicamp, but again, we weren't allowed in Q-school. We are only allowed to watch a little bit of minicamp. Just as the rookies will have a chance to show more in training camp because they will be more comfortable, we'll be able to see more because we'll be allowed to watch
JohnTaylor There's a better chance of me giving up my last beer, pegasus.
Pegasus I don't know JT if it were Iron City, that would make the odds pretty good.
wideright the agents that represent these players, what percentage do they get?
JohnTaylor No it wouldn't. :-)
David Carducci Ramllov. I think Dudley is a better blocker than people give him credit for. I saw some things I really liked in training camp and preseason with Dudley. I saw Santiago a lot in college, and thought he would develop into a good blocker in the pros, but he was obviously a drop off from Dudley
Grinch Which rookies are creating any buzz among the returning players ? Either good or bad ?
JohnTaylor Too early for any creation of a buzz, although I think Mr. Bietz would disagree in that anytime is a good time to create a buzz.
David Carducci I heard a few players say some really nice things about Andre Davis.
Pegasus LOL! Do you think the Browns have the Strength defensively now to stop the Bus, Dillon etc?
Ramllov How do you like the coaching staff, once you get beyond the head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator?
JohnTaylor On paper they seem to have more talented run-stoppers.
JohnTaylor Robiskie is like having another HC, Pagano is going to be a HC one day. It's a very, very good staff.
wideright do you guys have any idea what percentage the agents work on?
ericthebrown Do you think JJ Johnson will actually make the team as a FB?
David Carducci I think Warren will do a nice job at left DT. Roye is being given the chance to win the starting job on the right side. I talked to Roye and he's bulked up and excited about being a bigger force against the run than he's been in the past. I think this could be a pretty good run-stopping line. Lang will be a nice addition. I've heard very good things about his work against the run. The Browns have very good DE's against the run [msg continues in 20 se
David Carducci in Lang and Brown [msg complete]
JohnTaylor Most agents receive 2%% of their players contracts. Some go as high as 3%%, others as low as 1%% or less.
David Carducci I have my doubts eric. I liked JJ Johnson coming out of college. I've heard some things from scouts that make me have my doubts. Injuries appear to have taken their toll on him.
wideright contracts, not signing bonus?
JohnTaylor Total contracts, including sb.
ericthebrown So if he isn't going to be the FB, who will block in those short yardage situations? Shea?
wideright what are we doing? we whould become agents lol
JohnTaylor The NFLPA has a cap on what %% an agent can charge. I believe it's 4%%, but don't quote me on that.
Ramllov How about the free agent offensive lineman who is trying to be a fullback? Is he doing anything?
newdawg i thought it was 3%%
Pegasus I liked what I saw from Rogers last year, do you guys think he could be as good a pure pass rusher as MacKenzie was one he gains some experience?
David Carducci Right now it would probably be Aaron Shea.
JohnTaylor I think Rogers can be every bit as good a passrusher as McKenzie is.
David Carducci Hard to say Ramllov. It's nothing that Davis has talked about. Again, we didn't have a chance to watch Q-school. We don't get to watch much of minicamp. We'll see what happens in training camp, but projects like that rarely pan out.
Ramllov ok
wideright i live in the chicago area. In the local papers they are saying Mackenzie will be a third down player and special teams player
David Carducci I wouldn't be surprised Pegasus. I think he can be a nice 3rd down and nickel pass rusher, with Lant potentially playing inside on those situations.
Pegasus Do you see Rogers going in with the nickel and dime packages and will he replace Lang or move him to Tackle like the Redskins did?
Pegasus David: you obviously read my mind...perhaps a guest appearance as Mister Cleo is in the offing
David Carducci I think you'll see some of that, potentially, Pegasus. I think more than that, you'll see the Browns use a lot of rotations on the defensive line that will also have Rogers in on first and second down on occasion. They'll try to keep those guys fresh.
Guest44 It appears that the key to Butch's defense is the defensive line and cornerback. He would like to fill in the rest of the positions with the speediest players he can find to swarm to the ball. That being said, the big money will be paid to the dl and cb's - not Jamir Miller. Do you agree? Jamir isn't really his prototype lb.
Ramllov How do you like the four cornerbacks for the team and how would you rate them 1 through 4?
David Carducci Pegasus ... how about Carnac? I always liked that bit ...(holding the envelope to his forehead)... pffft (tears it, pulls out the paper) ... what do hip elephants snort through their trunks?
wideright Butch seems to be using fiscal sense in building this team and trying to avoid dismantling by losing key vets in a few years ala baltimore. Do you guys agree and can you elaborate?
JohnTaylor Daylon, Fuller, Henry, Sanders.
David Carducci Ivory snow.
David Carducci sorry. Just liked Carson a lot
Pegasus I was thinking that if Jamir decided to hold out that perhaps Rogers could fill his role. Jamir play more like a down lineman anyway.
wideright Do you guys think Rosie O'Donell would make a good pass rusher?
JohnTaylor Butch, in concert with Lal Heneghan, is doing exactly that, wr. Part of that plan is to develop QUALITY depth so that the loss of a key vet -- coughcoughJamircoughcough -- will not be as severe as it coould potentially be. Simply put, the Browns and Butch are going the Steelers route of building a consistent, winning organization.
David Carducci wideright. I think a lot of that is Lal Henegan's influence, too. He's the guy who is paid to see the bigger picture. I think a key to that is creating depth with young players who will be ready to move right in when those vets do choose to leave. Like Miller. He leaves next year, potentially, and that allows a Taylor or a Bentley to step in.
David Carducci John. I think we are on the same page there, yes?
JohnTaylor I think you could say that, Dave. :-)
wideright thanks. how bout Rosie?
Ramllov Is it out of the question to see this team finish with a 9-7 or 10-6 record?
JohnTaylor I think Rosie's lack of an initial burst off the line would limit her to a Tony Siragusa-type role.
JohnTaylor Not in my opinion, ram.
David Carducci Not out of the question at all Ramllov. I would not be surprised at all. Right now, I'm picking 9-7.
Pegasus Rosie would probably be a terrific block gobbler. Or, perhaps an inside carpet muncher.
Browns2k2 they were saying that jamir is the second highest paid player on the team. 2 things, who are the others in front and behind him? Second, hes the second highest player on the team, not like hes getting paid pocket change
JohnTaylor :-)
wideright she can stuff a pizza pretty good, probably stuff the run, too.
Guest44 How far will the Browns go in the playoffs this year?
wideright thanks JT
JohnTaylor Couch is obviously the highest-paid player. It all depends on what figures you work with: per year, cap # or total package.
Ramllov I would think Couch, Brown and Warren top three?
David Carducci Guest44, I think fans would just be excited to see this team get to the playoffs. Honestly, though, once a team gets to the playoffs, anything can happen. See last season for example. And then, who would have picked the Rams or Falcons in previous years.
Browns2k2 im jsut trying to gauge how much jamir wants and were it compares to the most important players on the team (couch, etc)
JohnTaylor There goes the neighborhood. vbf is here.
vbf hi
JohnTaylor Total package, it's definitely those three, ram.
David Carducci Guys I have to leave in five minutes, unfortunately. Big date
JohnTaylor A Star Wars teaser coming up?
Guest44 Good luck Dave!
wideright with Rosie?
ericthebrown That Harry Potter trailer..
David Carducci If only she were Rosie.
wideright she's a BIG date
MadDawgJimmyMac Why is your date unfortunate Dave?
Ramllov Mary Kay
artbtz Scooby Doo sneak preview, obviously.
JohnTaylor :-)
David Carducci MadDawgJimmyMac, anyone who dats me is unfortunate.
MadDawgJimmyMac lol
Guest44 Do you guys ever talk to Bernie? Is he totally fed up with the Florida hockey situation?
David Carducci Actually, took her to see Elvis Costello last night. Movie tonight. Nice to be on vacation
artbtz Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!
MadDawgJimmyMac Ya can't be too bad Dave. After all, your a Kent State guy! :-)
David Carducci We'll see Bernie Friday night, actually.
wideright how was Elvis Costello's show? Zany?
artbtz Golf tourney
David Carducci I am a Kent State guy, but I'm also a Hiram guy, and that brings me down a few pegs
David Carducci Elvis was fantastic.
JohnTaylor How many pegs can you go down from Kent? Didn't think that was possible.....
artbtz Elvis rules the universe. Elvis is King.
Ramllov How has Earl Holmes looked?
MadDawgJimmyMac Hey John. Kents great.
wideright remember the King!!
Pegasus What do other coaches and Scouts really think of Couch. Is he really capable of winning the Super Bowl. And can he raise the play of those around him?
vbf training camp dates?
MadDawgJimmyMac Whgere else can ya party like that?
David Carducci Orpheus told me that Holmes is already making a difference in his leadership on the field.
MadDawgJimmyMac er, where.
Ramllov Dave have a good time and thanks for the comments
David Carducci He said that we'll be surprised by what Holmes will bring.
artbtz Starts on the 23rd according to what I've heard VBF.
David Carducci Thanks Ram
vbf vets also, AB?
Ramllov Veterans on the 26th?
MadDawgJimmyMac Holmes has to be a BIG upgrade over Wali.
artbtz Rooks from what I've heard, but I also saw a story on ESPN that claimed the 22nd
artbtz Waiting for the Browns to let us in on the big secret.
vbf thanks
JohnTaylor The chair I'm sitting on would be a big upgrade over Wali. Better instincts.
wideright doh
David Carducci The coaches are completely sold on Couch, Pegasus. Completely. I think more importantly, his teammates are also sold on him. I've spent time around a lot of clubhouses (Indians, Cavs, various colleges, etc) and I've never seen a group treat a teammate the way they treat Couch. He has completely won them over.
newdawg Was that Greg???
Ramllov Has any one heard much on Fowler?
JohnTaylor :-)
MadDawgJimmyMac Couch is a tough dude.
MadDawgJimmyMac Players like tough QBs.
newdawg Tough and crazy.
JohnTaylor Butch is totally and completely enamored with Couch. His public statements are no act.
Ramllov Do you think Couch can make all the throws?
David Carducci Davis has done more talking about Wohlabaugh than Fowler. I guess the coaches are very impressed by Wohlabaugh's improvement.
Pegasus What about any opposing coaches or scouts? Where would you rank him top 10, top 15?
JohnTaylor Too many variables for me to give Couch a ranking, pegasus.
Guest44 Can Couch read defenses?
MadDawgJimmyMac With the increased conditioning, could the OL make a dramatic jump this year?
JohnTaylor Opposing coaches and scouts love his game. They just hope the surrounding talent doesn't rise to his level.
JohnTaylor Yes, Couch can read defenses.
David Carducci I do think Couch can make all the throws. His arm strength continues to impress me. It is much stronger than I thought when he came out of Kentucky. Remember the outs to KJ in the San Diego game. THose are incredibly tough throws, especially with the timing they had. Both big throws were made before KJ made his break. Those two plays I think were what sold me
redright Where does Wholabaugh sit with the cap? Does he figure to renegotiate or take a hit this year?
wideright whats our weakest area in your opinion?
JohnTaylor That's the hope, MDJM
Ramllov oline and te
JohnTaylor Wolly will have to re-do his deal after this season -- if not before -- or else he'll be gone.
newdawg Is Wholebaugh's status increasing in Butch's eyes?
David Carducci I think the Browns will wait until next year to make a decision on Wohlabaugh. The emergence of O'Hara and the potential of Fowler could make the decision a little easier if Wohlabaugh won't renegotiate
JohnTaylor OL has the most ?
David Carducci Guy, I have to run.
JohnTaylor Have a good one, Dave.
David Carducci Thanks again. Sorry I could only stay for 45 minutes
Pegasus Take care Dave...
vbf later Dave
artbtz Thanks for dropping by Dave.
vbf enjoy Scooby Doo
wideright have a good time and hope you get lucky with rosie
MadDawgJimmyMac Good luck Dave. Treat her like a queen. :-)
artbtz Jinkies!
David Carducci sure thing Art. Thanks all. I'll be back next week.
vbf zoiks
Guest44 How much steroid use is there in the NFL?
wideright much more in college
vbf JOhn, is Butch royally pissed at Jamir?
JohnTaylor More than what the NFL would admit to, less than what the average fan thinks.
Guest44 What %% of players use it?
JohnTaylor I wouldn't say royally pissed. But he's not very happy with the whole situation.
redright How hard will it be to replace Jamir?
MadDawgJimmyMac Who isn't Royally pissed at Jamir?
newdawg I'm not.
JohnTaylor I would not even want to put a # on it, 44.
artbtz Everyone but me and Newdawg
redright I figure he stands with Wholly, O.K.. this year and take a hit or be gone next
newdawg Remember, it's a business.
Guest44 Does the NFL random test for steroids?
JohnTaylor It won't be easy, redright. Depends on how the rooks would/will emerge.
vbf is Andre really looking that good?
MadDawgJimmyMac Right Newdawg. But a contract is a contract and he is already paid quite well.
redright Gotta beleive in the coaching staff!!!!
artbtz My man Jamir is not replaceable. Screw journalism and objectivity. He can't be replaced. Harrumph.
newdawg A contract is a contract till they tell you to take a pay cut or be cut. it goes both ways.
artbtz A contract is a contract unless the team doesn't think the player is worth it anymore.
JohnTaylor I don't know for certain, 44. I could check on that real quick, but, since I'm the only one answering ?'s, I gotta stay focused on the screen. And the beer, of course.
MadDawgJimmyMac Thats true.
artbtz Newdawg, you're like really smart or something, IMO.
newdawg I agree Art. I don't think any of the rookie lbers can hold a candle to any of the starters.
newdawg art, lol.
JohnTaylor Hey art, do you still sport that ""I (Heart) Spergon"" bumper sticker?
Guest44 I hear ya, JT. Policy said there won't be any renegotiation for JM. Butch says they might be able to adjust some things. What gives?
artbtz I don't want to talk about Spergon now. The pain is still too great.
JohnTaylor I'll have something on that -- hopefully -- this weekend, 44. :-)
JohnTaylor LOL
Guest44 Thanks JT
JohnTaylor no problemo.
JohnTaylor Hey art, I can see that you are trying to private me, but nothing is showing up on the screen.
artbtz I've never tried to private anyone, honest.
JohnTaylor :-)
newdawg sounds personal.
vbf JT, any word on how Zuk is looking thus far?
artbtz I disavow all knowledge of privating Insiders. This is all I have to say on the issue. Next question.
Guest44 Who is next to get screwed by the NFL - will the Chargers or Vikings move to LA?
JohnTaylor Everyone, art.
JohnTaylor I will say that the Vikes will move to LA.
seibu1 Hey Art, I stupidly missed the chat tonight
artbtz I vote Cardinals, which is what LA deserves
seibu1 When do you think the transcript will be up?
JohnTaylor Butch says he looks good, vbf, so we gotta believe that, right?
vbf uhhh, no :-)
Pegasus I thought ol Red wants to move them to San Antonio, so he could be close to home.
JohnTaylor Wouldn't they deserve Mike Brown?
MadDawgJimmyMac That sucks JT. Vikes have too much history to move. Just like the Browns.
artbtz This one? It will take a while if I try to edit it. I may toss it up unedited.
JohnTaylor I agree, MDJM, but it's just a guess on my part.
seibu1 Yes, please
newdawg have they been practicing kick and punt returns in camp or qb school? if so has has the return game looked?
artbtz You got it.
seibu1 we can wade through the junk :)
seibu1 thanks
JohnTaylor Too early to tell on anything, newdawg.
JohnTaylor Go unedited. ""Art Bietz RAAAAAAWWWWWW""
artbtz Do we want to have a wide open lightning round with everyone. Or is it just too darn risky?
MadDawgJimmyMac How is Green doing JT? Gaining the weight back?
seibu1 Hey JT I missed the chat so I hope this wasn't covered but any Joaquin G news from the mini?
ericthebrown Have they been practicing their end zone dance? You know they will be in there often..
JohnTaylor Yes, he's gaining the weight back. I believe he's almost back to his draft-day weight.
MadDawgJimmyMac great.
seibu1 Yes on the wide open LR Art!
JohnTaylor Rookie. Lost. How's that, seibu? :-)
seibu1 what's up vbf?
wideright i've heard a rumor that Rosie's bra is big enough to turn inside out and use as a slingshot to throw passes to wide receivers when couch's arm gets tired. is that true JT?
seibu1 really??
seibu1 I was hopinf for better than that JT ;)
seibu1 lol
artbtz ROFLMAO... You made me wake up my kids with that one Wideright...
artbtz How about lightning round survivor, where I boot from the chat room anyone whose answers I don't like?
JohnTaylor She is having problems getting it over the arms of taller linemen, which is why they will go to the WonderBra.
Grinch Seibu - according to the official site interview with Butch Joaquin is looking good but as JT pointed out earlier its hard to tell about a OL in minicamp
Pegasus Does Green have what it takes. I remember seeing Ozzie as a rookie, It was early in camp and I didn't know who he was but, it was like he had magnets in his hand when the ball came. Can you see something like that about Green yet?
JohnTaylor There ya go, AB.
ericthebrown Rosies underwear will used as the net behind the goal post
seibu1 true true, thanks grinch
wideright thamks:)
wideright thanks:)
seibu1 i like it art
seibu1 brutal..
JohnTaylor I can't because I'm not there. Even if I were, you only get to see 15 minutes opf each minicamp practice -- and none of the QB school -- so there is just not enough 411 to relay.
* artbtz (Plays Sound: applause.wav) +++++++++++++++ LIGHTNING ROUND SURVIVOR +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
seibu1 do they have fried chicken and pizza day during mini camp too JT?? :)
wideright i hear you can get a football in Each cup and work two recivers at a time
artbtz All chat participants may answer lightning round questions, but the chat moderator will boot from chat anyone who
artbtz gives an annoying answer or non-answer.
JohnTaylor She has a thong that works great on the low throws.
wideright lol
seibu1 lol
Pegasus Doesn't the Ball Stick to the Thong JT?
JohnTaylor Slides right off.
wideright lol
artbtz The Browns will average over 100 yards per game rushing in 2002.
Grinch true
JohnTaylor False.
seibu1 True
MadDawgJimmyMac false
ericthebrown true
redright T
BryanK f
BhamFan not true
Greg Beer
wideright false
Pegasus t
newdawg ?
Ramllov true
mddawg true
JohnTaylor Greg wins.
BhamFan oh avg, true
seibu1 lol
artbtz Hmmmmm... I liked Greg's answer, but BhamFan's answer left me confused and could be considered non-commital.
Greg real answer- false
wideright i win something? rosies bra?
JohnTaylor LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
seibu1 LOL!
MadDawgJimmyMac :-)
artbtz (He can come back in if he wants)
seibu1 lol!
artbtz (Dammit he figured out the loophole)
artbtz The price of beer will go up, we will complain about it, and pay it anyway.
JohnTaylor true
MadDawgJimmyMac true
wideright true
seibu1 T
mddawg true
Grinch true
Ramllov t
BryanK true
ericthebrown true
redright True true
BhamFan maybe
Pegasus False, we'll drink ripple
ericthebrown Although you can sneak 2 kegs in rosies bra
newdawg f
Guest44 you have to ask?
artbtz The correct answer is true. Redright took too long to answer.
artbtz But he said True twice, so ErictheBrown is the last correct answer, took too long and gets booted.
wideright i hear whenever Rosie stands still people try to show home movies on her ass
JohnTaylor You an Oprah fan wideright?
wideright oh yeah
artbtz TRUE OR FALSE: Couch will be sacked less than 32 times (two per game)
MadDawgJimmyMac true
JohnTaylor false.
Grinch false
Pegasus True
seibu1 false
mddawg false
Ramllov f
BryanK false
newdawg t
wideright false
Greg Guinness
redright T
ericthebrown false
BhamFan a true possibility
Guest44 true - he will be knocked out for the season after the 30th
BhamFan all hail Gregadamis
artbtz Greg's answer was the best, but the correct answer is FALSE.
JohnTaylor LOL 44.
artbtz MDJM was the first with the wrong answer.
artbtz Good bye
JohnTaylor This is tooooo funny.......
wideright false
artbtz In 2002, Jeff Triplett will sent to Pakistan to bean Al Queda leaders
ericthebrown trulse
redright Butch gave me this answer---defineitly maybe to be sure Absolutely maybe
Pegasus Frue
wideright frue
MadDawgJimmyMac damn my ass hurts.
mddawg true
MadDawgJimmyMac true
Grinch lol good strategy
BryanK true
JohnTaylor true
seibu1 can they sue?
BhamFan who's Jeff Tripplet
Greg Boddingtons
seibu1 true
artbtz Again Greg gives the correct answer and the rest of you come in second. Pegasus said FRUE, so I'm going to kick him out.
Pegasus Ah our newest secret weapon ""Stealth Hankies""
seibu1 lol!
artbtz One more before we go....
wideright true
artbtz Wrong
artbtz Sam Adams on the Browns defensive line or a six-pack of Sam Adams in your fridge. Which would you prefer?
ericthebrown An emphatic false!
seibu1 6 pack
redright Beer
Grinch on the DL
BryanK six pack
MadDawgJimmyMac Six pack in the fridge
BhamFan A Frosty Sam Adams
BryanK how 'bout 12?
wideright a night with oprah
Greg In a cooler at the beach
JohnTaylor trick ? I would like a 12-pack of Sam Adams in my fridge.
newdawg the beer. it's cheaper than the dt.
artbtz Does that mean the first one or the last one Bham?
redright Adams light or ffull body?
Pegasus How about Jennifer Connaly's Two Pack in your Back
artbtz Either, RR
wideright oprah is full bodied
BhamFan last one
redright Beer
seibu1 6 pack on ice with Ray holding the pick
JohnTaylor Rosie IS Sam Adams.
BhamFan unless it's November
wideright lol JT
redright Thanks ti was fun
Ramllov Thanks for a good chat art
artbtz Hmmmm.... I'm having a hard time deciding which one I like the least.
BryanK whats Sam Adams' bra size?
ericthebrown I'll take a 6 pack of Sam Adams as long as it isn't that christmas flavors crap
wideright had a blast, thanks
artbtz Ericthebrown gets booted for insulting beer.
MadDawgJimmyMac lol
Pegasus You know JT come to think of it, I've never seen Rosie and Sam at the same time ever?
wideright lol
artbtz OK, my work is done here.
JohnTaylor Exactly, pegasus.
ericthebrown Doh. twice in 1 night. Whats the record?
MadDawgJimmyMac Weight for both is same
seibu1 art make sure to include this with the trancript!
MadDawgJimmyMac Looks for both same
MadDawgJimmyMac Same size ass
wideright we can use rosies underwear to cover the stadium when it rains
MadDawgJimmyMac Same size bra
artbtz Three times in one night. Want to go for it?
artbtz Come on, insult Irish Whiskey. I dare ya.
JohnTaylor The Retractable RosieDome?
newdawg I see Derrick Gibson is history.
ericthebrown Ok. Art is the lord and high master of my ass!
redright Not with Rosie
wideright rosie stays ABREAST of things.....
seibu1 lol
Pegasus Well Rosie could alway fart and defrost a frozen field
seibu1 i think i should be booted for too many ""lols""
wideright lol peg
JohnTaylor Why do I feel like I'm in the ""South Park"" chatroom?
artbtz LOL Pegasus...
ericthebrown Sweet. The record is mine!
artbtz Congratulations ErictheBrown for getting kicked three times in one chat! Outstanding!
Greg John, quick question- any reports on the quality of Courtney Brown's stretching thus far?
JohnTaylor As always, he stretches like a HOF, Greg.
MadDawgJimmyMac I heard he streached Rosie's bra at least 6 feet Greg.
JohnTaylor Congrats, Eric!!!!!!!!!!
artbtz (Shudder)
ericthebrown Well, its tiring getting booted out 3 times in one night. I am going to have to retire now.
Greg awesome... I knew that's why we picked him first!
JohnTaylor :-)
Greg what's with the Rosie infatuation tonight?
artbtz See you guys... I'll slam this stupidity up in the morning most likely.
artbtz Blame wideright. He started it.
ericthebrown irish whiskey sucks. Can';t boot me before I leave!
MadDawgJimmyMac Later Art.
artbtz Hasta la vista.
Greg see ya AB
seibu1 see ya
Pegasus One more question JT, what is the stupidest question you ever heard a writer ask a player?
JohnTaylor Couldn't tell ya, Greg.
artbtz (Eric the Brown... bastard!)
JohnTaylor Later AB.
wideright rosie's bra is enshrined at the Nasa museum for being used as a catapult to put the space station in orbit
JohnTaylor Too many to narrow down to the stupidest.
Pegasus Thanks! Later....
redright Writer are like that
newdawg John, have you heard any word on how that young TE we signed at the end of last year?
Greg wideright, I'm guessing these were funny once.... probably
newdawg Legend II.
JohnTaylor Nothing, newdawg.
wideright ok ...time for new material...
Greg :-)
JohnTaylor Lighten up, Greg.
newdawg I see the other phemom, Derrick Gibson was cut.
MadDawgJimmyMac Whats your pick for sleeper of the draft thus far JT?
Grinch Butch mentioned him today as possible at HBack - second name mentioned after Shea (Alvin Morrow)
JohnTaylor Nobody, MDJM. Waaaaaaaay too early.
Greg shotgun some more Piels, Taylor..
JohnTaylor Got any recipes, Greg?
Greg ask Skeeter
JohnTaylor :-)
Greg he's trading them for workout tips
wideright anybody know how to make strudel?
JohnTaylor You could use some of those.
Greg newdawg, there can't be any shock in Gibson being cut, can there? Except to Doershuck who thinks he's the safety from FSU
JohnTaylor LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
newdawg :-)
JohnTaylor I have until 10:30 ET, then I have to go and finish laundry.
Greg hey John... seeing as how you now write on the Steelers- how come Fiala is still ahead of Farrior on their depth chart?
JohnTaylor Because they are the Steelers and haven't gotten the hang of the computer thingy.
Greg kffl said Fiala was still the LB working with the first team at their recent minicamp
Ramllov John what is your opinion on Farrior?
JohnTaylor Farrior will be the starter. Don't fret, PA Boy.
JohnTaylor Solid LB, nothing special. Would much rather have Holmes.
Ramllov thanks
JohnTaylor you are welcome.
Greg Farrior took forever to play like a #1 and he did it for all of one season... Kinda like Jamir
JohnTaylor Things that make ya go ""hmmmmmmmmm....""
redright A lot of people in Pitt seem to like Holmes better than Farrior. a lot of concern-any thoughts?
newdawg I understand his problem was he was a 4-3 lber in a 3-4 system. now he's back to a 3-4.
Greg seems to me UVA played a 4-3
wideright JT- Butch really wanted Wong early on. What's your feeling about his ability and why was Butch enamored with him?
JohnTaylor Farrior will be fine in the 3-4 with Porter and Gildon and Bell around him.
newdawg Wong has sideline to sideline speed.
newdawg we have a great weakness at lber due to lack of speed.
redright What did Holmes do to get the staff at Pitt unhappy?
Greg but jtfc told us in the forums that speed doesn't matter in Butch's system
JohnTaylor Part of the reason for the perceived early infatuation with Wong was Holmes' initial asking price. Make no mistake, though, Holmes was at the top of the Browns' MLB to-do list.
Ramllov Ha Ha
wideright great
Greg something about instincts or something like that, huh JT?
Greg ""slap slap"" Walleye
JohnTaylor Something like that, Greg. :-)
redright Ya gotta like a LB that hits.
Ramllov John, with the changes on the Browns defense, do you see them stopping the run?
JohnTaylor I see them being better at stopping the run, simply by adding Griffith and getting rid of Wali. How much better, I cannot answer. Well, I could, but I'd have to drink a few more beers to make a strong argument.
wideright John- remember to seperate the colors from the whites, ok?
newdawg someone said that roye had gained weight to better play dt. didn't he gain weight last year?
JohnTaylor Wali could hit, but it was anywhere from six to ten yards down the field. (If he really got a good read on the play.)
redright Butch has everyone working and all believing this is going to be a much better year. Gpt tpo be very good at stopping the run
Greg Street & Smiths- ""Lang must become more consistent against the run.""... Is X writing for them?
wideright or you may have pink undies
Ramllov Do you see any problem with the Browns signing their draft choices?
JohnTaylor Thanks, wideright. I just jotted that down.
wideright lol
JohnTaylor No more than any other team will have, ram.
newdawg Street & Smith isn't what it used to be.
JohnTaylor Amen, newdawg.
Ramllov The good mags, do not come out till later
Ramllov I wish they had some real good ones
Ramllov JT do you write for any of these mags?
wideright miller is on the cover (a small picture ) of my Street and Smith issue purchased in Chicago area. Is he on the cover in you other guys area too?
JohnTaylor Not that I know of, ram.
Greg They don't sell any pro football mags around here unless the Eagles or Stillers are picked #1 in the mag..
newdawg the best mag I can find nowadays is ProFootball Weekely's.
Ramllov That is due out in Early July
JohnTaylor My S&S has Tom Brady and Strahan.
redright The first series of mags seem to want to sell pictures. when do the good ones come out?
newdawg the Steelers have to be considered favorites.
Greg Mine has Kordelia and McNabb
newdawg it doesn't mean they have to play that way.
wideright I have a farmers almanac with Oprah and rosie on the cover... that one is for you Greg
wideright lol
JohnTaylor LOL
Greg :-)
Ramllov good night guys
wideright night ram
JohnTaylor good night, ram.
redright Good night John boy
wideright JT going to the laundromat?
wideright good place to meet chicks you know
JohnTaylor No chicks in my basement.
wideright shucks
JohnTaylor I hear ya.
Greg just sheep
Greg :-)
wideright baaahhh
wideright daaaaad
JohnTaylor Screw you, Greg. Now where the hell did put those shears......
Greg LOL
wideright do we win the first two home games JT?
JohnTaylor Yes.
wideright there's a sheep running around somewhere that looks just like me....
JohnTaylor Baaaaah if this hurts.......
wideright he calls me daaaaaaddd
JohnTaylor :-)
Greg Tribe's about to lose to Philly
JohnTaylor Whatever, Bandwagon Fan.
wideright next two at Tenn and Pitt. do we win them? record after 4 games?
Greg ok... I gotta run... g'night all
MadDawgJimmyMac Hold on Greg. Mesa to pitch the 9th for Philly.
wideright godd night JT
JohnTaylor See ya, Greg.
MadDawgJimmyMac later Greg.
wideright i mrsn greg
wideright good night greg
JohnTaylor Yup, I gotta run. Both forms of suds are calling me. It's been real. And, ROSIE RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wideright JT rules
MadDawgJimmyMac Later JT. Thanks for the info.
MadDawgJimmyMac Good luck with the laundry.
JohnTaylor Late..................
MadDawgJimmyMac Later Dawgs.

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