OBR News and World Report: 3/17

In this St. Patrick's Day edition, John Taylor refers to Phil Savage as a "slacker".


For the 18th-consecutive day of this six-day old free-agent signing period, Adam Schefter of the NFL Network is reporting that the Browns might go after linebacker Lavar Arrington.

This story comes on the heels of other NFL Network stories that have contained the phrases "may go after", "may have an interest", "might have an interest", "may pursue", and "might pursue" as it pertains to the Browns and Arrington.

Schefter is also reporting that the Jaguars and Eagles are (might be? may be?) keeping an eye on Arrington.

Those two clubs are the 38th and 39th NFL teams, respectively, that have been linked to Arrington this off-season.


Whatever interest the Browns may or may not have had in Renaldo Hill has come to an end as ESPN's John Clayton reports that the defensive back has come to terms on an agreement with the Dolphins. Clayton also reports that the Raiders and Jets were interested in Hill.


In today's Cleveland Plain Dealer, columnist Bud Shaw asks the question that many a Browns fan has asked since the start of free agency: "Where, oh where, would the Browns be if March found the front office in disarray?"

Needless to say, his answer includes a resounding indictment of John Collins and previous Browns FO regimes and a healthy amount of praise for current general manager Phil Savage.


Yet another columnist—this time the relatively unknown and highly underrated John Harris of the Toledo Blade chimes in with his thoughts on the Willie McGinest signing.


What is the best part of how the opening week of free agency has played out for the Browns, particularly as it pertains to the April draft?

"I think it leaves the door open for us to go in any direction. We're sitting at No. 12, No. 43 and No. 78 in the first three rounds. We'll see what combination of players we can put together," Savage told reporters.

That has to be music to the ears of any Browns fan after years of reaching for need.


Speaking of the draft, with the "big ticket" part of free agency winding down, the rumors are beginning to fly as to what team is eyeing which collegiate player.

For example, Yahoo! Sports quotes an anonymous source as saying that the Browns have already decided that Florida State defensive lineman Broderick Bunkley is their man at #12. Provided he's still around at that point, of course.

"They (want) Bunkley," the source said. "If he's still on the board, he's their end (in the 3-4 scheme). If he's still on the board. I wouldn't be all that shocked if he came off earlier."

Well, there you have it. That wraps up The OBR's coverage of the 2006 NFL draft. See ya next April! Z



After being released by the Ravens earlier this week, linebacker Peter Boulware seems to be strongly considering retirement.

"If it is the end of my career, I'm fine with it," Boulware told the Baltimore Sun.

"I'm not telling my agent, 'Please find me another team.' If something comes up and it's a great situation, I'll look at it. (But) I'm not going to say I'll do it."

Boulware went on to say that he would be interested in remaining with the organization in another capacity.


According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers have entered into discussions with the agent for free-agent Tim Dwight. The wide receiver may be in Pittsburgh for a visit next week.


In their ongoing quest to replace backup quarterback Jon Kitna, the Bengals will meet with free agent Brian Griese today. Griese, released earlier this week by the Bucs, will then visit the Bears tomorrow.


The Ravens have jettisoned one-time Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Orlando Brown. The right tackle was scheduled $2.75 million this season, but his release will save the club a little over $900,000.

Baltimore may be interested in re-signing Brown at a lower base salary, depending on the market for the 35-year-old.


As expected, the Steelers have re-signed defensive end Rodney Bailey. The Cleveland native signed a one-year deal worth $625,000 and included a $40,000 signing bonus.

(Cleveland native??? Where the hell were you on this one, Phil? Slacker.)


"I'm going to gouge your (very bad word) eyes out and (do something illegal in approximately 43 states) with the remote if you spend all day tomorrow watching that (same very bad word) basketball crap."

---anonymous writer's very pregnant girlfriend


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