MDM: Bunkley Soars, Greenway Falls

Someone cool this man off! The Mock Draft Muncher is showing a quick surge toward DL Broderick Bunkley as the Browns pick at the #12 pick in April's draft. Meanwhile, free agency shakes up the top of the board, and individual players rise and fall. It's all in the latest analysis of nearly four dozen mock drafts found on the Internet...

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Back in January, sent a team of writers to cover the Senior Bowl practices, a group that included our own Sobodawg, moderator of the Draft Brew forum.

On the first day of practice, Sobo and the gang immediately began raving about the skills of Broderick Bunkley, a relatively unheralded defensive tackle out of Florida State. We learned that the Browns spent a great deal of time studying the lineman and seemed excited by what he brought to the table. By the end of the first evening of Senior Bowl practice, talk about Bunkley dominated the forums, as well as providing a great deal of fodder for the OBR Radio Program the next evening.

While Bunkley may have been our secret back in January, that secret is out and spreading through mock drafts around the Internet. The lineman, who has bulked up over 300 pounds, is considered to be the most likely choice for the Cleveland Browns at the #12 spot in the draft according to the Mock Draft Muncher's latest analysis of 46 different mock drafts from around the Internet.

Matching Bunkley's rise up draft boards has been the rapid fall of Chad Greenway, who reigned supreme in mock drafts as the Browns' pick as recently as two weeks ago. Bunkley is currently listed as the Browns' choice in 11 of the mock drafts, followed by Greenway (6), PSU defensive end Tamba Hali (6), and Oregon NT Haloti Ngata (4). Indicating the general level of confusion about the Browns' intentions, however, the mock drafts list eleven other players as possibilities at the #12 spot.

The graphic below shows how Greenway (red) has fallen sharply as the Browns' pick according to mock drafts, along with the recent surge of Bunkley (green) predictions:

Elsewhere in the many Mock Draft Muncher pages, the effect of free agency is showing up in early draft selections. The signing of Drew Brees' by the New Orleans Saints has had the most dramatic impact, as D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Mario Williams as showing up as increasingly popular selections as the second pick in the draft. Many mock drafts "predict" a trade by the Saints and another team as a rationale for keeping Matt Leinart as their second pick in the draft.

A number of players are rising and falling rapidly as post-combine hype mixes with free agent selections and Pro Day feedback to alter perceptions of individual players:


Vernon Davis (trend)
Chad Jackson (trend)
Broderick Bunkley (trend)
Ernie Sims (trend)


Vince Young (trend)
LenDale White (trend)
DeAngelo Williams (trend)
Chad Greenway (trend)

There's a lot more information which can be mined from the Mock Draft Muncher. If you have other mock drafts to suggest to us, feel free to contact us and let us know!

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