Browns Decide Against Hometown QB

As rumored, the Browns came close to signing another hometown product last week, this time at the quarterback position. John Taylor provides the inside skinny on who the player was, and why the deal didn't happen...

The prevailing wisdom throughout the course of the 2006 off-season has the Browns perfectly satisfied with their Quarterback Triumvirate of Charlie Frye, Trent Dilfer and Derek Anderson.

Little or no discourse has taken place regarding the position. Even when it has been discussed, whether initiated by the media or general manager Phil Savage himself, it has more often than not been portrayed in a glowing light.

While that may indeed be the case with Frye and Dilfer, the same may not quite be as true regarding Anderson.

According to a league source, the Browns had more than a passing interest in free-agent QB Tom Arth, the Cleveland St. Ignatius and JCU product who reached an agreement on a multi-year deal with the Packers last week.

Here's the story:

Arth, who spent the past two seasons on the Colts' practice squad, was scheduled to workout for the Browns on Wednesday, March 22. However, the Sunday before Arth's workout in Cleveland, his agent was contacted by Green Bay.

When informed of Arth's impending tryout with the Browns, the Packers requested that he push the date to later on in the week and come to Green Bay before heading to Cleveland. Arth's agent, in turn, apprised the Browns of the situation, who agreed to hold the workout on Friday of the same week.

Once Arth got to Green Bay, however, the Packers were not willing to let him get out of town and allow the Browns an opportunity to court a local kid in person. Shortly after his Green Bay workout, the club offered him a two-year deal.

With that offer on the table, the agent once again went back to the Browns and offered them the opportunity to match it. The Browns, though, were unwilling to go beyond a one-year deal for Arth, who cancelled the visit to Cleveland and signed the two-year pact with Green Bay.

So, what does all of this mean for Anderson? Probably nothing more or nothing less than it has been since he came to Cleveland in September of last year: the job of #3 QB on any NFL team is a tenuous and uncertain one.

In other words, stick with the non-green bananas, Derek.

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