Transcript: Adam Caplan, Sirius NFL Radio

Sirius Radio NFL reporter Adam Caplan stood up to a barrage of questions in the OBR Chat Room, and was even able to break the news about another player who was worked out by the Browns today, as the team a player they will consider in the second round through his paces. Plus, a lot of discussion about possible first round picks like Kamerion Wimbley (pictured). Here's the transcript.

Adam Caplan Hi everyone
JSinCT ADAM in Da House!
artbtz Hey Adam!
dfarrar777 Welcome, Mr. Caplan
Adam Caplan We can get started.
artbtz OK, Adam, which team did the best in free agency?
Adam Caplan Art: CLE, MIN, TEN have done well so far
Adam Caplan CLE could take a big step.
howldawg What about Miami Adam?
Adam Caplan Mia, if Culpepper is ready to play, has done well.
Adam Caplan OL is a big issue for them though,
Adam Caplan CLE OL is better.
Yipicya They did get LJ Shelton
Adam Caplan Shelton wouldn't start on a good team.
Guest19 Where does Lavar Arrington land?
Adam Caplan Gue: JAX makes the most sense for Arrington.
IamRV What's the word on who the Browns will take at 12 Adam?
Adam Caplan LAM: Kamerion Wimbley, who is represented by the same agent as Crennel BTW
Adam Caplan perfect fit for their system as a rush OLB
Adam Caplan BTW, Charles Spencer worked out for the Browns today.
Guest19 Adam - who do you like better - Wimbley or Lawson?
Adam Caplan Guest: Wimbley.
BrownsGuru and Wimbley was never a projected 1st rounder
Adam Caplan Browns: He had a great combine and senior bowl.
Yipicya Adam: What do you think the odds of Haloti Ngata being available at 12?
Adam Caplan YIP: 50-50
creekman Adam. would like your thoughts on Carpenter
Adam Caplan Creek: Good player, mid to late first
FunkyDawg Are we done in F/A?
Adam Caplan Funk: For now, they'll look for depth at various positions in the draft and free agent later.
LeATL Will the Browns draft a true SS or are they happy with Pool/Jones
Adam Caplan LE: I think they're ok there.
CaryNCBrownsBacker What round might Spencer be taken in
Adam Caplan Spencer will go from 25-50 area
Adam Caplan some teams have him going early second area.
Adam Caplan high upside player on Spencer but sometimes he gets lazy
IamRV Isn't Spencer the kind of guy that could settle in at RG or RT?
BrownsGuru Spencer is a guard
Adam Caplan Browns: Yes, projects to G.
BrownsGuru Isn't Spencer the converted DL ?
Adam Caplan Browns: Yes.
SGdawg Who will be most disappointed at how far down they slide in the draft?
Adam Caplan SG: I can probably answer that question in about two weeks
Adam Caplan I usually get a lot of the sliders then
hilldawg Are we possibly stuck with Faine, Adam?
Adam Caplan Hill: I think they will be able to move Faine for a 5th round pick closer to the draft.
howldawg Adam a 5th for Faine why so little
Adam Caplan HOW: Center is not a position teams normally will want to overpay for unless the player is one of the top at his postition.
dfarrar777 Ty Law visits Seattle next week, Chances of him landing there?
Adam Caplan SF: Not at what he wants to be paid.
tbusic11 If Ahmad Brooks goes into the sup draft how early do you see him being picked up?
Adam Caplan TB: Depends how his private interviews go
Adam Caplan that will mean a lot, teams need to know what happened there.
ribsnwhiskey Adam Bill Cowher said of the Browns in a recent SI article that we have helped ourselves and will that we will be near the top of a tough AFC north division. My question is how does the rest of the NFL view Frye?
Adam Caplan RIBS: Teams were very impressed at how they have filled a lot of needs.
Adam Caplan And how they stole Bentley from the Eagles.
LeATL Will Matt Leinart's contract demands drop him in the draft (he's already told teams he wants $30 Mill guaranteed)
Adam Caplan LE: Shouldn't be a factor
BrownsGuru Adam: I've heard mostly about defensive players but Savage always mentions Best Player Available. Say we take an offensive player because he was the BPA. Who do you think we would take?
Adam Caplan Browns: I can't see an offensive player there.
Adam Caplan Value isn't there at RB, too many good ones later
Guest19 Where will Cutler go?
Adam Caplan Guest: Min could trade up for Cutler, ARI if they don't get Young.
Adam Caplan Ari wants one of the QBs or Hawk who won't be there
Adam Caplan BTW, it's good to see Savage get through the BS with Collins.
IamRV Who are some of the guys the Browns are linked with for the later rounds.
Adam Caplan LAM: Mostly depth there.
Adam Caplan OL especially
Adam Caplan young developmental if they don't get one on the first day
SGdawg Adam. I love Sirius NFL. How do you put up with Shine though?
Adam Caplan BTW, I will be hosting on Saturday from 2-6pm EST
Adam Caplan with Solomon Wilcots
Seiks Hey Adam: Darnell Bing: I've seen him from early 1st round to early 3rd...what's your read on him as a SS?
Adam Caplan Seiks: late second, could start right away in the right system.
BrownsGuru Me again Adam: We have Leigh Bodden. But Baxter is coming back from a bad injury and Daylon M. isn't getting any younger. Do you see us taking a CB early in the draft?
Adam Caplan Browns: Possible first day CB for nickel.
Adam Caplan Bodden is a nice story but I wouldn't discount them taking a CB
howldawg Adam how do you see the depth at ILB for the 3-4 teams i hear a lot of people say it is really deep but i just don't see many quality guys i wanted your opinion
Adam Caplan Howl: That's one of their needs, 1-2 in the draft
Adam Caplan Thompson isn't a proven player yet either, upside is there
tommybo If Huff is there at 12 is he a possibility?
Adam Caplan Tom: Huff probably won't be there
IamRV Adam - how locked in are the Browns with Wimbley
Adam Caplan Lam: Not locked but one of the top guys they're looking at
Guest19 What do you think of Charlie Frye?
Adam Caplan Guest: Marginal starter at this point, needs a lot of work
Adam Caplan upside is there
howldawg One more from me you take on Lendale White
Adam Caplan Howl: Needs to keep his weight down but can be a dominant player.
Guest45 Adam, what happened to Riggins working with Shine, is he working the Greenway Hog farm this summer?
Adam Caplan Guest: Riggins is off for a while,
ribsnwhiskey Adam just asking again how the rest of the NFL views Frye. Personally I like him lot I have on Brown sunglasses. When Ted Washington came here a reporter asked him what the said about Frye before the game and he kinda laughed and said I'm here now so I can't answer.
Adam Caplan Ribs: Again, needs a lot of work, not really ready yet to be a full time starter.
Guest19 Can Kellen Winslow become a dominant NFL player?
Adam Caplan Guest: I want to see how he looks in camp first
Guest615 On Yahoo's mock draft, it says they're going to pick Winston Justice from USC, is there any truth to this?
Adam Caplan Guest: Justice will likely be there, I say he would be looked at hard but Wimbley is first or second on there list
BrownsGuru Besides the trade all our picks to get A.J. Hawk rants is there any possibility of trading up to get a guy like Mario Williams?
Adam Caplan Browns: I don't see them doing that in their scheme
Adam Caplan DE isn't that important as OLB rusher is
Guest19 Adam - who is going to move to LA - the Bills?
Adam Caplan Guest: Could happen, wouldn't be a surprise
dfarrar777 Adam, where do you see Jurevicius in this offense? Will he be the X-Factor he was in Seattle last season, or was that a career year? (this Q from a Seahawks publisher who misses Joe already)
Adam Caplan DF: Solid second WR , especially in the hash area
silverbullets27 If Gabe Watson, Abdul Hodge and D'Qwell Jackson are still there at pick 43, will the Browns take any of the 3?
Adam Caplan Sil: Depends on what they get in the first but they need someone to spell Washington, he can only go 30 plays or so
BrownsGuru so Adam if DE isn't as important than all the talk of the Browns taking Bunkley at 12 is hearsay?
Adam Caplan Browns: HE can play DE in a 3-4,
Adam Caplan That's the point, he's not a true DE
Adam Caplan Eagles really like him
Guest19 Besides Ngata and Watson - any nose tackles you really like in the draft?
Adam Caplan Gue: Wroten
Adam Caplan that's about it, there aren't a lot of true NTs
IamRV Well - if the Browns do take Wimbley in the first that will surprise many. Who else may be a surprise pick in the first?
Adam Caplan Lam: Justice, Greenway (could be better if they traded down a little to get him though)
BrownsGuru isn't Wroten to small to be a 3-4 NT though?
Adam Caplan Brown: In certain systems, he can play NT
Guest182 Do you think Braylon Edwards will be a top tier NFL wideout?
Adam Caplan Gue: Lets see how he comes back from the ACL injury first
Adam Caplan that's the whole key there
Adam Caplan he won't be the same this season, 2007 i would look for him to get back to normal
JSinCT One we missed by Guest182 Who do expect will be the next "big name" free agent signed? By which team?
Adam Caplan JS: Ty Law and Woodson could go before the draft.
BrownsGuru In certain systems yes he can. But he's around the same size as Fisk who got pushed around like a child all year
Adam Caplan Browns: He's bigger than Fisk and more athletic
Guest19 What will New Orleans do with their 1st pick?
Adam Caplan Guest: Probably Ferguson, Hawk, or Mario Williams
Adam Caplan if its me, Ferguson, never pass up a franchise LT and Gandy is 35
artbtz Are you surprised at all that Law and Woodson are still available?
Adam Caplan Art: No, they are pricey
Adam Caplan and there are a lot of good CBs still out there
tbusic11 What is the earliest / latest you see hawk going?
Adam Caplan TB: #2
BrownsGuru Fisk is 6'3 and 300lbs and Wroten is 6'2 301 lbs ... how is there a difference Adam :)
Adam Caplan Browns: He will play around 315
IamRV Adam - Not sure you saw my question. If the Browns do pick Wimbley in the first that will surprise many. What other player/team is looking like a first round surprise?
Adam Caplan Lam: I'll have a better idea about 2 weeks before the draft on surprises
Adam Caplan We're four weeks away
domedawg where do you see carpenter going?
Adam Caplan Dom: Picks 20-30
howldawg Ok I have to ask what would have to happen to get Hawk to fall that far?
Adam Caplan HOWL: Hawk won't get past #5
Adam Caplan I have a decent idea of the round grades teams are giving having talked to a few teams this week
fish Where do you see Lavar Arrington playing this year ?
Adam Caplan Fish: Jacksonville
Adam Caplan I wouldn't sign him though, he's a DOG
Adam Caplan and I don't mean DAWG
Adam Caplan lol
Guest19 What do you think of Phil Savage?
Adam Caplan Gue: I like him as long as he has help with contract negotiation
Adam Caplan good talent evaluator
artbtz Adam, do you see the Ravens taking another QB or are they going to give Billick another year to destroy Boller?
Adam Caplan Art: They will pick up a veteran
Redright What offensive linemen might interest the Browns? what round?
Adam Caplan Red: Spencer in the second
BrownsGuru Adam I hear the Browns are talking to Rodrique Wright out of Texas. What do you think of him?
Adam Caplan Browns: Second day, 4th round DT, upside is there
domedawg is Manny Lawson a reach at 12
Adam Caplan Dome: Yes. Teams see Wimbley as the better player
Adam Caplan and more versatile, also has great character
domedawg where should Lawson be picked
Adam Caplan Dome: Mid first
Redright any thoughts on Daryn Colledge? Round?
Adam Caplan Red: Third, great kid BTW
Adam Caplan just a little small
Adam Caplan I talked to him at the combine for a while
Adam Caplan very impressive background
Adam Caplan He should play G
Guest19 Is there any downside to Wimbley?
Adam Caplan Guest: not much, he can probably get up to 260
Guest458 do you think Andra Davis will have a breakout year with the signing of Washington
Adam Caplan Gue: IT's always good to have a fat NT to protect the LBs.
Adam Caplan I say that with all due respect to the big man
BrownsGuru 365lbs is quite hard to move around =)
Adam Caplan Browns: Could be more like 385
BrownsGuru I wonder if they have a moving truck just for Washington ...
Adam Caplan Browns: He may only play one season so they will need to look for his eventual replacement
Adam Caplan and he can only probably go about 30 plays or so
Guest19 How come Wimbley didn't start until his senior year?
Adam Caplan Guest: He was a little too small
SOBO Adam I know your a big injury guy, really the man in that area, how exactly is Winslow progressing from what you hear?
Adam Caplan Sobo: He'll be ready to go, barring a setback, for training camp and he may do something in the June camp.
tommybo any OG in this draft that would come in and start right away?
Adam Caplan Tommy: Gilles with the right team
Adam Caplan he does need to lose some weight though
Adam Caplan Spencer lost 15 pounds since the combine.
BrownsGuru Adam: We hear about Winslow but how is Gary Baxter doing?
Adam Caplan BRowns: Baxter should be ready to go in the June camp
tbusic11 Which one of the FA QB's do you think will work out best with their new team
Adam Caplan TB: none are there to sign that are worth it
SOBO Any major rumblings around your league sources pointing to any trade rumors during the draft (especially with the likes of the Saints AND Browns of course)
Adam Caplan SOBO: As I reported weeks ago, they're really high on Wimbley
Guest19 When will Carson Palmer be ready?
Adam Caplan Gue: Late August if everything goes well.
domedawg how much do you see the browns getting for Faine and from whom
Adam Caplan Dome: 5th for Faine by draft time
Guest19 Who else is high on the Browns list besides Wimbley?
Adam Caplan Gue: Spencer also i have heard
SOBO ah screw Wimbley. Tony has him overrated. :)
BrownsGuru Wimbley went against D'Brickashaw Ferguson and did extremely well SOBO
BrownsGuru Thats tell you alot :)
Adam Caplan Wimbley has a big upside
IamRV If the Browns were to pass on Wimbley in the first - how much chance would there be for him to be there at 43?
Adam Caplan LAM: none
Adam Caplan Lam: One team told me they see him going 12-20
Adam Caplan Tony Pauline and I will be doing our first mock next week
Adam Caplan we have done them for the last 7 years
Adam Caplan together
Adam Caplan we'll update them 1-2 weekly up to the Friday before the draft.
domedawg can you give me 3 names the browns are looking at in round 2
Adam Caplan Dome: I can tell you they are looking at Spencer there and other Gs
Guest19 How high will Gabe Watson be drafted?
Adam Caplan Guest: Late first
tommybo Could Northcutt be used as trade bait?
Adam Caplan Tom: Doubt it, slot WRs don't have much value.
ribsnwhiskey Adam when the rest of the NFL looks at the Browns this year with a line that could knock over the wall of China and Romeos D much improved even with the miraculous job he did last year. BE KWII coming back. Is there any reason to think we couldn't be 10-6 and compete for the playoffs.
Adam Caplan Ribs: Division is tough
tbusic11 Adam, what does Green Bay see in Ben Taylor? Why would they go after that guy?
Adam Caplan TB: they're nuts to play him at SLB
Adam Caplan he's too small
Guest386 Adam, can you give us one name that's likely to go higher than anyone thinks and one name that is likely to fall in the draft.
Adam Caplan Guest: Probably Vince Young going higher than he should.
Adam Caplan Jon Scott may be dropping
Redright Adam, all of the mocks seem to be all over the place. The muncher has 16 different players going to the Browns at #12/ When and what causes them to coalesce? Whom should we expect the Brown to get? three best guesses at #12, please.
Adam Caplan Red: I can't say, I only talk to teams so I couldn't tell you about internet mocks
BrownsGuru Didn't we play Ben Taylor as SLB with Butch Davis?
Adam Caplan Browns: He's a ILB in a 3-4 or a WLB in a 4-3
Adam Caplan the SLB should have pretty good size
Guest386 Adam, what do you think about Ernie Sims? Might be go to Detroit to play in the Tampa 2??
Adam Caplan Guest: High upside, WLB in the tampa 2
Guest19 What's the Browns game plan at NT since it looks like they won't get Ngata or Watson? Do they have anyone else in mind?
Adam Caplan Guest: They'll need to get a developmental DT, Watson in the second if they don't go for a G
Guest386 Can Sims play in the 3-4?? ILB perhaps??
Adam Caplan Guest: Should be able to
Adam Caplan Depends if they think he can add weight
artbtz BrownsGuru: I have some comments from Taylor I'll put in the IV soon. He talks about why he thought he was a bad fit inside in a 3-4. Rough translation: I don't like to be blocked.
Adam Caplan Art: Agreed, GB is off
Adam Caplan bad team
Adam Caplan Guys: I have to run, we'll do this again in two weeks
Yipicya thanks Adam
tbusic11 Thanks a ton Adam

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