More about the Crocker Deal

Guess who helped the Browns up the price for the veteran safety...

Roughly a week ago, the Browns traded safety Chris Crocker to the Falcons for a fourth-round pick in the upcoming April draft.  This space also reported that the Falcons had initially offered a later-round pick for Crocker, but eventually agreed to the fourth-rounder.

Today, we may have learned at least part of the reason why general manager Phil Savage was able to get his counterpart to pump up the value of their initial offer.

The OBR has learned that at least one team jumped into the Crocker fray after learning of the Falcons interest in the safety and Cleveland's subsequent willingness to part with the starting defensive back.

And that one team?  The Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys caught wind of the ongoing discussions between the Falcons and Browns, and made a call to Savage.

Savage, of course, used this interest to his advantage. He let made it known to the Falcons that there was another team in the running and, if they really wanted Crocker, they would need to come off their initial offer and up the ante.

After mulling it over, the Falcons decided to throw a fourth-rounder on the table.

At that point, the Cowboys opted out of the bidding—they felt a fourth-rounder was too high a price to pay for Crocker's services—and Crocker, for all intents and purposes, became an Atlanta Falcon.


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