2006 Browns Schedule

UPDATE 2:15PM: The entire schedule has been posted now! One Thursday night game is the highlight...

UPDATE 2:15PM:We got the schedule posted as soon as we could pause and the Tivo...
LINK: 2006 Browns Schedule

UPDATE 1:45PM: The Browns will finish the season 12/31 in Houston.

UPDATE 1:30PM: The NFL's protective cone of silence is still holding. We have the Cowboys schedule uncovered, but no impact to the Browns there. We've taken a guess - just a guess - on the Browns bye week based on the NFL's tendency to give similar bye weeks to teams in a division.

UPDATE 12:45PM: We believe we already know a quarter of the schedule. Opening day against the Saints, both Ravens game, and the Jets game. These are all UNOFFICIAL.

The NFL tries to create a cone of silence around their annual release of the schedule, in an attempt to push people to the league's media properties. In 2005, the NFL sent a scathing memo to any teams that leaked schedules ahead of the official television program on the NFL Network.

Despite this, leaks continually appear across the web, and fans in the Watercooler are tracking them. As they do, we're updating our working schedule page. Check it out, if you're the impatient type (like us).

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