Chat Transcript: Tony Pauline, TFY Draft

Here's the transcript from Thursday night's chat with draft guru Tony Pauline!

BarryMcBride Yo! How's it going, Tony?
Tony Pauline Everything's kewl...good to b here
bluesidd If bunk wimberly and ngata are available who is it?
Tony Pauline bluesid...right now I think it is Bunkley-
BarryMcBride Tony... Will Arizona take Ngata?
Tony Pauline Barry...the Cards will take a QB if one falls into their laps, most likely Cutler at this point
YSUlovesAJ Tony...Santonio Holmes...why is he dropping
Tony Pauline YSU- first, Chad Jackson is soaring more then Holmes dropping- Holmes will still likely be a top 20 choice to Miami
IamRV Isn't Young falling like a rock?
Tony Pauline lamRv- Young has fallen but the wildcard is the Raiders- they make surprise selections and feelers have them going with Young at this point
bluesidd any chance of RB @ 12?
Tony Pauline bluesidd- unlikely...plenty of RB's later in the draft
GregHensley Tony with the Chargers in a love fest for Chad Jackson could we see them make a move ahead of the Eagles and Broncos to say ooh pick 12 ? lol
Tony Pauline GregHensly- unlikely- AJ Smith will move down before up. They are likely to sit where they are and take Tye Hill
d What are the Bills going to do
Tony Pauline d- Bill will go one of two way...Ngata or Winston Justice, who we have them taking in out latest mock which will be up tomorrow
artbtz Could you see an Indy or other low team making a play for our #12 to get an RB? Likely or unlikely?
Tony Pauline art- as is the case every year there are always take of numerous trades which never come to fruition- I don't think Indy makes a move nor do a lot of other teams people are predicting to trade up
bluesidd any chance browns move up?
Tony Pauline bluesid- unlikely- Cleveland like both FSU defenders (Bunklry/Wimbley) and can get either of them @12
Guest96 Tony-What's the chances of us landing Mike Kudla in this draft?
Tony Pauline Guest96- he is a very good fit for the Browns- a more explosive version of Mike Vrabel- so I say pretty good
SGdawg So if the Browns go Bunkley or Wimbley, then Gabe Watson or who maybe with #2 pick?
Tony Pauline sgdawg- if a good o-lineman is available in the second they would consider one
ramllov Tony will there be an ILB in the fourth round?
Tony Pauline rmlov- yes- it is a very weak ILB/MLB crop and they will be pushed down because of the strength of the other positions
Chidawg Tony, do you see the Browns trading up from #43 into the late 1st/early 2nd to get a guy they like who could drop? Let's a Wimbley/Lawson?
Tony Pauline Chidawg- the cost would be pretty steep since both those guys will be top 24 picks...that's a jump of 20-slots
BarryMcBride Tony, do you think OG Charles Spencer lasts until around our pick in the second?
Tony Pauline Barry- I think so; Spencer has a lot of upside yet comes over as kind of lazy which will depress his draft stock until the 45th pick
devoism Fifta is a ? because of conditioning
Tony Pauline devoism- Fifita is a ?? because he is 5-feet-11-inches
Guest76 If Buffalo passes on Ngata would St. Louis take him?
Tony Pauline Guest76- yes- the Rams have Kennedy/Glover and no one else....
ramllov Again, is there starting material once you get out of the third round?
Tony Pauline ramlov- at certain positions; I think a starter could be found at running back, possibly OLB as well as safety
Siouxdawg Is Winston Justice a steal at number 12?
Tony Pauline Siouxdawg- yes; Justice is good value outside pick #10
IamRV Tony - would LB Ernie Simms fit in a 3-4?
Tony Pauline lamRv- in time; his athleticism and size is more prone to a one-gap (4-3) system early on
Guest119 Could Abdul Hodge last until our pick in rd2 considering D'Qwell Jackson could be the first ILB off the board?
Tony Pauline Guest119...Hodge will probably be the first ILB/MLB off the board in round two...Jackson is falling; small, slow and marginal pass cover skills.
GregHensley Tony what is your take on Babatunde Oshinowo?
Tony Pauline Oshinowo- huge heart and average talent- he's the kind of guy who quietly has a 10 year productive NFL career yet never becomes a star
ramllov How deep does the starting NT go, through the second round, how many are there? who
Tony Pauline ramlov- Ngata, Bunkley and Watson it is a bit of a crapshoot (even a crap shoot with Watson)
Guest488 I came in late... who does Tony like for us at 12
Tony Pauline Guest488 one of the two FSU defenders
SOBO Tony - WHY Wimbley over Lawson? I just have no clue why
Tony Pauline Sobo- about twenty pounds for starters....
Tony Pauline Sobo- I would agree in that many people are underrating Lawson
SOBO don't go the measurable argument on me, I want facets of their game for an answer my friend
Tony Pauline Sobo- Wimbley's more a leverage defender, faster of the edge and seamlessly with his ability to bend off the corner in my estimation
ramllov So it would take our 2nd round pick, a fourth round pick and Faine to get back into the 24th pick or so?
Tony Pauline ramlov- I need to look at the trade chart and a team must really want Faine- it would take at lest a 2nd and 3rd
Phipps2Pitts Tony, do you think the Browns might be interested in Winston Justice at #12 as a BPA pick at a critical position, even if we have already invested heavily this off-season in the OL?
Tony Pauline Phipps- yes; his versatility to be used at LT or RT is enticing
howldawg Tony i saw one report that said Bobby Carpenter was best suited as an ILB would you agree?
Tony Pauline howldawg- no; an OLB who can be used as a nickel rusher out of a three point stance.
Guest210 What do you think of the Brown's off season moves?
Tony Pauline I think the off season moves by the Browns have been outstanding...great mixture throughout
Guest191 Any chance Minnesota trades up if Cutler or Vince Young fall to us?
Tony Pauline Guest191- If Cutler starts to fall the Vikings would be very active trying to move up for him
Dawghowl Broderick Bunkley seems more like a 4-3 DT than a 3-4, and isnt their alot of concern about his injury history? why would phil chance it and take him with the 12th pick?
Tony Pauline Dawghowl- I don't think the injury history is as much a concern as his natural size...his intensity helps him overcome all of that
Guest76 TFY - How do you rank the top 3 qbs? Who is #4?
Tony Pauline Guest76; Leinart/Cutler/Young/Croyle
ramllov Tony, if Minnesota needed to trade up to 12 to get Cutler, what else would they have to give up?
Tony Pauline ramlove- likely a 2 and a 4
GregHensley Tony who is that 3rd round steal this year that will shock?
Tony Pauline GregHensley: Greg Jennings of WMU, Ray Edwards/Purdue, Kyle Williams/LSU
Guest594 What do you think about Joseph Addai i think he could be the change of pace back we need on 3rd downs since he can catch the ball out of the backfield
Tony Pauline Guest595- Addai has the chance to develop into a feature runner- he is also moving up draft boards as some teams have moved him ahead of LenDale White on draft boards
Guest382 far does Vince Young fall?
Tony Pauline Guest382- good chance the Raiders take him...if not the Cardinals @10
howldawg Tony What about Lendale White when will he get drafted? How much did his Proday hurt him?
Tony Pauline howldawg- White really screwed himself- his attitude was abominable last Sunday- right now I'd say 80% he does not go in the first round
CCDawg49 tfy, which ILB coming out is the best fit for the browns in round 3 or 4? McGarigle? Wilkerson?
Tony Pauline CCDawg- if the Browns can get McGarigle in rounds 4/5 that is a great fit and good value
Guest334 Hey Tony, thanks for taking the time to chat. Given Bunkley, Lawson, and DeAngelo WIlliams are on the board at 12, who do you take and why?
Tony Pauline Guest334; I think he is the best fit...two- I think he is the best "self-starter" and three, he's the highest rated defender
GregHensley Tony the Browns were all over Elvis Dumervil early in the year could we see them take a chance on the kid in the 4th?
Tony Pauline GregHensley- the 4th is a bit of a reach for Dumervil...nevermind his terrible off-season, he is a project at just about any position
Guest191 Tony, what round do you think Anthony Schlegel will go in
Tony Pauline Guest191...late; 6th round area- hard nosed player but really only a two-down defender
Guest594 What do you think about Terna Nande from Miami (OH) I think he could play outside linebacker for us since he is pretty much a monster with speed i think a 3rd round pick would suit him for the brownies
Tony Pauline Guest594- Nande would be a good fit on the outside but he needs a lot of work...still; he should be a special teams demon on coverage units
Guest334 Another question for you Tony. Could you see the Browns going with a Guard in the 2nd round? A guy like Joseph or Spencer in the 2nd would be a good pickup IMO.
Tony Pauline Guest334- I could see the Browns taking a OT or OG in round two
Guest191 are there any red flags on Charles Spencer?
Tony Pauline Guest191...yes- intensity and off season conditioning
SOBO Tony - Any rumblings on who the Brownies might like that have surfaced recently using your connections? (outside of the FSU guys)
Tony Pauline Sobo- Max Jean Gilles
ramllov Is Spencer a LG or RG?
Tony Pauline ramlov- he would be effective at both though his size and strength will put him on the right side
howldawg Tony who is your top 2 Guards?
Tony Pauline howldawg...Max Jean Gilles and Davin Joseph
Guest594 What do you think of Johnathon Scott of Texas i think if he falls to round 3 we have to pick him up and groom him as our upcoming RT to replace Tucker
Tony Pauline Guest594...Scott is dropping like a rock and could fall out of the first day...a very lazy guy who is unprepared and does not show a lot of desire...seems to be playing football cause his father wants him to
Guest191 how is John McCargo from NC State, he underrated or just not that good or what?
Tony Pauline Guest191- McCargo is a solid prospect but a tad undersized and let's face it; he has not played a real lot of football so he'll need time to develop
ramllov Tony, What is your opinion of Greg Wilkinson LB, OLB or ILB?
Tony Pauline ramlov...right now an ILB or MLB...I watched his session at the combine and he is horrendous in reverse; no backpedal so he'll need time in coverage
Crunkadelic Tony, where do you see Rod Wright going? I think he'd be a great pick for the Browns in the third.
Tony Pauline Crunadelic- I think he's probably going a round later after his senior season
MuskieDawg01 Don't you think Tapp is too slow to play OLB?
Tony Pauline MuskieDawg- Tapp could handle the duties in a 3-4 but not a conventional 4-3
ramllov Tony do you see sleeper defensive linemen. Say one DE is great and the other guy is the sleeper?
Tony Pauline Sleeper DL- Darrell Adams of Villanova, Charlton Keith of Kansas
GregHensley Montavious Stanley is my sleeper stud in this draft
Tony Pauline GregHensley- good choice...especially if someone can light a fire under him
Guest594 I know the browns scouts talked to Kelly Jennings a lot at the Senior Bowl if he drops to the 2nd round what are the chances we could grab him
Tony Pauline Guest594- Jennings would be incredible value that part of round two
Tony Pauline I'm reading the header of the chat...Pittsburgh still sucks...I was actually in NYC doing a TV segment today for FoxSports Pittsburgh on the Steelers draft...
Guest26 according to the steelers fans I know they have no weakness and could just bypass the draft. Who do you see them taking in rnd 1 Tony?
Tony Pauline Guest26- funny...they could surprise and take Daniel Bullocks in round one...
GregHensley Tony Claude Wroten was arguably the #1 defensive linemen how far does he fall with the off the field issues?
Tony Pauline Greg- that's a bit of a stretch, though you said arguably....right now mid-to-late second round
ramllov I heard Danny Bullock is going up in the draft
Tony Pauline ramllov - you heard correct
ramllov Tony how good is this draft, good enough through the middle fourth round?
Tony Pauline ramlov- good talent through the end of the fourth
CCDawg49 tfy, if the browns don't select ngata at 12 (which is likely), do you like watson at 43 or babatunde in round 3, or a better option?
Tony Pauline CDawg- Watson in the second- a tremendous amount of upside...and if you get him hitting on all cylinders you've got a player
PittsburghDawg Lawson worries me, playing behind Mario
Tony Pauline Pittsdawg- people fail to realize the NC State defense had a tremendous amount of talent
Guest594 Marcus McNeil if he falls oto round 2 don't you think we have to take him and groom him at RT for the future?
Tony Pauline Guest594...McNeill has starting potential as a rookie- the problem is his back and how long it holds out
Guest119 TFY, any thoughts on Freddie Roach? I think he's the biggest ILB in the class and he would fit well in our 3-4
Tony Pauline Guest119- Roach stacks against the run as well as any backer in this draft but he is strictly a two-down defender
PhilMcCracken ESPN and Rivals have been talking about Lawson's inability to turn his hips, read quickly and change direction
Tony Pauline PhilMcCracken- (great nn) I disagree 100%% about Lawson's COD ability...the reading part; well that's a wait and see proposition as it is with any college d-linemen making a move
Guest594 What do you think of Roger McIntosh of Miami? do you think he could play a little inside backer and move to the outside also? i think he would be a good pickup in round 2 if he can play both spots
Tony Pauline Guest594- McIntosh has terrific size/speed number- he could move inside but he does not always play smart football and he has a long injury history
GregHensley Tony how bizarre is it with Lawson when some see him as a first round prospect and others still see him as a reach in the third?
Tony Pauline GregHensly...incredibly bizarre considering the guy is 250lbs and runs a 4.46 besides being a very good football player
Guest594 As a current BG student what do you think of OMAR JACOBS of Bowling Green i know his throwing action is flawed but he still has a gun do you think he can go day 1?
Tony Pauline Guest594...after the '04 season yes but after last It's more than Jacobs throwing motion- it is his whole set up and need to start from the ground up with him...
Guest119 What are your thoughts on another NT prospect, Montavious Stanley
Tony Pauline Guest119- Stanley needs to play at a much higher level on a consistent basis...he has terrific tools and is underrated. A lot of people feel it was the double teaming of Stanly which allowed Dumervil to do his damage at Louisville
Tony Pauline anyway...I do have to leave in a few so a few more questions
Guest76 So who is the Browns pick?
Tony Pauline 76- Broderick Bunkley..
Guest119 Any thoughts on NT Montavious Stanley?
Tony Pauline 119- scan up...I just sent off a paragraph about him
Guest336 TFY, which highly ranked player (by draftnicks) do you expect to fall?
Tony Pauline 336...Gabe Watson, Lendale White, Charles Gordon
ramllov Yes, I would like your 1- 3 predictions for the Browns
Tony Pauline ramlov...1- Bunkley....two- Davin Joseph...three...Daniel Manning..
Tony Pauline and on that I'm out

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