The Running of the Dawgs

SipDawg examines the AFC North and offers his courageous, and surprising, prediction on the AFC North Winner. This is entry #20 in the Bernies Insiders 2K2 Commentate-Off!

The facts and nothing but……on second thought, what ever possessed me to believe that I can write about our Cleveland Browns and not discuss some personal opinions on that subject?  Have any of you ever met a true "Dawg" fan that didn't have a rabid demeanor about the team?  


There is so much that compelled me to write this article, (other than the pure unadulterated fun of the competition), that it was difficult to choose the topic.  I sensed a heartfelt need to share my thoughts on the AFC North predictions and provide some inspiration to the rest of the enthusiastic Browns Fans.


I believe that at least some of us have heard the expression "if you can't run with the big dawgs, stay on the porch."  Well Browns fans, it is time to get off the porch and run with the Dawgs.   The Cleveland Browns will win the division.  In case you haven't truly noticed, things are truly starting to become very exciting for the football team by Lake Erie.







4.      BALTIMORE RAVENS   (so sad)


We finally have a true head coach that has instilled a winning attitude and has developed a team that demands respect.  That respect begins with teammates and extends to the playing field, not just for game day, but each and every time you "come to work."  I sincerely hope that Browns fans understand what is taking place for this team.  Coach Davis is a winner.  Make no mistake about that.  Those that listen and follow his actions, statements, and intentions, do understand his desire is for putting the team first.  No individualism or egoism is wanted.  Understanding that 100% effort is required to take this team to the Super Bowl, he requires the synergy from all the parts.  Finally, (at least for my opinion), this team will be respectable and in the playoffs for several years to come.



This defense is a squad to be reckoned with!  Last year, even with the injuries, we were a playoff caliber team until all the injuries took their toll.  With the middle of the defense strengthened by the addition of Robert Griffith and Earl Holmes, it will only make them much stronger than last year. Think about the front seven we have on defense! It will be extremely tough on the opposition to say the least.   For the first time in many years, this team has the position depth necessary to overcome the wear and tear of a full season and have added some offensive weapons for Couch.  William Green will not have a spectacular rookie year, (nor should we expect him to), but will add the offensive big-play ability at the RB

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