The Visitors: Part 2

Between now and the draft, the OBR will provide overviews of players from our exclusive list of those who have worked out for the Browns or visited the Berea facility. The data sheet for this well-known visitor is being made available FREE to all Browns fans so they can sample the reports.

The Orange and Brown Report has compiled an exclusive list of (currently 26) players that the Browns have either privately worked out or had visit their facility. After a few unfortunate episodes where earlier and now-outdated versions the list were copied by other NFL draft sites, we are no longer publishing the entire list at once. Between now and the draft, however, we will provide overviews of all players that have gotten an additional investment of time from the Browns scouting staff. At least two draft target reports will be published every day for OBR subscribers.

The data sheet for this particular well-known visitor is being made available to all Browns fans so they can see a sample of these reports.

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NAME Brodrick Bunkley
POSITION Defensive Tackle
(would be DE for Browns)
COLLEGE Florida State
HEIGHT 6' 3"
#2 @ Defensive Tackle
#12 Overall
VIDEO Click Here
INTERACTION Visit to Berea (4/6 approx)
Pro Day Attention
Senior Bowl Attention
Ravens (Visit, 4/4)
Bills (Visit, 4/5 approx)
Rams (Visit, 4/11)

Like fellow FSU product Kamerion Wimbley, Brodrick Bunkley flew into the consciousness of Browns fans reading the OBR during the last week in January. Our representatives in Mobile described Bunkley's ability to push offensive linemen weighing twenty pounds more into the air, and his ability to hold his own when double-teamed. It was clear even during the first practices in Mobile that Bunkley had the attention of the Browns scouting staff.

As a prospective defensive end for the Browns, Bunkley looks exactly like the type of blocker-eater the team needs, and would free up the Browns linebackers to get to runners or go after the quarterback. While Bunkley is currently the perfect size (a ridiculously sculpted 300+ pounds), he has the potential to get bigger and eventually move inside to man the all-important nose tackle position. By drafting Bunkley, the Browns would improve themselves immediately, and also potentially solve a long-term need.

Bunkley would not only bring his athleticism to the Browns, he would also bring a nasty streak that would make the Browns more of a headache for opposing teams. He's a game-changer and a drive-stopper: Bunkley led all college interior linemen with tackles for loss during his breakout senior year, setting an FSU school record.

The truly scary thing about Bunkley is that he actually has room to improve. Better use of his hands and another move or two will make him hard to stop. In addition to his instant impact, Bunkley could emerge, with patient teaching, as one of the NFL's best defensive linemen.  The only nagging doubt for whoever lands him: an injury history, including problems which derailed his junior year.




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