Phil Savage: Q and A

Fred Greetham summarizes some of the more-critical questions and answers from Tuesday's press conference with Phil Savage...

BEREA – GM Phil Savage addressed several other topics in the 70 minute discussion with the media.

Q: Do you think Haloti Ngata and Brodrick Bunkley are versatile to play more than just one position?:

Savage: We feel Ngata is athletic enough to play another position than just nose. We also think Orpheus Roye could move. Brodrick Bunkley has some versatility.

Q: Have you added enough pass rush so far?:

Savage: We've added Willie McGinest and we have David McMillan, who we think can give us some snaps. The pass rush and run defense are priorities and it will be where the biggest impact will be.

Q: Is it hard to project a college player to the NFL as a 3-4 player?:

Savage: Almost every player is a projection in the 3-4. There are only a couple of teams that play the 3-4 in college. In some ways, it could be an advantage for us because there are only seven teams that use the 3-4.

Q: How important is character in your evaluation of players?:

Savage: The character issue is important. It is like graduation rates at the colleges. Character doesn't mean a whole lot until you start losing. We want the best of both worlds.

Q: How many spots would you feel comfortable in trading down if the situation prevented itself?:

Savage: The comfort level would be five, six spots. If we have three or four players we like there we can move to 16 and still get a player we want. We go into the draft expecting to make a pick.

Q: What would it take to get in to the top five?:

Savage: It would have to be one of the to two to four players we have on our board. To go up to the top five, you give up your draft and the money is so big. I don't see that happening.

Q: Is there a possibility the Browns could move up?:

Savage: If someone we like falls to nine or somewhere there, then we'd take a look at it. It might take a fourth round pick or it might take a second round. I would not be for giving up next year's first-round pick in any trade.

Q: Why do you emphasize the Steelers?:

Savage: We try to put more emphasis on Pittsburgh because they beat us the worst. They blew our doors off and that's why we put more emphasis on them.

Q: Do you look for players even at positions you already seem to be set?:

Savage: We try to look at our roster and see where our holes will be in 2007 or 08. There's pressure for us to perform and produce. There are a lot of variables and you have to have a feel for things. We don't want to reach down to this group of players because it's a need.

Q: Why do you bring in a player like Vince Young?:

Savage: All the research becomes valuable to us, even down the road in free agency. Some research is for later. We also don't want to get caught in the draft with your pants down.

Q: Do you prioritize the positions you're looking at?:

Savage: We do prioritize it to a degree. We're going to get somebody we like at 12, be it on offense or defense. I wish we could pick someone who could fill three holes, but that's not realistic.

Q: Do you think the draft will enhance what you were able to do in free agency?:

Savage: I do see this as a productive piece to combine with free agency and help us be more productive.

Q: What are the prospects of trading Jeff Faine?:

Savage: Right now all of the teams are in a lot of meetings. There's not a lot of time for trade talks. I think toward the end of the week or by draft day or the second day there could be some discussions. We're not going to give Jeff Faine away. We think he's a good player and if we can get something of significant value, we'll look into it.

Q: Do you feel free agency will impact you quicker than this year's draft?:

Savage: With the free agent class we expect immediate impact and expect them to help us right away. This was a team devoid of a lot of young talent and we want to build through the draft. We believe in building the house from within. We want our good players to come from the draft. That stabilizes our situation long term.

Q: What do you do if one of the top three quarterbacks is there at 12?:

Savage: If any of the quarterbacks are there, we anticipate there might be some interest from other teams and we'll listen to what they have to say.

Q: How are Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards progressing?:

Savage: In the overview, the return of Kellen and Braylon back to the fold is very important. Both are progressing well. Right now, Kellen is ahead of Braylon.

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