The Year of the Couch

Harry Knepper dreams of a fateful Sunday where the Browns claim a championship on the shoulders of Tim Couch in this Commentate-Off 2K2 entry.

In gladiator pose the NFL quarterback stands with his back to the wind, eyes down the field while the future is littered with possible dreams that lay just at his fingertips. The field general with the burnt orange helmet that orchestrates drives into enemy territory. The ball seems to roll off his hand in pivotal accuracy and finds it target in stride. Our (Cleveland's) whole life we've been waiting for this miracle.


To be World Champs.


The moment we will all be complete in a sport sense, will be when a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns takes a knee at the end of the game on Super Bowl Sunday. Tim Couch will lead this team out of years of painful losses to win a Super Bowl for Cleveland. This year will be the "Year of the Couch" and all the critics will silence.


Couch, with the help of a very qualified coaching staff that is in charge, will succeed where others have failed. Finally  with the weapons necessary to win on Sundays, depth to plug holes that come vacant during the course of a season, and the necessary experience to build on. The world will see Cleveland for what it is, not what it isn't. And Tim Couch will become the indelible symbol that forges a franchise for the ages.


Tomorrow we rule the football world, tonight we make them wait.


[Part 1:] Weapons Armed


On offense we have been privileged to suffer through expansion blues with few stars. The offence is nothing without health, but with that considered. With the addition of Ryan Tucker and Barry Stokes to the offensive line coupled with the return of Tre Johnson to the set spots of Ross Verba and Dave Wohlabaugh this unit should move the pile on Sunday afternoons and offer refuge to Tim Couch.


We will finally see what Tim Couch can do with the time to make decisions. He could flourish in a balanced run attack with capable receivers. I see William Green making a run at rookie of the year. I see a 1,000 yards on the ground and a couple hundred through the air. The defenses we face will have to honestly account for the running back which will help Couch who threw for 3,000 plus yards with no threat in the backfield last year.


The receivers are set with Kevin Johnson leading two youngsters in a hopefully wiser Quincy Morgan and Andre Davis who's surprising everyone in Berea. Tim Couch will have the supporting cast to do some damage on sundays.


[Part 2:] Depth in long simple form


RB-James Jackson, RB-Jamal White, WR-Chris Sanders, WR-Jujuan Dawson,WR- Andre Davis (R), OL-Shawn Ohara, OL Brad Bedell, OL-Melvin Fowler (R), OL-Joaquin Gonzalez (R), TE-Mark Campbell, TE-Aaron Shea, TE-Darnell Sanders (R), DE-Tyrone Rogers, DE Arnold Miller, DT-Mark Smith, DT Alvin Mckinley, DT-Marcus Spriggs, LB-Brant Boyer, LB-Kevin Bently (R), LB-Audra Davis (R), LB-Ben Taylor (R), CB-Anthony Henry, CB-Lewis Sanders, SS-Earl Little.

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