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BarryMcBride The man is here!
Rob Rang Good evening, everyone!
BarryMcBride Rob, why don't you take a second to tell folks who you are.
Rob Rang Sure, Barry.
Rob Rang My name is Rob Rang and I am the Senior Analyst of
Rob Rang I'm ready whenever everyone else is.
ken Is Wimbley an immediate starter
Rob Rang I'll start with Ken
Rob Rang I believe Wimbley is an immediate starter - whether he is drafted as a 3-4 OLB or a 4-3 DE.
Guest66 do the browns have any interest in Vernon Davis if he falls to them
Rob Rang Guest66, You don't have to worry about the Browns thoughts on Vernon Davis. He won't make it out of the top ten.
CaryBrownsBacker Rob .. do you see the Browns taking Wimbley over Ngata or Bunkley?
Rob Rang No, Cary..., I believe the Browns' board would go Ngata-Bunkley-Wimbley.
Guest106 rob do you think there will be a run on DTs or OLB first
Rob Rang Guest106, the general line of thinking is that size goes before athleticism. Therefore, I'd expect to see the small 2 DT run go before the 4-5 OLB run.
ramllov That is the first round, what about the second and third?
Rob Rang Ramllov, in our latest projection we had the Browns selecting OLB Wimbley, CB Richard Marshall (top ILBs gone), and another OLB project in Jeremy Mincey.
Guest159 Any chance of the bills realize Losman is the white version of Spergon Wynn and drafting Vince Young so the Ravens can't?
Rob Rang Guest159, I'd be pretty surprised to see the Bills give up on Losman so quickly, but there is no denying their disappointment thus far. They will consider a QB, but I'd be surprised to see them actually pull the trigger.
coldspider41 Rob what's your opinion of Manny Lawson? is he a reach a 12 still and is he the best rush LBer for us?
Rob Rang coldspider, I'm a fan of Manny Lawson if he is taken when he should be. He's a superb natural athlete, but I question his instincts as an OLB. I also question his ability to retain the size needed for DE. Thus, I believe he is a first round pick, but is a clear step below Wimbley.
Guest66 What do you think about Hodge in round 2
Rob Rang Guest66, If the Browns are able to land Abdul Hodge in the second round, I believe they are getting a monstrous steal. My #1 ILB.
Guest186 Rob...i have a bad feeling about Ngata, why is that? what our his negatives??? I don't feel like he is the workhorse DT we need.
Rob Rang Guest186, The negative with Ngata is the perception that he doesn't play hard. This is a bit of a misnomer. He plays hard, but is sometimes too complacent. He was double teamed on nearly every snap at OU and seemed content at times with just handling the point of attack, when he could, with a little extra hustle, make the play too.
Guest159 Rob, can you convince Billick that he has his franchise QB in Kyle Boller and doesn't need to draft one or pick up a McNair or Collins
Rob Rang Guest159, can't convince Billick he has a franchise QB if I'm not convinced myself. Boller has one more year to prove it...
Guest354 Rob, do you think the Titans pick Leinart or Young?
Rob Rang Guest354, I believe Leinart is the Titans choice if he remains on the board.
betterhands anyone else have the pro football weekly draft guide or draft preview? both mention duck-footedness as negatives for Kamerion Wimbley. how is that a factor if that doesn't effect his ability to get to the qb?
Rob Rang betterhands - Duckfootedness from Wimbley? Wow. Don't see that on film. I see one of the elite pass rushers of this draft, with speed to flatten out and as an LB too. Guess, PFW and I are about as opposite as two sources can get on that one...
ken are there any good WR's out there worthy of a 3rd or 4th rnd pick
Rob Rang Ken, are there are WRs worthy of a 3rd or 4th round pick? Uh, yeah. Lots of them. Can't list them all here. Check out our rankings.
Guest159 no chance of a Carpenter or Schlegel in the 2nd round?
Rob Rang Guest159, Bobby Carpenter would be a great value if he slid to the Browns at pick #43. Schlegel is a late round pick, if picked at all.
Guest106 ob do you see the browns taking a RB and if so day 1 or day 2
Rob Rang Guest106, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Browns select a RB if they found an explosive change-of-pace back. Maurice Drew would be superb, and would make an immediate impact as a KR too.
Guest354 Rob, which players do you see the Lions and Rams taking in the first round?
Rob Rang Guest354, our last projection had the Lions taking Winston Justice and the Rams taking Brodrick Bunkley
ramllov Rob in your projections who and when do the Browns draft an ILB?
ramllov Rob, how deep is the ILB and what round does the talent stop?
Rob Rang Ramllov, in a perfect world, one of the top two ILBs are available to them in the second. Both Jackson or Hodge would be a great fit. Watch out for Gerris Wilkinson from Georgia Tech too. Underrated.
BrownsBacker Do you see Cutler falling down to the 12th spot? I am not a fan of taking him but do you see the possibility if he does?
Rob Rang Brownsbacker, No I don't believe the Browns would select Cutler if he were to be available at #12. Your future QB is already here in Frye. There will be players who can help this team immediately at that point.
Guest25 After Ngata and Watson - who is the best NT available?
Rob Rang Guest25, after Ngata and Watson, the top NG on my board is unquestionably Babatunde Oshinowo.
CaryBrownsBacker Rob ... any senerio that might work for the Browns to move up from the second to get Carpenter or Lawson????
Rob Rang Cary, the Browns have the extra 5th acquired last year from the Patriots, so with 8 picks it is possible to see them move up. That said, I'd be surprised. The depth at OLB/DE tweeners for the 3-4 is good enough to wait.
ATL What has caused Darnel Bing to slide on most boards. he looks like the best SS in the draft to me
Rob Rang ATL - whoever thinks Bing is sliding is in for a rude awakening come the 29th. He's a middle 2nd, at worst.
* ken (Plays Sound: cuckoo.wav) Rob,Is Charles Spencer the real deal? 3rd rnd?
Rob Rang Ken, I'm a big Charles Spencer fan. His transition from DT to OG than OT has been pretty remarkable. Granted, he is purely a OG at the NFL level, but athletic and massive. He has to watch his weight, but I like him a lot as a late 2nd to mid 3rd round pick. Nice upside.
redright Ngata, Watson, Mahelona..please compare...what do you like, don't like. Is there any other NT that you like for the Browns?
Rob Rang redright, Mahelona is best as a one gap penetrator in the 4-3. He is short and stout thus many like to view him as a 3-4 NG, but he lacks the strength to hold up. He picked himself off the ground too many times at the Senior Bowl - and that was as a DT (against one blocker...)
Guest153 Who do you have as your highest rated guard, and whom may the Browns be targeting?
Rob Rang In my mind the safest guard of the class is Oklahoma's Davin Joseph. The best, in my opinion, and the #1 OG all year long, remains Georgia's Max Jean-Gilles.
Guest106 ob do you see us taking a strong safety in the draft and who in your opinon
Rob Rang Guest106, I'd be surprised to see the Browns take another safety. They have to give Jones and Pool a chance.
syddawg Rob, will UCLA RB Drew be there in the 3rd round for the browns? Can he be a franchise back in 2 to 3 years?
Rob Rang Syddaawg, I'd be surprised to see Drew slide into the 3rd. Too talented.
newdawg Why do you think the browns will take a cb so early?
Rob Rang newdawg, if the Browns were to take a CB in the second as I projected it would simply be a Best-Player-Available pick.
Guest186 Rob, give us some good second day guys that would fit the Browns.
Rob Rang Guest186, some later rounds guys the Browns will likely consider include ILBs McGarigle, Kai Parham. OLBs Gocong, Alston, Mincey, Guillory. OGs Sims, Chester, Colon...
ATL Carpenter's injury a concern because it's not fully healed? He didn't tear any ligaments and seemed to do well on his pro day
Rob Rang I do believe Carpenter's injury is a bit of a concern, but not enough to drop him to #43. Maybe it does - but if it does, Cleveland should do cartwheels to the podium. Good football player. Great leader.
GregHensley Rob speaking of receivers how good is this kid from Central Florida Brandon Marshall? He reminds me of a faster version of Keyshawn Johnson
Rob Rang GregH, Marshall = Keyshawn? Keyshawn was #1 overall. Marshall will be lucky to get drafted before the fifth round. See what you're talking about. Great size, some speed. Makes plays on the ball, but he's no speed demon and has gotten away with a lot of push-offs throughout college.
damngoodman Rob: Is Adeyanju a 3-4 end or an OLB
Rob Rang damngoodman, I believe Adeyanju's best position remains at 4-3 DE, but he is athletic enough to give it a shot at 3-4. Intriguing talent.
Guest159 and where do MAC qbs Gradkowski and Jacobs get picked at now?
Rob Rang I see both Gradkowksi and Jacobs as 2nd day guys. Jacobs has more upside, so probably goes 4th round. Gradkowski will drop because of his size, but is a good little football player and would be a nice value in the 5th or later.
Guest52 !!Hi Rob-Do you think there is ANY chance that the Brownies go after DeAngelo Williams in the first? How much different is this guy than Ladainian Tomlinson?
Rob Rang Guest52, I'd be shocked to see the Browns take a RB in the first round. LT gets better as things get more physical, DeAngelo Williams doesn't. Great all-around guy, though. Williams left Memphis as NCAA's most productive all-purpose guy...
Guest158 hi Rob, what are the chances of St. Louis passing on Ngata?
Rob Rang Guest158, I would say 50-50 they'd pass on him because they are looking at other positions, including OLB and QB, but he'd certainly fill a need for the Rams.
ramllov Rob, how deep is the guard situation and what round could the Browns get a good one? who?
Rob Rang Ramllov, guards generally can be had late, but the depth this year isn't great. For an immediate impact type, I'd say the Browns would be best served adding one on the first day, since Andruzzi and Coleman are good enough to beat just some guy...
Guest159 Ohio State's Sims- where does he get drafted at?
Rob Rang Guest159, We are projecting Rob Sims as a possible 3rd round pick, but usually guards fall. Most likely a late 3rd or 4th.
Guest25 What do think of Frye?
Rob Rang Guest25, As I stated last year - probably in this chat, I'm a huge Charlie Frye fan. Was early two years ago during the beginning of his senior season at Akron and became much more so during the Senior Bowl. Not a great athlet or even a great passer, but a gutty leader. A field general.
ramllov Rob does Faine equal a third, fourth or fifth round choice?
Rob Rang Ramllov, Tough to say what the Browns will get for Faine. Not much. Interest is pretty low because every team knows he's upset and that the Browns are in a tough spot. Some teams are willing to wait the Browns out and see if they'll release him. I would say at this point they're likely to only get a middle 2nd day pick for him.
coldspider41 hey rob, if u had to compare ngata and bunkely with players already in the nfl, who would they be?
Rob Rang coldspider, the Ngata comparison I'd make is Sam Adams. Bunkley reminds me a lot of former FSU defensive tackle Travis Johnson, who, if you remember correctly, was selected by Houston in the first round as a DE for the 3-4...
Barley Rob, what is your opinion of Mark Anderson from Alabama. And would he be a good fit for the Browns?
Rob Rang Barley, I like Mark Anderson a lot. I believe he'll best as a DE in the 4-3, though he, like Adeyanju, has shown surprising athleticism.
sRavedawg Where do you see Kai Parham going, could we snag him in the 4th?
Rob Rang Ravedawg, I fully expect to see Parham in the 4th. He would be becoming a solid value at that point.
Guest339 How good is Stanley McClover?
Rob Rang Guest339, McClover is an intriguing guy for the Browns. A player I considered for them in the 2nd-3rd rounds...
betterhands do you think they'll address ILB on Day 1? sounds like you don't think that would be with 1 or 2...
Rob Rang Betterhands, if one of the top two ILBs is available at #43, I do believe the Browns will go ILB. If not, the value just isn't there.
cmhdawg Rob, Carpenter is a guy that would start day one and play every down for the Browns, Wimbley and Lawson, would only play passing downs, how are they better picks for Cleveland than Carpenter? Thoughts.
Rob Rang cmhdawg, I don't know why you believe that Wimbley would only be a third down rush option for the Browns. His position in the 3-4 would be as an outside linebacker, just like Carpenter. He doesn't have Carpenrter's experience, but is exponentially more athletic.
GregHensley Rob a kid that is a bit under the radar with all the backs is Jerious Norwood of Miss St. how well do you see him making the transition to the pros?
Rob Rang GregH, Jerious Norwood is a terrific speed back who in the right system can be very successful. He isn't a very physical runner, however, and goes down to the inital contact too often.
Rob Rang I see Norwood as a possible late 2nd to 3rd round pick.
Guest186 Rob, thanks for the answers to my first two q''s another one.....what do you see in Jeremy Bloom? is he NFL material and what rd do you see him going?
Rob Rang Guest186, I see Bloom getting drafted, but not until mid 2nd day or so.
redright ROB..if you had to pinch hit for Phil what would you be looking for in this draft...Names...positions...
Rob Rang redright, I'd go exactly as I believe the Browns would go. If Ngata is there, he's the pick. Otherwise, Bunkley, then Wimbley.
ATL Rob, where do you have Marques Colston from Hofstra ranked among WR's?
Rob Rang ATL, We have Colton as the 33rd best WR and a 6th round choice. He could certainly be drafted earlier than this due to his size and upside, but he wasn't a standout when I scouted him personally at the Shrine Game.
SOBO Rob, what's your take on Lawson vs. Wimbley. Whom do you have rated higher and why?
Rob Rang SOBO, I see Wimbley as the clearly better prospect, whether for the 3-4 or the 4-3. Lawson is the better athlete and thus, has a higher upside, but Wimbley remains the better football player in my book.
Guest52 **Hi Rob-a couple FREAKS in the draft hail from Miami of Ohio-what are your honest opinions of TERNA NANDE and MARTIN NANCE? Do you think either can make a real impact in the league (Nance was projected in the 1st at one point i believe)-and Nande is quite the workout warrior
Rob Rang Guest52, We have both Nande and Nance as 4th-5th round prospects. Both have to find schemes that fit their unique sizes, but each has legitimate talent. Not immediate impact guys, but NFL caliber.
damngoodman Rob What do you think of LaCasse from Syracuse?
Rob Rang damngoodman, LaCasse is an intriguing guy. He didn't start much for the Cuse and when he did he was able to operate with teams focusing more of their attention on the other side with Wyche, but you can't argue with his speed off the edge. Another intriguing guy for the Browns and othe 3-4 teams late.
Rob Rang AirAl, I see Kudla as a 4th round pick. Interesting athlete with obvious strength, but might be a bit maxed out.
Guest171 who is the best 3rd round nt?
Rob Rang Guest171, best NG likely available in 3rd is Oshinowo. After that, things start getting a little sketchy.
howldawg Rob who long do you think it would take him to get that experience and excel at the position-Whimbley
Rob Rang howldawg, as stated previously, I see Wimbley as an immediate starter. Do I think he'll be an immediate Merriman or Ware clone? Not necessarily, but if turned loose for 16 games at OLB, he'll be among Cleveland's sack leaders.
Guest186 Rob, every year there is at least one guy who is drafted way too early...who do you think it will be this year?? Kudla? Omar Jacobs? Josh Huston?
Rob Rang Guest186, If I could guess who would be drafted way too early, it wouldn't really be a surprise. That said, I'll bite and go with Marcus Vick. He has talent, but in my mind, his on and off-field transgressions should cause him to not be drafted at all. The last pick of the seventh is far too early, in my opinion.
GregHensley Rob with the lack of talent at the wide receiver position Could there be a trade partner lining up to get ahead of the Eagles and Broncos for Chad Jackson?
Rob Rang GregH, there is a bit of a misnomer going on with the ""lack of talent at WR."" There is a definite lack of top talent, but the depth at WR is great. 3rd and 4th round teams can still get a very good talent at WR.
ATL Rob: Where do you think Greg Blue will be selected?
Rob Rang ATL, We see Greg Blue as a likely 3rd to 4th round pick.
ramllov Rob, What is Speegle going to do this year?
Rob Rang Ramllov, Speegle, if he gets a shot, could surprise. That is - if he gets a shot. He'll need to battle off any rookie or late free agent additions at OLB...
Guest52 ####HI Rob----who do you think is really this years Shawne Merriman? He flew up the boards and had immediate you believe that Manny Lawson could be the next to do this? Do you think there is really ANY chance we look at Ernie Sims at the 12 spot? Seems far fetched...
Rob Rang Guest152, I don't believe there is a Shawn Merriman in this draft. His combination of size and explosiveness is just so rare. That said, I like Wimbley as a similar player and feel he could enjoy a similar rise up the board -- which is precisely what I've been projecting for the better part of two months now.
howldawg ROB Donte Whitner seems to suddenly be climbing draft charts why?
Rob Rang howldawg, Whitner has the speed to play either S position and is a heckuva player. Solid first round pick/
Rob Rang Guest52, Back to the OLB question involving Sims... I'd be shocked to see Sims go to the Browns. He is undersized as a 4-3 OLB, so his transfer to the 3-4 OLB, which usually requires bigger men, would be a surprise to me. I like Sims, think he is a terrific OLB prospect, but as a Cover 2 OLB ala Derrick Brooks, not a 3-4 rush linebacker ala Chad Brown...
Guest159 Rob, do you thing we can get anything for Green and/or Suggs?
Rob Rang Damn, lost a lot of good Q's - if you've got one I haven't answered, let's hear them...
Guest159 I like Suggs, but I want a change of pace back to relieve Reueben that can stay healthy for more than 1 game
Rob Rang Guest159, I don't believe could get enough value for either Green or Suggs to make it worth trading them. Both are talented enough as depth guys to keep around.
ATL Rob: Does Jason Hatcher from Grambling have the ability to play 3-4 DE?
Rob Rang ATL, We'll see on Hatcher. Certainly is an athletic guy, but the transition from Grambling to the NFL is a big one. I was hoping he'd make the Shrine game roster.
syddawg Rob, any updates on players that have or will visit the browns? Also how do you rate the job Savage has done so far in building the team?
Rob Rang syddawg, it is still a little early to rate Savage, but I like what I'm seeing so far. I'm a huge proponent of the 3-4, really like Romeo, and thought Frye would turn out to be a steal...
GregHensley Rob who will be that player that is sitting there after day 1 that has GM's up all night trying to work a deal to get him away from houston in the 4th?
Rob Rang GregH, good Q on the first pick of the 4th round... Hmmm. Probably a CB or WR just judging of the depth of the position.
Guest105 ###Hi Rob...i dont want to be THAT GUY...but do you think there is really any potential to see AJ HAWK in a browns uniform via a Trade Up scenario-i know it would cost an arm and a leg....bug do you think he may slide between 5 and 7 (as most linebackers usually drop a little)?
Rob Rang Guest105. No AJ Hawk. No way. Just would cost too much. Cleveland is improving, but they aren't 1 player away from taking the division. Better to improve all around and overtake in another year or so.
Guest153 Would Cofield be a good guy on the second day as a 3-4 DE?
Rob Rang Guest153, Yes, Cofield definitely one to watch.
Guest186 Rob, any first rd trades that you see happening?
Rob Rang Guest186, the Saints hold all the cards early with a potential trade. If they do trade, there could be several more occur as a result.
redright What positions do you believe will be best filled by the Browns in this draft after the front 7 in the first round? Do you have us getting an OL or DE or ILB?. Where is the value for the Browns with their nine picks?( 2 4s and 2 5s)
Rob Rang redright, I believe the Browns needs go in this order: DE, ILB, OLB, NG, OG. While I expect the team to address the front seven on defense in the first round, they have other positions to fill. I believe they'll spend at least one pick on each of these positions.
Guest159 has Favre made any decisions on his and the packers future yet , and why don't the Packers go ahead and sign Collins or one of the
Guest159 available vet backups just in case Favre retires?
Rob Rang Guest159, If Favre retires and I really believe that is the way he is leaning, it will be interesting to see how GB reacts. There is a legitimate chance they'll shock the world and go after a QB with the fifth pick.
CaryBrownsBacker can you expand on that trade scenerio regarding the Saints?
Rob Rang Cary, the Saints won't be looking to move down far. The Jets have a lot of picks, including 2 first rounders. If they want to move ahead of the Titans and steal Leinart, they could easily. That would give the Saints the 4th pick.
sRavedawg That says alot about their opinion of Rodgers if Green Bay goes qb at 5
Rob Rang sRavedawg, remember that the new coach of the Packers is McCarthy, who last year with the 49ers helped choose Alex Smith over Rodgers. He certainly will have an opinion on Rodgers and it clearly wasn't good enough to take him as HIS franchise passer... We'll see. It would be a gutsy, gutsy move to draft another QB.
AirAl Rob, could Tim McGarigle start for us at ILB next to Andra Davis? His production and quickness are unreal but at NW. 4th or 5th?
Rob Rang AirAl, Yeah I see McGarigle as an early to middle 2nd day guy.
Rob Rang Hey everyone, thanks for having me. Back when I was working as an independent and had my own site, you guys were always good to me. Bernies, BTNG, OBR, whatever. Classy, knowledgeable fans. I hope you'll come visit me at THANKS!

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