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Pop the Top on a Commentate-Off Six-Pack

A six-pack of Commentate-Off entries to peruse on this hot Summer day. Today's cold, refreshing jolt of takes from Browns fans includes entries from StrobeDawg, Harry Knepper Jr, BadDAWGSky, Aardvark, Jersey Dawg, and Sir Barksalot. I'm not sure how the two non-canines got in there, but I hope they're packing Alpo. Check 'em out and offer your feedback in the <A HREF="">Commentate-Off 2K2 Forum</A>!

Here are today's entries in the Commentate-Off!

Who's Who in '02 - Jersey Dawg  (Discuss it)

The Year of the Couch - Harry Knepper Jr  (Discuss it)

AFC North Report - Sir Barksalot  (Discuss it)

If You Build It, They Will Come - BadDAWGSky  (Discuss it)

The Wizard of Oz Division - Aardvark  (Discuss it)

Youngsters Will Lead the Way to a Playoff Year - StrobeDawg  (Discuss it)

Thanks again to everyone participating, and everyone helping the Pompous Judging Panel make up their minds!


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