There's some golf and basketball talk at the top, but after that we get into Browns talk for the remainder."> There's some golf and basketball talk at the top, but after that we get into Browns talk for the remainder.">

Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

David Carducci sits in this week for Lane and John and talks Browns football in ClubChat. We even get a brief cameo from Dave Lolley, the Insider from the (gag)Pittsburgh Steelers(/gag) site, <A HREF=""></A>. There's some golf and basketball talk at the top, but after that we get into Browns talk for the remainder.

* OSUJoe Does a little dance
Ericthebrown I guess this is a golf chat.. We have ourselves a foursome.
DavidCarducci No golf. Not after yesterday
Ericthebrown figures as soon as I say that Dave would have to ruin it for me... :)
DavidCarducci sorry
Ericthebrown Bad day on the greens?
artbtz I kick butt in Golden Tee. That's about it.
OSUJoe I'm a tiger on the putt-putt course
DavidCarducci Good and bad. I was 1-under after 7 holes, then doubled 8 and tripled 9 after crushing drives .... out of bounds (seriouosly, I killed them, but both were pulled a bit with OB to the left.
DavidCarducci I did manage to shoot a 76 (best in two years) last week at Tam O'Shanter in Canton
DavidCarducci that made me feel pretty good ... for a while
Ericthebrown I do that all the time.. The crushing drives out of bounds part..
DavidCarducci frustrating.
DavidCarducci I thought both shots would fade, but neither did
DavidCarducci I just played my first game of Golden Tee a few days ago AB
DavidCarducci I'm far better at real golf. Old college buddy at my Hiram reunion took me for a few drinks in our game
artbtz It's like the regular game with fewer mosquitoes
DavidCarducci By the way, surprise ... the Cavs actually added a very nice player tonight.
artbtz They can still trade him.
Ericthebrown Or he'll get injured in the preseason
DPG will they ship Andre Miller or is he a 2 guard?
mrgrinch my solution for golf is to call it bowling... that way the score looks good
DavidCarducci If they do, they would be fools ... wait a second ... hmmm ... Trajan Langdan ... ok, they just might be fools
mrgrinch and visa versa, of course
DPG heard comparisons with Iverson...agree?
artbtz ""Iverson with muscles""... that one?
DavidCarducci I do ... In fact, I think he could be better than Iverson.
Ericthebrown You mean he has to shoot 50 times to score 40 points?
DPG I wanted Caron Butler from what I had read, hadn't seen either ball
Ericthebrown In case you couldn't tell I am not a Me myself and Iverson fan
artbtz Could actually get me interested in the Cavs
Ramllov no
artbtz Butler lasted until the 10th pick
Ramllov NBA five minutes a pick, I like that
artbtz Now all the Cavs have to do is really, really suck so they can get LeBron and we might have something.
DavidCarducci I am not an Iverson fan either ... In fact, for someone who used to love the NBA, who grew up with season tickets at the old Coliseum, the league has really lost me. If not for the fact that I had to cover a few games for my paper last year, I never would have gone to a game in the last two years
DPG ricky davis came on very strong late, very promising.WE need a PF now
Ericthebrown I am the same way Dave.. I was a huge NBA fan about 8 years ago. It has all been downhill since then
DPG Lamond Murray can score when he doesn't pull a Whoudini
DavidCarducci AB, that would be the only plus to trading Miller... three rookies if they deal with the Clippers, a year of struggling, then James next year
DavidCarducci Lamond may just be the most dreadful defensive player I've seen in a long time
artbtz I would take that, Dave. There would at least be a championship hope then.
DavidCarducci Yeah, and several young players growing together.
DPG this year really sucked got burned with league pass this year YAWN
DavidCarducci ouch
Ericthebrown I just can't respect the game when a guy like Kelly Tripuka couldn't average 15 points a night in this league like he used to. :)
DavidCarducci I have a hard time with all of the attitude. I miss the class that came with guys like Erving and Bird
artbtz At least the Cavs can capture the attention of Cleveland with the Tribe sinking fast. Everyone is waiting for football season, I suspect.
DPG I am dying. What do we have now WNBA till camp
DavidCarducci not to mention the flow of the game
artbtz I, myself, am still on an adrenalin rush from the World Bowl. Woo hoo!!!
artbtz Let's hear it... BERLIN THUNDER! THuuuuuunder!
DPG hah ha . I cant watch more than 1 quarter of those high schoolers
artbtz Winners get free UPS employment forms and gratis interviews.
DavidCarducci I spent the day today figuring out all of my travel plans for this season. I have some hectic red-eye flights.
OSUJoe OSU's spring game was more interesting, thank you very much
artbtz Anyone wanna talk Browns football here? David is prepared to relate to you all the exciting Browns news this week.
DavidCarducci I'd have loved to watch OSU's spring game. In fact, I'd have loved to watch the high school all-star game last week with Zwick et al.
Ericthebrown Tell the what they've won Bob! They have won a plane trip back to the USA where no one still knows who they are!
DavidCarducci There was Browns news this week?
Ramllov ?
DPG echo echo
artbtz Yes. Lal Henighan switched to decaf. But that's just a rumor.
artbtz Shhhhh... on the QT.
DavidCarducci I'd better not talk about that. I could get my credentials revoked
DPG even the forums are dead
artbtz I don't think either Davis or Garcia were in Berea this week.
Ramllov They signed K. Johnson long term and the press has not heard it?
Ericthebrown I heard Butch is thinking of switching to briefs over boxers
redright What they traded KJ?
DavidCarducci I know. Believe me, it's going to be fun next month, though. I've been doing so much of the busy work that goes along with the start of the season ... ordering plane tickets, reserving rental cars, buying previews and STATS INC. books for the year, and on and on... I'm ready for football
DPG argh!
Ramllov Dave have your looked at any of the preview magazines?
YBD KJ? You mean finally........
Ramllov If so, which one was good?
DavidCarducci I have ... both college and pro. Have the stack with me at the moment
Ramllov best?
DavidCarducci I really liked Lindy's this year for pro ... Athlon's Big 10 issue for college
Ramllov Thanks
Ericthebrown I have an actual question if I may ask it. If most of the writers seem to think KJ is only a #2 receiver, can we actually expect the Browns to pay him what he is asking?
Ramllov they won't
DavidCarducci Sure thing. Lindy's is the most current. I like the way they rate the positions. Rosters with comments on every player. How Acquired, Entry to the league, etc.
Ramllov I keep those over the years
DPG is Morton a #1? Ethebrown
DPG he wan't in Detroit but is playing it now so they r paying it now
Ericthebrown Heck if I know.. I don't watch Morton. I watch KJ...
DPG Mortons contract is a guide for FA as to what the market is now for WR
redright During this month of the dead, do the coaches do anything with planning to implement a program for the anticipated players? Do they start looking at a possible need position such as full back? a Sam Gash? Surely they don't get time off.
DavidCarducci I think they'll come to an agreement with KJ that will keep him here. I agree with Mike in that he may not be the deep threat in what you would call a ""No. 1"", but he is a No.1 value at wide receiver because of his ability to make plays in the clutch, outstanding hands, and because he is very much on the same page with the starting QB. I don't like to label No. 1, No. 2, etc. I think KJ can become a better deep threat. Davis said last year that KJ has better speed than even KJ thinks he has. That means Davis expects more of him.
Ramllov Dave, Butch Davis talks like 40%% of the starter positions are open, would you agree with that?
Ericthebrown The market differs for different teams tho. Some teems overpay, I get the sense the Browns don't.. Hence the question.
DavidCarducci He said to us that half of the starting positions are open.
Ramllov Do you believe it?
DavidCarducci I don't think they'll overpay. THey may backload the contract, etc.
DPG KJ is 4.3 how fast does he have to be?
DavidCarducci Exactly DPG, and he is athletic. I think he's only going to get better. Just look at the improvement with the little tricks Robiskie taught him this year. I think he's just scratching the surface. Plus, he hasn't been asked to run as many deep routes in his career. Who knows what he can do? With what I know about KJ, I won't doubt him
Ericthebrown Any word on a scrimmage the first weekend of the training camp this year?
DavidCarducci No word on anything like that. We meet with Butch in a couple of weeks, and he might have some info on that. He'll talk to us about the basic format of camp, what to expect.
DPG I think he is Marvin Harrison-like in physique and style. No supportin decoys or ground game to bear that out BEFORE
DavidCarducci Sorry Ramllov, didn't get to your question. I don't know that I believe it, necessarily, but I'm sure Butch wants his players to believe it. If they do, it makes for better competition in camp. I think the guys on this team know they can't afford any letdowns. The competition will be stiff for not just starting positions, but for backup roles as well.
Ramllov I think the contest for the second positions will be more than starters.
cbsbb any word on how our MLB is doing in his rehab?
DavidCarducci No, other than he's expected to be just fine by the start of camp. No reason to think anything other than that.
Ericthebrown Any possible NFLE players to make the roster?
DPG I don't believe the FO injury reports... remember C.Brown last year
DavidCarducci Who knows. If someone shows something, it's possible. But it's going to be difficult, like we've been saying. Even practice squad spots are valuable now with the iprovement of depth and talent
redright What changes has BD made in the coaching staff since last year? We know strength training with Morris, but what other changes? I'm questioning what changes in play, performance,style, can we expect since last year.
Ramllov Can a Mitchell OG and Gonzalez T be practice squad players this year? Won't someone take them?
DavidCarducci No major changes on the staff. I think the Browns have some ideas that we've already talked about, like 2TE, FB, sets, but they'll flesh more of that out in camp.
redright Fb will be?
DavidCarducci Like any team, coaches come in to camp with a big playbook, the trim it down as they see what best fits the team. With so many changes up front on the offensive line, and with new personnel possibly at FB and HB, there may be some minor tinkering. Other than that, the Browns will do a lot of what they did last year, changing packages on defense every week, looking for new wrinkles, but basically the same things
Ramllov Dave do you look at Stokes as a sixth offensive lineman instead of a starter?
DavidCarducci FB could be JJ Johnson, if he has anything left in the tank. Shea could also be used more as a lead blocker. He's bigger and stronger.
DavidCarducci Ideally, Ramllov, I'd like to see Stokes as a sixth offensive lineman and have Zukauskus or Bedell really come on strong in camp to win a starting job. I think Stokes can be valuable in a Justin Strelczyk type role. I loved what Strelczyk brought to the Steelers. He was a leader, even though he was a ""utility"" lineman. He could step in at any time. He was tough.
Ramllov Art did you get 50 + entries for the commentaries?
artbtz We're at about 40 now... I've run about half of them.
artbtz Less than half, actually.
Ramllov I like them, I wanted to thank you for the additional news since it has been slow.
Ramllov the Browns news is in a slow period
artbtz It's hard for people to do commentaries now, since there's not much to tee off on.
Ramllov The commentaries are better reading than no information
artbtz Exactly
redright The Patriots picked up Tylski formerly of the Steelers. BD supposedly wanted him and lost him to a resign/claim of the Steelers. What is your take on that? is our line good? did we wantto cause problems for Pitt? Did we get caught in a change?
DavidCarducci It's very possible to sneak Mitchell and Gonzalez onto the practice squad, Ram. Both are projects, rather than immediate contributors. I think it could happen.
Ericthebrown Even with the initial post draft interest in Mitchell?
Ramllov That would be great, I wonder if either could be a summer camp surprise?
newdawg I think Mitchell would be difficult to sneak to the practice squad. there was a lot of competition signing him
DavidCarducci It's possible. If he continues to raise interest with his play in camp and in preseason, then he may be tough to slip onto the practice squad. If he shows that he really is a project and not ready to contribute, it may be tough for another team to give him a spot on the 53-man.
newdawg Gonzalez should be no problem.
Ramllov Do the Browns have a sleeper in the DT position?
Ramllov It appears a run stopper at DT is the only missing ingredient on the defensive line?
DavidCarducci I know there was some interest in Tylski, but I'm not completely sure of the level of the interest. I know that Butch seems to be very pleased with the makeup of the offensive line right now. I think Davis is more concerned with adding players who will make this team better right now, rather than hurting other teams in the division, so I don't know that had much to do with it.
DavidCarducci They were high on Spriggs last year before he got hurt. I think Roye will be much better this year now that he's being given a chance to play ONLY at RT
Ericthebrown Why not play Warren and Brown side by side?
Ramllov Is Spriggs going to be a RT backup and Mark Smith a LT backup or will these guys rotate?
DPG dont forget d gregory from dolphins
redright If we have 9 defensive linemen, who are they?
redright I know its early but where are the locks and where are the battles?
DavidCarducci I've always assumed that it would be more of a rotation, with different DT's lining up together on different downs. But when I talked to Roye, he told me he was getting a chance to play RT and really focus on that spot. He said he's very comfortable there. I'm not sure of the Warren at LT idea. It may be that his ability to penetrate from the left side could make Lang a better player.
DavidCarducci Locks ... KJ and Morgan at WR. Couch at QB. Verba at LT. Tucker at RT. Johnson at RG. if healthy, Dudley at TE.
DavidCarducci on defense, the locks would be ... Lang, Warren and Brown on the DL, Miller and Rudd at OLB, and Griffith at S. More than likely Fuller is a lock at one CB, but who knows.
redright What?? Wally's not a lock?
Ericthebrown Holmes?
redright Wholly sp
DPG I believe Aaron Shea is a legit weapon who is woefully under used under Ariens.Palmer (I am NOT a fan) had that rookie running wild down the hashes
DavidCarducci battles I'm looking forward to watching ... LG (Stokes, Zukauskus, Bedell and O'Hara). CB (McCutcheon, Sanders, Henry). RB (Jackson and Green, although I'm sure Green will be given every chance to win that)
DavidCarducci My fault. Wohlabaugh appears to be a lock, changing my thinking from just a month ago.
Ramllov Dave, what are the chances that Tre Johnson will not get hurt this year?
DavidCarducci Holmes is not a lock. He's supposedly going to be healthy, but like someone said earlier, who really knows. There is the chance that Andra Davis beats him out
Ramllov That would be great
newdawg That would be a HUGH upset.
Ericthebrown Wow.. Thats really the first I have heard of Davis maybe beating out Holmes..
DavidCarducci I AGREE DPG. I think Shea should be given a chance to show what he can do. I know he has won the respect of Davis
Ericthebrown That would also be one really overpaid backup MLB
DPG I believe Aaron Shea is a legit weapon who is woefully under used under Ariens.Palmer (I am NOT a fan) had that rookie running wild down the hashes
DavidCarducci It would be a huge upset newdawg, but who knows. It is possible. More than likely (and I mean probably 90-to-95 percent) it will be Holmes. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Davis starting by week 16
redright I like Shea and think he could be a complete H-back;TE;FB
Ramllov I read that Andra Davis was a potential first or second if he did not have a history of injury.
newdawg what is a big upset to me is that davis did not find another lber who can run.
DavidCarducci Ram, I hope Tre makes it. I really like him. He's a fun guy to be around. He's a real weapon in cutting down defensive timber and making the running game work. The track record makes it seem unlikely. The best indicator of the future is often the past. I wouldn't bet on his making it all 16, but I'm hoping
newdawg not if he kept up running those 5.0 forties, Ram.
DavidCarducci Supposedly Bentley can run. I watched some N'western games, and he didn't stand out to me. Of course I was watching other lb's on the cats.
Ramllov Dave what is the game speed of the three rookie LBs, about 4.65 or 4.7?
DavidCarducci Supposedly Davis is much faster than 5.0 in reality
newdawg i remember bentley ran a 4.67 and 4.64 at the combine. but he's not ready for full time yet.
DavidCarducci I'm not really sure. I've heard Davis is faster than people think. I've heard Bentley has above average speed, and Taylor has instincts that make his speed seem better than timed
newdawg how fasr Dave?
newdawg i remember their speeds from the combine (Davis at the pro day). Taylor was 4.7+
DavidCarducci You always hear so many different times. It's hard to know what to believe. You never know about the surface. Other circumstances that may have hurt the times. Injuries, etc.
newdawg Davis was one slightly lower than 5.0, the other slightly hinger than 5.0.
DavidCarducci Speed is important, but 40-times may not always reflect their speed within the game
redright Where do these three lb's leave Smith and Boyer?
newdawg sometimes, but lack of speed really shows up in pass coverage.
DirkMatt I read Butch can run a 9.5. Is this true?
DavidCarducci Good question redright. They will be battling for jobs, just like everyone else.
Ramllov Dave did you see any of the Browns players in the Europe league were any thing special?
newdawg I can't see us doing without Boyer. he has experience and he can play coverage.
DavidCarducci I only saw a few games, and was not impressed. Fair is not going to make this team. All are long shots
redright At his new weight and size, can Smith double at safety?
artbtz LOL@DirkMatt
newdawg No chance for the Dt who made a splash last year?
DavidCarducci Probably right. Maybe they keep an extra linebacker over a fullback or wide receiver, with Shea filling a dual extra TE/FB/HB role. It all comes down to which guys can play special teams.
DavidCarducci Spriggs?
DavidCarducci If you mean Spriggs, he has a good chance
DavidCarducci or at least a chance
newdawg no, we cut him. don't remember his name. he is in NFLE now.
DavidCarducci sorry redright, missed the above question. No. Smith is solely a LB now
redright I guess Smith has to find his hitting game no matter what. thanks Dave!
newdawg Caldwell.
DavidCarducci Exactly redright. I don't remember Smith bringing much to special teams last year. He has to show he can play special teams. He must improve on special teams because he does not have a chance at a starting job. That means he is a good choice for the odd man out.
Ericthebrown Did they have the supplemental draft yet? And are there any prospects in it?
DavidCarducci Caldwell would be a long shot
DavidCarducci Eric, I haven't looked into it, to be honest.
Ericthebrown What about the TE that the Browns signed I can't remember when that was from St. Louis I believe and only played high school ball or something? Do they still have him?
DavidCarducci Alvin Morrow. They do have him, but he's a real long shot
newdawg as long as Derrick Gibson? :-)
Ericthebrown practice squad material?
Ramllov does the team break out 53 players, 5 practice team, three not playing on game day and 45 suit up?
DavidCarducci Morrow could be practice squad material. He just has so much to learn. They keep him on the practice squad, he may never really develop.
Ramllov dave are your staying for another 15 minutes?
DavidCarducci 53-man roster, plus five practice squad. Then you Friday and Sunday inactives
Ramllov plus five?
Ramllov ok
Ramllov 45 suit up?
DavidCarducci I'll be here for around 10 more minutes. My editor is on vacation, and since I learned how to do layout in grad school, I was asked to lay out the sports page tomorrow
DavidCarducci 45 active on game dayl.
Ramllov So 53 players plus the 5 practice guys?
newdawg do we have a qb who can challege Booty for the #3 spot?
DavidCarducci No. The Browns actually seem to like Booty
Ramllov ok,
redright With Gonzo and Mitchell headed for the practice squad, and many players in a battle for a spot, who can make it to the practice squad? Probably not Morrow.
Ericthebrown Is White actually challenging Jackson for the #2 back? Or is it all just hype?
DavidCarducci Morrow still could be a practice squad guy. Some of the players who lose out in position battles may not be practice-squad eligible
newdawg you have to throw dean into the mix.
newdawg and that de from louisville.
DavidCarducci White may be challenging for the official No. 2 spot on the depth chart, but when it's all sorted out, he'll most likely end up as the third-down back. If Green ends up carrying all of the load on first and second down, then only two backs (green and White) might end up playing on some game days.
redright Gonzo,Mitchell,Dean,Morrow, etc seems we have some talent this year.
DavidCarducci Josiah
newdawg yes.
DLolley Hi guys. How's it going? Any room for a Steelers writer in here?
DavidCarducci sure
newdawg seems like 5 spots on the practice squad isn't enough.
Aqib Steelers. Yuck
DLolley Yeh, yeh, yeh
newdawg Steelers. We're coming for you.
DavidCarducci Steve Logan was just drafted.
DavidCarducci nice
Ericthebrown What are the Steelers impressions of their AFCN opp's this year?
Ramllov Dave thanks for the chat
DLolley The Browns improved themselves in the offseason. But will it be enough. They'll contend for a playoff spot. Cincinnati should be improved also if they get anything from the QB position. The Modells, however, are going to be terrible.
DavidCarducci Sure thing Ram. Guys, I must run. Early morning tomorrow.
Ramllov Hey Greg
Ericthebrown Thanks Dave. Later
DavidCarducci Take care
DPG c-ya
redright Modells are always terrible--never liked modell Never will!
Greg hello gang... looks like I missed the chat tonight... I have to pay better attention to the clock.. :-)
Ramllov Art said he will publish the chat
Ericthebrown Thats a shame Greg. Kj was traded for a conditional 5th rounder to Carolina
Greg My prediction- Kordell returns to being Kordell and the Browns take the AFCN
DPG admit it u watched nba draft greg:-)
Greg feh... Is there an NBA still?
Ramllov I think the majority of us were watching the draft
DPG Wnba ugh
DLolley Kordell has actually been pretty good for the past two seasons, not just last year. His 2001 numbers were pretty good too. I think you're dreaming a little Greg.
Greg I'd rather have a drink and a cigar with David Modell than watch anything associated with the NBA
Ericthebrown Who do you write for Dlolley?
Ramllov What do you think about the Browns, good starters and depth Greg?
DLolley I work for the Observer-Reporter in Washington (Pa.) and will be contributing to SteelersInsiders.
Greg Good starters... decent depth... it's tough for any team to have real depth with the cap... that's why teams that win the Super Bowl are typically the healthiest teams in the league
Ericthebrown Is the air running our of the Buses tires?
redright What have the Steelers done to fix the quit in the team ? as in laid down for the patsies
DLolley I don't think so Eric. He was having his best season until the injury last year. I disagreed with the reports of him looking overweight. He's 5-11, 250 pounds when he's supposed to be in playing shape. He's always overweight.
Ericthebrown Does he actually look like he is recovering from the injuries though?
Greg Bus will get his 1000 yards.. just that everyone will have film on the Squeelers' offense versus the Pats defense and will shut Kordelia down...
Ramllov It was interesting, some preview magazines said that the Bus would run out of gas late in the season 2001 and he did. I wonder if it will happen again this year?
redright Are you saying the Steelers were outsmarted or outhit? or both?
DLolley I watched him at mini-camp and he looked fine. By the time they strap it on for real against New England, he'll be ready. The question, I guess, is can he stay healthy?
Greg both... give Belichick his due- If I had to pick a DC for one game, of the last 25 years, I'd take Belichick
redright here in massachusetts, he is regarded as the reason Parcell won.
DLolley I don't know that you could say the Pats shut Stewart down. He had 300 yards of total offense. Nobody else did anything. The two interceptions late hurt, but had the special teams given up one TD instead of 2, the Steelers would have won that game. Belichick - as much as it pains me to say it - did a good job.
Greg that's 'cuz people in NE hate Parcells.. :-)... but he was a big part of it
Ericthebrown Well, I am out for the night. Good bye everybody. Including the Steeler guy... :)

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