Sunday Droppings

Droppings of news that hasn't fallen from the Browns plate as training camp nears.

Another day passes by and the clock is ticking towards training camp. The position battles are going to be tremendous, but there are some unresolved issues that may have an effect on the team.

The Contract Update on Kevin Johnson: Talks have been ongoing, without a serious breakthrough. The Browns want to sign Johnson to a long-term contract and Johnson has indicated that he wished to remain in Cleveland. The Browns are rumored to be offering a deal which isn't too far off the 7-year 28-million dollar extension recently signed by Marty Booker and the Chicago Bears in total dollars, but is seriously backloaded.

On the Hitman: A source close to the team has indicated to this column that Earl Holmes, the middle linebacker signed by the Browns in free agency is coming along very well with his recent knee surgery. Our source indicated that there was some initial concern that Holmes would not be ready for the start of training camp, but the team is now comfortable that Holmes will participate and be about 100% for the start of veteran training camp that begins on July 26th.

Jamir Miller Watch 2002: Nothing new to report here, Jamir has stated that he will be at training camp. Now being there on time could be an issue.

Run that Football Son: All eyes and ears have been on rookie running back William Green since mid-April when the Browns made him their first-round draft selection. Concerns about Green's battle with colitis had made speculation run wild in the days after the selection. Missing time on the practice field with a calf and groin strain raised questions about his dedication. The Browns are extremely pleased with the professionalism displayed by Green throughout his early days in Cleveland and his commitment to stay in Cleveland to workout and study.

The battle that appears to be taking shape is behind Green. James Jackson and Jamel White are vieing for the the starting running back job, which Green will be provided every opportunity to secure. Which basically will leave Jackson and White fighting it out for the backup spot.

A team source tells this column that it is becoming apparent that the Browns like Jackson as the guy that will spell Green throughout the game and that White is being counted on to split time with Jackson and be the third down back. 

The same source also indivated that if Green slips, White could easily be the starter in the backfield, or at the very least get a serious chance to compete.

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