Play the OBR Mock Draft Game! will be giving away two free tickets to the Browns-Ravens game on September 24th to the winner of this year's mock draft contest. No purchase needed - just make sure you're logged in to the site and head to the forums to play. Most accurate mock draft wins the tickets! will be giving away two front-row (Section 130) tickets to the Browns-Ravens game on September 24th to the winner of our annual mock draft contest! The tix were donated by a long-time friend of the site who wishes not to be identified, so we'll just say "THANK YOU" to him through this article for making such a great prize available.

No purchase is needed to participate, you can join in whether you're a subscriber or not. You do need to be registered on the site to participate, however. If you're not registered, go here. Once you're registered and logged in, simply go to the OBR Forums and look for the bright orange box under the menus that says  PLAY THE OBR DRAFT PICK EM CONTEST! Click the "Pick 'Em" button and you're off and running. You have until midnight Friday to make your picks.

Only one entry per registered user. If you put in multiple entries, we'll simply pick the last one to use in judging the entries. The results - and long-time readers will shake their heads in disbelief -will be available the week after the draft. Not "might be". "Will".

We will also compare your results against those of the "experts" scattered around the web to see how you do. Last year, over two dozen Browns fans beat every single "expert" mock on the web. Ties will be broken by first selecting any mock that correctly picks the Browns' selection, and then by evaluating accuracy in the first ten picks. If that still doesn't break the tie, we'll take the earliest entry.

- Barry


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