Jackson Doesn't Back Down from Comparison

D'Qwell Jackson has been compared to Ray Lewis, and doesn't flinch when it happens. Fred Greetham was in Berea when the Maryland linebacker talked to the press, and brings us the story...

Berea – When Phil Savage used Ray Lewis in the comparison with D'Qwell Jackson, it couldn't help but raise the expectations of Jackson.

"I feel confident in my abilities," Jackson said. "I'm prepared when I step on the field.

"I know Ray Lewis and I have similar builds," Jackson said. "When we spoke, Phil said he was one of the guys that brought Ray in and that made me feel good that he thought that highly of me."

Savage was a big part of the Ravens when they drafted Lewis.

"D'Qwell is 6-05 if you like him—and we like him," Savage said. "He's 6-0 or 5-11 if you don't, but he's a football player."

Jackson is described by Savage as a hard-nosed football player and Jackson agrees with the assessment.

"I pride myself on being physical," he said. "I know the style of play they want is of being tough and aggressive.

"People can say what they want to but the Cleveland Browns selected me and I'm going to come in and play physical for them."

Jackson relishes the opportunity to play along side of Willie McGinest.

"He won a couple of championships and to be next to him and for him to help me develop into a good football player will be exciting.

Jackson said he didn't know what to expect in the draft.

"All I knew I was projected to go from 25 to 45," he said. "When I got the call from the Browns I was excited and ready to go."

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