Change-of-Pace Bargain in the Fifth?

Subscribers to the OBR will need no introduction to Washington State RB Jerome Harrison, who was one of the "visitors" we featured prior to the draft. A small, shifty back with good hands, Harrison could be the third-down back the Browns need, as well as a potentially explosive kick returner. Here's more...

With their first pick in the fifth round, the Browns shrugged off the run on defensive players prior to the pick and grabbed a potential fifth-round bargain in Washington State running back Jerome Harrison.

Harrison came out of Junior College to become a dominant runner in the Pac-10, and is likely to sneak up on the NFL in much the same way. He was hard to ignore by the end of his senior year - Harrison rambled for 1,900 yards in 2005, and finished in the top ten in Heisman voting. He came a long way from Pasadena Community College where Harrison spent his first two college years.

The Washington State running back would be a change-of-pace for Reuben Droughns. Nicknamed "the ghost", he's a slashy type of runner who follows his blocks and can suddenly shoot into the second level of the defense. He would also fill the bill as a third-down back, since he is adept at catching the ball.

We've made our "visitor" preview of Harrison free for all fans so you can find video, audio and links to information on the exciting back from the great northwest.

LINK: The Visitor: Number 12

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