Williams Will Compete on the Inside

The Browns' selection of Leon Williams may cause some Browns fans to scratch their heads. To super-scout Phil Savage, however, the choice makes a tremendous amount of sense. Fred Greetham provides the first independent report from Berea...

BEREA - Sometimes scouts earn their keep by finding the diamonds in the rough.

Leon Williams could be that type of guy. According to Phil Savage, Williams was a player at Miami who was overshadowed by some of the other players at the position, including Rocky McIntosh.

Williams started just six games in his career at Miami, including just one in 2005.

"He was a very good prospect and when you watched him play, you wonder why he didn't play more," Savage said.

"Sometimes, it's just the opportunity," Savage said. "Leon Williams is a strong candidate for the inside linebacker position. He's a guy who kind of fell through the cracks. When we worked him out, he seemed like a natural fit for us."

Williams agreed.

"I don't think I played as much as I expected to play," he said. "There were a lot of expectations for me competing at this point. I know I'm in the best situation that I can be in."

Williams feels fortunate the Browns drafted him.

"I got the best outcome that I could have received in the situation that I'm in."

Savage saw the ability in Williams and it was solidified with his play in the post-season.

"Leon was highly recruited out of high school," Savage said. "He played in a rotation at Miami. He was a guy they talked about, but didn't sell him. When he played he played well. He got invited to the Las Vegas all-star game and stood out."

Savage is happy with what the Browns have been able to add to the mix in the draft with Kamerion Wimbley, D'Qwell Jackson and Williams.

"I think we've certainly increased our odds of people who can help us at the linebacker position," Savage said. "We've certainly addressed our situation at linebacker."

When we looked at the inside linebacker, he looked like a guy who can fit the bill.

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