Vickers Doesn't Mind Being the "Grunt"

The Browns have gone from a team without a fullback several years ago, to a squad with two veterans and one highly-touted rookie. Fred Greetham talked to the youngster during the team's May mini-camp and offers this report...

Berea - To be a fullback in the NFL today a player has to be willing to do a lot of work that goes unnoticed.

That's the mentality of sixth-round draft choice Lawrence Vickers from Colorado.

"Fullback is a position not everyone wants to play," Vickers said. "Some describe the fullback as being a nasty position.

"A lot of players aren't comfortable doing the grunt work," he said. "But I am."

Vickers said he cannot only block, but can be an asset catching the balls out of the backfield. He caught 70 passes for 572 yards at Colorado, including three touchdowns.

"One of the things I do well is to catch the ball," he said. "I've spent a lot of time practicing catching a golf balls or tennis balls in drills. It was something my dad did with me when I was young and the coaches in high school and college used it to."

Vickers knows there will be competition with Terrelle Smith and Corey McIntyre already on the roster.

"I don't know that much about (Smith) but I want to come in and learn all I can from him," Vickers said. "He's played in the league awhile, so I know I can learn from him."

Vickers was only the 10th player in Colorado history to gain over 500 yards rushing and receiving during his career. In addition, to his receiving yardage, Vickers gained 635 yards rushing, including 12 touchdowns.

The Browns feel they were able to get a good bargain with Vickers in the sixth-round as several pre-draft publications listed Vickers as the top rated fullback in the draft.

"I was looking to go higher but I believe everything happens for a reason," Vickers said. "It doesn't matter now, I'm a Cleveland Brown."



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