Through the Coach's Eyes: Kamerion Wimbley

As part of the research for an upcoming issue of the Orange and Brown Report magazine,'s Brandon Mellor sat down with Florida State defensive line coach Jody Allen to get his perspective on Kamerion Wimbley. Get a unique view of the Cleveland Browns top draft pick through the eyes of the man who has mentored him through his college career. Another exclusive...


The No. 13 may bring to mind feelings of bad luck, but former Florida State defensive end Kamerion Wimbley and the Cleveland Browns sure don't think so.

With the 13th selection in last month's NFL Draft, the Browns selected Wimbley, a standout pass rusher in his days in Tallahassee in hopes of turning him into a dominating outside linebacker at the next level. Already taking part in Cleveland's mini-camp, Wimbley is seeing his lifelong goal of playing professional football come true.

As part of our research for a future issue of the Orange and Brown Report magazine,'s Jody Allen recently spoke with arguably the coach that knows Wimbley best — FSU defensive ends coach Jody Allen.

Read on to find out what Allen has to say about Wimbley's work habits, his faith and the transition from veteran defensive end to rookie linebacker in this exclusive interview.

On Wimbley's high school career as a 208-pound athlete:

"Kamerion was an outstanding athlete in high school. Here's a guy that you could put anywhere on the field and he would make a difference in the game. He was just an all-around great athlete that we were happy to bring to FSU. We truly felt like he could grow into a dominant defensive end for us."

On his work ethic:

"Obviously he didn't get as good as he is and as strong as he is without having a great work ethic. The good Lord blessed him with an amazing ability and a lot of potential but he had to work to hone it and develop it and he did that. He got stronger and bigger but at the same time maintained his quickness and speed."

On leaving FSU at 245-pounds of muscle:

"It really says a lot for him that he came into our strength and conditioning program with an open mind and a willingness to get better when he first got to FSU. And the thing about Kamerion is that he never lost that hunger. It's a hunger that he now takes with him to Cleveland."

On his studies while at FSU:

"He's a very intelligent young man on and off the field. The strides that he made in the weight room and on the field during his time here came as no surprise to me because he works so hard at everything he does. As serious as he took the game of football while he was here, he took his studies as equally as serious – if not more."

On his faith:

"Kamerion is a faithful man. He is a devout Christian and lives a very straight life. In combination with that he's a very hard working man. He goes out there and does everything that he is supposed to do. When you combine those two things and the fact that he is one of the most humble people you will ever meet, its no surprise that he has been so successful and will continue to be successful."

On Wimbley being a home-body:

"Kamerion is not a guy that you will see out partying on weekends. He had a serious girlfriend while he was here at that is the girl that he is marrying this summer. Just as he is devoted to school and football, he is devoted to her also."

On the switch from defensive end to outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme:

"It's exactly what he needs to be doing right now because of his quickness and lean build. But at the same time, the intensity at which he works and the dedication at which he works makes me believe that Kamerion will continue to get bigger. He is so conscientious about his grades that he would study until late in the night. Now that he has the opportunity to get a longer night's rest he should get much bigger and stronger. I could easily see him getting up to over 270 pounds. He certainly is smart enough and athletic enough to do whatever the Browns may ask of him. And he will do it with 110 percent effort."

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