One for the Thumb

Tonydog takes a look a historical injustice in his predictions for 2002. Yet another Commentate-Off 2K2 entry!

One for the Thumb


The Bungles will continue to be the Bungles, winning 4 games.


The Ratbirds will bring joy to us all this year, fighting for last place. Browns fans will relish each loss, and when the Browns wipe the floor with the ravens twice, many Browns fans will find god again, realizing the head-dog did have a master plan in keeping Art alive, despite our prayers. Baltimore, with its roster decimated because of salary cap necessitated losses, will win 5 games.


The Pittspuke Steelers will be the Pittspuke Steelers. Bill Cowher will, unfortunately have a good defense again, proving that if you are schooled in defense as a Browns back-up linebacker, inhaling the fumes in Pittsburgh can't erase all that defensive knowledge from you brain after all. 


The Browns will win Superbowl 70, their  tenth superbowl, and fifth Superbowl victory. Browns fans will have petitioned (and petitioned, and petitioned) the league office at my urging to rename the Superbowl numerical order.  Superbowl 1 in 1965 will be changed to something like Superbowl 33, and this year's Superbowl will be Superbowl 70 or so. This is what should be, so that the Browns Championships in 1950, 54, 55, and 64 are again looked upon in the same light as today's Superbowls are (our four AAFC championships in the 40's unfortunately still wont count, because that was before the Browns joined the NFL). This only makes sense, I mean in twenty years, if Major League Baseball merges with the Japan League, do you think they will rename the World Series the "Universal Series" or something, so that we could say the New York Yankees have never won a universal series! Sure they won plenty of championships in the 20's and 30's, and in the late 90's but that was before it was called the Universal Series.  You don't think that could happen? Well that is exactly what the NFL did to the Browns in 1965 by calling Superbowl 1 Superbowl 1. Get on it Browns fans, don't let the NFL belittle our history any longer. We don't want anyone going around saying this year's Superbowl victory is the Browns first, when we all know in actuality its one for the thumb!

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