Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Yeah, I edited this one, so some of the smak tossed around and Najeh Davenport takes are missing. If you want to read that stuff, I guess you gotta be there. Here's a lightly edited "free-range chat" transcipt, with Lane fielding the questions Wednesday night.

Lane Hey everybody!
ArtBtz Laaaaaaaaaaane
ArtBtz Hi 21!
OSUJoe Geta Lane!
OSUJoe err
OSUJoe Heya
ArtBtz If you type ""/nick (whatever)"" in the space for typing you can change your name to something other than Guest.
OSUJoe missed the keys there
Lane Lets roll, I have a story I am working on
ArtBtz Alrighty, then. Since we've got a small group, I'm not going to bring down the hammer, and we can have a ""free range chat""
ArtBtz If you have a question for Lane, fire away.
notkabeee Ok Lane let it fly
Guest21 Okay Lane what's the story - how about a preview
Lane I am a large target, this should be an easy hit :-)
Dboots What are the status of Green and K. Johnson's contracts?
Lane Both players are in talks with the Browns. The last I heard is that the belief within the organization is that getting Green signed will be easier than that of KJ.
Lane Getting Green in camp on time is a priority for the Browns.
BUTCH does that look like a problem?
OSUJoe Does Green's deal getting done dictate what happens with the other rookie contacts? Or will they get done regardless?
Lane It doesn't appear as of about a week ago to be a problem. The Browns and Condon have a good relationship.
toledodawg Saw that the schedule for training camp has been released, we likely to see an intrasquad scrimmage the first weekend?
Lane Other Browns rookies? They will get done regardless of Green's status.
pegasus What's up with Sam Adams visiting the Bungals?....Would love to see him here.. is he getting that desperate?
Lane Quite possible.
Guest21 How is Rickey Dudley's foot ?
Lane Adams' value is dropping like a bad habit.
BUTCH Lane...Which non drafted rookies you see making the team?
Lane I heard within the past week that Dudley is 90%% or better and is expected to be in pretty good shape by the first week or so of training camp.
pegasus Lane, any remote chance Adams or Scott would end up here?
Lane If any, I would say Mitchell and Dean on the practice squad
Gary Lane, why did Carmen jump out so quick and lay the hammer down on Miller. On the surface, it seems as if he used the hammer too quickly leaving no margin to work. He seemed to set up a confrontation or complete capitulation by Miller. Since the Browns have him for another year, what did that serve?
Lane I haven't heard of any interest in either Adams or Scott on the Browns part.
Dboots Is there any interest in any free agents?
toledodawg Lane, are there any players left in town right now working or are they all taking their vacations?
Guest21 Are the coaches happy with the options at H-Back/fullback or we will see a possible pick up there ? Related subject - Does Alvin Morrow have a chance at making the team.
Lane I don't believe that it served any true purpose other than to send a message to the player that the team isn't going to be held hostage to such a contract demand. The feeling is that the Browns have been more than fair with Miller.
Gary Regardless of how they feel, the Browns drew a lin in the press and now cannot backdown and keep any leverage on the other players. That seems foolish and unnecessary. It could have been done back channel
Lane There are numerous players in Berea, but I haven't been there as this is my time to get some vacation time in prior to the start of camp and the season. Basically, what info I have is been via the phone lines this month.
Lane I could see a fullback acquisition at some point before or early in camp. We'll know soon enough when the pads go on.
Lane It could have been Gary and I agree with your thoughts. Personally, I don't believe that Miller will be here after the 2002 season.
Gary I thought maybe you knew about some unreported altercation between the Browns and Miller's agent that prompted Carmen to go public.
toledodawg Does JJ Johnson have a chance to be the man at FB?
Lane Back to the fullback scenario......Johnson and Shea have been adequate in practices, the contact drills will be a true indicator if they can handle the physical part of the position.
pegasus If they do part with Jamir, do you know what FAs at OLB might be available next year, or would one of this year's picks be the answer?
Lane Quite often there is a specific reason for what Policy says in the press. There isn't a doubt in my mind that there is some friction between the Browns and Miller's camp in which elevated the stance of the team, openly.
Lane I believe Johnson has a chance and will be given an opportunity.
Guest26 Who is Jamir Miller's agent?
pegasus If they believe this is a potential playoff year, why not go with Gash, he'd be cheap, and provide some vet leadership in the huddle.
Lane I haven't looked past this season on the FA's, but one has to look at the drafting of 3 LB's as more than just moves of backup depth at the position and that of special teams depth following year one of there existance.
Lane Davis Dunn represents Miller
Dboots What do you think is Northcutts value to anyone in a trade?
OSUJoe How has Sanders been progressing?
Lane Also, he does not return calls!
Lane Gash and Bennett have been names thrown around at FB
Guest26 What's Dunn's reputation? Does he reperesent other Browns?
Lane Slim and none on Northcutt
Lane Sanders as in Lewis or Chris?
Gary Gracie
Lane Both Sanders are physically 100%% going into training camp
Lane Those in the business claim that Dunn s good at his profession, looks for the last dollar, but will deal.
OSUJoe Darnell
OSUJoe heh.. lotsa Sanderses
Guest26 Seems Miller should be tickled pink with what he's getting. There did not appear to be a great demand for his services at draft time.
Lane Darnell missed a lot of time due to classes at OSU, they (the Browns) like the physical attributes he brings to the position.
BamaBrownsBacker Any position other than FB where we might look to add a free agent?
Lane All I can see is at FB and maybe another Dl'man
Dboots Is O'hara going to push Stokes at LG this year? What are his chances of starting?
pegasus Yeah, we got two Davis's, two Sanders and if they would have drafted the Closet ""Pooper"" we'd have a Couch and a Davenport.
Lane The Browns are actually quite satisfied where they are right now.
BamaBrownsBacker A Back-up DL or might there be a surprise?
Lane I believe that Stokes is the man at LG, but O'Hara will get many looks.
Lane A backup DL'man, I don't see any surprises on the horizon.
BamaBrownsBacker Thanks Lane
Lane You're welcome
Gary Stokes can play tackle, too?
Dboots Do you see a Wholabaugh on the Browns OL in 2003?
Lane Yes, a member of the coaching staff has said that they would be comfortable with Stokes at LT, if that need arose
Gary The I think OHara will be given one hell of a look at LG.
Lane I believe it will depend on Wohlabaugh's 2002 season and if he is willing to redo his deal.
BamaBrownsBacker Has there ever been any more talk about Ray Brown (the OG)....I haven't heard his name mentioned in awhile
Gary The Browns could then use Stokes to add depth at multiple positions.
Lane O'Hara will get a long look at LG as well Zuk ar RG.
Lane I haven't heard Ray Brown's name mentioned in weeks.
Lane Davis has said that he will put the best 5 offensive linemen on the field, the versatility and depth on the roster makes that move possible now.
BamaBrownsBacker Lane...Just your opinion.....but given the signings on the OL....does this group really have a change to be solid (if unspectacular) this year?
pegasus I think I saw that Ray Brown re-signed with the 49ers.
Dboots Which RB do you see as the Backup to Wm. Green? White or Jackson?
Lane I believe the offensive line is headed in the right direction, the belief coming from Berea is that the line can be solid in 2002 and one of the upper 1/3 in the league in 2003
Lane Don't discount Jamel White, he is in the mix. They envision him as the third down RB but he will press Green.
Gary Lane, if you ever get a chance to talk to...oh...Garcia, Davis, Carmen or Lerner, would you please suggest that they consider Cutt for third downs from the backfield? Please?
Gary I'd like to know if they ever considered it and whether they would.
Lane Oh, there may be a name in that mix that I can ask that question of :-)
Lane Sure, I can do that, Gary.
Gary Yo da man!
Dboots Would the Browns send Miller packing for the right price? What price do you think it'd be?
ArtBtz What do you mean in the backfield, Gary? His time at QB wasn't enough for you???
Lane I don't know or wouldn't venture a guess on the right price, but they would be willing to send him packing.
Gary Okay. Why?
Gary What gives them that confidence?
Lane Not as much confidence, but the possible distraction could push them into that territory. Davis will not let a prolonged distraction fester.
Gary So it has nothing to do with not wanting to divert from their desired defensive scheme to feature him?
ericthebrown I don't know if this has been asked yet or not, but any full squad scrimmage scheduled yet?
Gary On Cutt.
toledodawg I asked, but not sure if there was an answer or not
toledodawg about the scrimmage that is
Lane The season Miller had in 2001 was due to the Browns actually being limited with their options due to injury etc.....I don't believe that the long term plan is to feature him or his position.
Gary If you watch him when he's been in the backfield he always seems to make positive yards. He would be only valuable in limited circumstances, but he could be an option if only as a backup.
Gary Thanks Lane
Lane Welcome
Lane I have a schedule here, but haven't broken it down to see what the complete training camp plans or schedule is yet.
YBD On the scrimmage.... I HEARD one was scheduled for Monday afternoon, although it hasn't been verified.
ericthebrown The first monday?
Gary I heard the same thing, probably from the same person. :)
Lane I can say that would NOT be a surprise :-)
Lane They may not make camp open to the public until the 27th
YBD So, we drink, then..... Big disappointment! :-)
Gary Speak to them about that. Okay Lane? I have complete confidence that you can persuade them to let us in.
Lane Sure Gary, what an influence we here carry :-)
Gary Well, don't mention my name.
Gary That wouldn't help at all.
BamaBrownsBacker Lane, if you were the GM/head coach.....what would be your one biggest area of concern heading into training camp?
BrownsFEVA Lane: U happy with out backup qb's?
Lane Getting a clear-cut solution to the RB, OL, and TE positions. Get the rookie LB's enough quality time to feel comfortable with them and to get the best 2 CB's on the field. Hope that there are no major injuries
Lane Holcomb knows the offense, that is as far as my confidence level is.
Guest21 Where do you see the team as most vulnerable to key injuries during camp ?
Lane I will worry about the TE's and DL until the season begins and keeping Tre' Johnson healthy would be a huge bonus. The right side of the Browns offensive line could be very strong with him and Tucker.
BrownsFEVA am NOT convinced holcomb can lead this team IF couch goes down
YBD Any comments on Josh Booty, then?
Lane I don't think a true assessment of Holcomb leading this team can be made with the amount of playing time he has received.
Lane He is a good athlete, now does that mean he can lead this team........who the hell knows, but I certainly wouldn't expect him to.
BrownsFEVA booty, holcomb ...both 'right price' pickups in my opinion...need a heavyweight for a backup qb
YBD Last year Holcomb got what appeared to be alot of time at camp... You think Booty gets the same amount of time this year?
Lane His time should increase, but the reason a backup gets many reps is in the event that the player is thrust into the limelight, in which Holcomb will be if Couch were to go down for any period of time.
YBD Thanks.
Guest26 In the end - who will have the best NFL career - Tomlinson, the A-Train, or Willie Green?
Lane One of their priorities is to get the offense gelling in camp and not wavering along into the season.
Gary Zeroue
Gary LOL!
Lane LOL...........nice one
YBD Bzzzzzzt! It's not the lightning round yet, Gary!
Lane I really like Green's potential.............I'll say Green.
Gary cricket sounds
Guest26 Hope u r right
YBD You sound that way in person too!
Lane With Marty in SD right now, Tomlinson should be worn out by the 12th game, as he'll run him into the ground.
Guest26 Is Zeroue French for 0?
BrownsFEVA hell, they all have potential did all our draftpicks the last 2 yrs
ericthebrown I read something about Green having small hands. Is he going to have a problem holding onto the ball like Ricky Williams?
Lane Green has never shown a tendency to fumble, he has been a dependable ball carrier on the collegiate level
ArtBtz One or two more questions and then we'll need to call it a night.
YBD Eric, that statement was attributed to his girlfriend..... I'd discount it.... She's a reaaaaally big woman :-)
Lane By talking to him, he really wants to get rolling, he is excited about his opportunity to play in Cleveland.
Guest26 One football magazine says when the first running back drafted is 16 or later - the historical odds are not good he will amount to much. RB is so valuable - and for half the teams to pass on him - says something. not good
Lane I would say that to be true, but there are reason for players to drop where they do, not all are football or talent related.
Guest26 Hopefully we'll beat the odds.
BrownsFEVA Lane: do you think any quality backup qb's (names) will be released? do you know if davis will be watching that list?
ArtBtz Alrighty then, it's time to call it a night.
ArtBtz You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.
Lane I haven't paid much thought to the QB's that could come available, but they are comfortable with Holcomb as the backup to Couch.
ArtBtz LOL... @ etb
BrownsFEVA tanx lane
Lane Welcome
pegasus Thanks Lane, and all!
Gary Yeah. Much Gracia Lane
YBD Yeah, thx Lane.
ArtBtz Well, next week we should have a two-headed monster for you to attack, and the return of the LIGHTNING ROUND!!!
ArtBtz Later folks.
YBD Later
vbf later
Lane Have fun guys and thanks for dropping by tonight

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