Fan View: Cleveland Teams Cursed? Nah.

It's a long tunnel, but Jeff Biletnikoff sees the light at the end of it. Jeff returns with his second fan view for the OBR. Do you have a front-page worthy take? Contact us and get on the biggest soapbox around!

You may remember that it was springtime last year when another integral part of the offense thought it would be cool to play EASY RIDER in a parking lot.

Now we have our first 1000+ yard rusher in 20+ years facing serious charges in CO.

The early word is that this will blow over and I'm not really here to discuss what did or didn't happen between Reuben Droughns and his wife.

What I'm most interested in is exploring how we as Cleveland fans feel about ourselves. 

Have we lost so many times in countless (weird) ways that we take any piece of bad news and tie it into a larger cosmic plot against our favorite North Coast teams?

I can't really blame some of us having that kind of mindset.

How many cities have endured the kind of sports pain Cleveland has?

No major championships since 1964, the Drive, the Fumble, the Mike Phipps era, Jordan's miracle shot, the Indians game seven meltdown, lack of rebounding at the end of game 6, Tim Couch, Butch Davis, Carmen Policy and all the other characters and stories that have dominated over 40 years of frustration.

You could argue that fate herself was against Cleveland when arguably the best Indians team in decades was forced to watch as a great season was wasted in the midst of a horrible labor dispute.

I understand why we feel cursed but I'm personally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Ok, the light on the Indians is dimming but give LeBron James some help and the Cavs could be a force for years plus the Browns are finally heading in the right direction.

I'm tired of the victim mentality prevalent in a percentage of the Cleveland fan base (notice, I didn't say we all felt that way).

The past doesn't equal the future and I think the future is starting to look bright.

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