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The Muni Lot has been adding fan-made videos to the line-up, starting with "Gotta Have Faith" last weekend. This week, Serious Fans and Top Dead Center Productions offer up videos in the Muni Lot. Check 'em out!


You put computers, photos, video, music, and Browns fans together and what do you get? The latest video additions to the Muni Lot. The Muni Lot is the OBR's "hidden dark underbelly" of blogs, photos, file galleries, video and the AFC North Truthcenter, all presented without subscriptions or advertising.

Serious Fans: The Cleveland Edition provide our first video, The Stoolers: A Stooler Supper.

A slice of life as informative as anything you can find on the Discovery Channel or in the pages of National Geographic, this brief episodic documentary examines the pressures and culinary cravings which drive Steelerfan. Enthralling, fascinating, and yet disturbing, A Stooler Supper peers deep into the everyday lives of Yinzers in their native habitat. WARNING: Visitors with an extreme fear of condiments should not watch this video.

"Serious Fans" are composed of four life-long Browns fans, Scott Smith, Brandon Beck, Mike Smith and Michael Stanley, who started out with an idea to pitch a new way of covering NFL games to Sirius Radio. While they haven't given up on that goal, the gang has come up with some other ideas which they will be presenting on OBR's Muni Lot, fueled, of course, by beer, a satirical eye, and a lifetime devotion to the Browns.

Much further along up the food chain, top dead center productions switches the focus to Browns fans. This time, tdc's video reflects our collective state of mind as Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel look to improve the lot of the Cleveland Browns this upcoming season. Their second musical montage, Sure Feels Good, can't help but put an smile on the face of  any Browns fan as we look forward to 2007 with an air of optimism in Berea.

The first video from top dead center in the Truthcenter, You Gotta Have Faith, debuted last weekend and is already closing in on the Top 10 of the most visited blog pages in the history of the OBR.

An enclave of ex-Clevelanders living in LA, top dead center productions have subjected themselves to long months of sun, warm weather, and beautiful landscapes in the pursuit of the perfect Cleveland Browns season. Its a tough job, and they are going to hang on out there until the Browns win the Super Bowl.

While you're visiting the Muni Lot, feel free to stop by and check out some of the best Browns blogs anywhere, written by real Browns fans. With the Dawghouse Blog and Ace Davis Blog, the OBR is happy to be home to some of the most widely read Browns blogs anywhere. New bloggers are joining up regularly, and providing a source of well-informed and insightful analysis which sits alongside the Orange and Brown Report.


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