Wimbley Learning from the Best

Not many people get the opportunity to play football in the NFL. Fewer still are able to learn the ropes from a player of the caliber of Willie McGinest. Kamerion Wimbley does, however, and is grateful for the opportunity.

BEREA – Kamerion Wimbley has been watching films of one of the best players in the NFL in recent years in rushing the passer from the outside linebacker position while playing for the Patriots.

Fortunately, for Wimbley, Willie McGinest sits right next to him as he's watching films.

"I've been watching the Patriots and Willie McGinest and how he does things," Wimbley said. "He sits right next to me and helps me make mental notes on what he was doing and the reasons for it."

Wimbley says the input from McGinest has been invaluable thus far.

"It's important to have somebody to be there who's done it already," Wimbley said. "The mental aspect of the game and experience he has really is helping me.

"It's allowing me to focus just on football," he said. "The perspective of someone I've watched and tried to emulate has been great."

Romeo Crennel said Wimbley is making the adjustment pretty quickly.

"Kamerion is an athlete and those things we saw in terms of him bending his knees, dropping back in coverage and so forth, we're encouraged because he's been able to make the transition and he's looked good at doing it," Crennel said. "He learns pretty quickly. You tell him once and he asks a question and then he does it."

Crennel said there are similarities between McGinest and Wimbley when McGinest first came into the NFL.

"(Wimbley's) not as tall as Willie, but (Wimbley) probably moves better than Willie did as a rookie," Crennel said.

Crennel said Wimbley will rush the passer and try to work his way into being an every down linebacker.

"The transition for each of those guys is what they did best in college is rushing the passer," he said. "Initially, he would be rushing the passer on third downs. If he can do all of the things the outside linebacker position, he could play on first or second down, as well as third down."

Consistent with Crennel's methods, Wimbley will not be handed anything, despite being a No. 1 draft choice.

"He will become part of the rotation if he's worthy," he said. "When you put on the pads, that's when you know what you have."

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