Six Questions with Ken Dorsey

The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram's Scott Petrak talks with Browns backup QB Ken Dorsey. Scott will be joining the OBR as we ramp up coverage of training camp and provide more expert insight via our premium forums!

Q: How are you picking up the Cleveland offense?

A: It's coming. Each day you have some mistakes, but as long as you learn from your mistakes, make sure they don't happen again and get better every day, that's the goal right now. Just to get a better feel for the offense, I think that's happening.

Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel have said you're good in the classroom. Do you consider that a strength?

A: That's part of being a quarterback, dedicating yourself to what you do. I feel that's a necessity in the NFL. That's how you stay in the league.

Is the Browns' offense easy or hard to pick up?

A: Any offense is going to be a little different. But this offense is definitely player-friendly. I feel it creates good opportunities for a quarterback.

Do you look over your shoulder to see if the Browns are bringing in a veteran to fill the backup quarterback spot?

A: You can't do that. Otherwise, that's just a bad situation for me. Any time doubt creeps into your game, you start being tentative and you can't do that.

Your arm strength has been questioned. How do you respond?

A: If I can complete a ball downfield, that's the important thing. It's part of the NFL, there are going to be things out there (said about you). It's not something I think about. I know what I can do and just try to go out and do that.

What are your memories of the Ohio State-Miami national championship game?

A: It was just a great game. It was a battle for all four quarters and an up-and-down game.


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