Ahmad Brooks: Pro Day Results, Team Interest

Thirty-one teams, including the Cleveland Browns, watched LB Ahmad Brooks work out at UVA yesterday. How did Brooke impress teams prior to the upcoming Supplemental Draft? How interested are the Cleveland Browns? Scout.com digs into it...

The bulk of the workout was run by John Dorsey of the Green Bay Packers and Ricky Hunley, linebacker coach of the Cincinnati Bengals.  Trainer Chip Smith from the Atlanta region also helped out.

Brooks, who weighed almost 290-pounds two months ago, measured in at 6-feet-4-inches and 260-pounds.  He completed 19 reps on the bench, posted a 9-foot/8-inch broad jump and 32-inch vertical leap.

All the teams present were handed a medical report from Dr. James Andrews of Alabama which gave Brooks a clean bill of health.  According to Andrews, nothing irregular showed up on the MRI's conducted on Brooks surgically repaired knee.  Results of drug tests administered to Brooks over the past ten weeks, all of which were negative, were also available.

Despite the heat Brooks took three shots at running the forty.  The first times ranged from 4.56-to-4.59, then a 4.68 on the second and finally a 4.73 on his final try.

As previously mentioned 22 teams were on hand with the Giants, Niners and Dolphins sending the largest contingents.  The Giants and Dolphins have set up individual interviews with Brooks in the coming weeks.  Brooks had previously met with officials from the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers.

Surprising to many the New England Patriots have shown no interest in Brooks to date.  The New York Jets had a single scouts in attendance and also have little interest in the linebacker.

Where will he go in July's supplemental draft? 

Scouts on hand undoubtedly feel Brooks would've been the third rated prospect entering the season (after Brady Quinn and Adrian Peterson) had he been academically eligible to play at UVA in '06.

That being the case, there is an agreement Brooks has first round physical skills and it is just a question as to who may roll the dice and take a shot at him in either the second or third round in the supplemental draft.

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