The Quest for the Truth

Alongside brave fans like the guys at, we seek to document the sordid truth about the Browns' strange and noxious rivals in the AFC North. Are you brave enough? Are you open-minded enough? Have you eaten recently?


The Inconvenient Truth

As long-time visitors to the OBR and it's differently-named predecessors know, it has been the mission of the AFC North Truthcenter to detail and inform the public about the true nature of our rivals in the AFC North division in the NFL.

After a hiatus, the Truthcenter returned this spring with the advent of the OBR's Muni Lot to begin its mission anew, focused once more on exposing the horrific truth about the Baltimore Ratbirds, Pittsburgh Squeelers, and Cincinnati Whatever-they-ares.

While the brave men and women of the Truthcenter stand tall in their belief in truth, justice, and a Kyle-Boller-free lifestyle, they often have to endure physical hardships and emotional trauma to bring the truth back to you, the discriminating consumer of information.

Such has been the case with our friends from, who have taken it upon themselves to witness such horrifying true-life processes such as the mating rituals of Steelerfan. Following shortly after their ground-breaking documentary on Steelerfan food-gathering techniques, this newest documentary takes you right inside the actual domicile of the Steelerfan to witness the horrifying and somewhat disturbing truth.

The Stoolers, Episode 1
The Stoolers, Episode 2

(Having trouble accessing the Muni Lot? Click here for instructions for setting up a login and password.)

Truth-seeking Via Photoshop

The quest for the truth continues on the Watercooler, where fans have utilized Photoshop to continue to document the sordid existence of Steelerfan.

Not intended for those visitors who lack the will, or strong stomachs, to endure the descent in Yinzerness, the gang in the Cooler has risen to the challenge provided to them to "document the activities of Steelerfan (Homo Yinzus) in its native environment".

This stunning work follows shortly on the Watercooler's creative explosion when confronted with the question "What is Butch Davis doing now", also known as Photoshop Contest 1.

Expanding Like a Virus

The OBR continues to reproduce asexually, splitting into little bits and pieces on other people's servers, and generally making a mess.

Just like we grew the appendage of the Muni Lot earlier this year, the OBR now has an outpost on, which we're not - repeat, not - using just so we can leech off MySpace bandwidth for posting videos and such.

Feel free to drop by our lame Myspace page and trade friend requests with each us so we can pretend to be popular. This is an attempt to try to compensate for not being invited to the cool parties in High School, and doomed to fail, but we can't help ourselves.

A far more useful effort is a nascent Browns Wiki which we've set up starting this week. Mega-props to the first group of Wiki writers, who are diving into what could be an enormous, and potentially very useful project to document the history of the Browns from the perspective of fans.

Early plans are to integrate the Wiki with our pages here on the Scout Network, including our player profiles. More on this project as it develops. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in participating.



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