Fanview: What Goes Up

Jeff Biletnikoff provides some data for Browns fans having to endure the presence of Steeler fans. The Browns' past compares favorably to the Steelers' past, and the team is creeping up in the present...

Calm down Steeler fans.

One thing is for sure. Things change.

What's up, goes down. What's down, goes up. 

I say this to the gloating Steeler fans in your life and mine, the Cleveland Browns are still ahead of you all-time in many areas and not that far behind in others.

Don't believe me? Check this out.

Cleveland entered the NFL in 1950 so let's start with that as a basis of comparison between the Browns and Steelers.

Games played against each other:

Cleveland:  55 wins.
Pittsburgh: 50 wins.

World championship game appearances:

Cleveland:  9*
Pittsburgh: 6*

*The Browns won 4 and the Steelers 5, plus the Browns 9 appearances put them among the elite of the NFL since 1950.


Cleveland:  Paul Brown, Blanton Collier, 4 championships won.
Pittsburgh: Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, 5 championships won.

Great Wideouts

Cleveland:  Dub Jones, Dante Lavelli, Paul Warfield.
Pittsburgh: John Stallworth, Lynn Swann, Hines Ward.

Tight End

Cleveland:  Ozzie Newsome.
Pittsburgh:  No one.

Running Back

Cleveland:  Jim Brown.
Pittsburgh:  Franco Harris. 

But let's be honest, is he really in Jim Brown's class?  No way.

I could go on and on but the point is that Cleveland has a history of great players, teams and most important, the Steelers aren't ultra dominant over them.  I call this battle a dead heat.

If you think I'm reaching too far back into history, then just remember all the times before Super Bowl 40 that a Steeler fan reminded you they have 4 rings from the 70's. 

What's really amusing about Steeler fans is they seem to disappear and reappear depending on, and I know this is shocking, whether or not their team is winning or not.  Steeler fans were quiet as church mice in the 60's and late 80's when the team was down but have reverted back to their 70's level of gloating.

Well, Steeler fan, what's up (Pittsburgh) will be back down and what's down (Cleveland) will be back up.

Count on it.

Random Thought

Why isn't Gene Hickerson, the great pulling guard for Cleveland back in the 60's, in the Hall of Fame yet?

As great as Jim Brown was, he'd be the first to say you don't do it alone. 

Football is a team sport and Hickerson was integral to the great Browns teams of the 60's.

Come on veterans committee, put Gene Hickerson where he belongs, in the Hall of Fame.

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