Fan Video: tdc Double Feature

Two new videos from top dead center productions are worth checking out in the OBR's Muni Lot area. The passion and creativity of Browns fans all over the globe never ceases to amaze...    

Browns fans with a passion for their favorite team and high-powered software continue to do some amazing video work, which are proud to relay to you via the advertising-free OBR Muni Lot and our recent infestation of

This week, we've got a double feature courtesy of top dead center productions.

The first video, which I've probably played two dozen times myself, is called Let's Get It Started, after the Black-Eyed Peas tune. Motivated by tdc's excitement about the team's June mini-camp, Let's Get It Started features photos from camp from a variety of sources*, including the OBR photographer Skip Trombetti. It's tough not to watch this and not get fired up for the season, even though there's a month left to go before training camp.

Our friends at tdc also used a recent article on the OBR as motivation for asking us to release Teach Your Children, a serendipitous linkage of music from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with archival photographs of great Browns of the past. The great heritage of the Browns is celebrated alongside some timeless music in this video.

We asked the man behind tdc productions, who calls himself "Left Coast Dawg", about why he crafts these videos, which he obviously does with a great deal of thought. We'll let him speak for himself:

"I was born 3 weeks before Lou Groza beat the Rams in a snowstorm in the last minute of the 1950 championship game (The First Super Bowl), and I have been following the Browns ever since.

Through my early years, I was lucky enough to be neighbors with Ed Modzelewski, and John Carroll football Coach John Ray,  and I got to meet a continuing parade of Browns players.  I treasured every contact and every story they told about playing pro football.

My dad got us two tickets to the 1964 Championship game, and I froze my ass off watching the best game of my life.  I have not seen a better game since.

Later I met Howard Brinker, and learned a lot about Paul Brown, how he ran the team and what kind of a person he was.

One very positive result has been lots of good memories and good friends.  I have traveled to 30+ states for business and I always run into Browns fans and Browns Backers.  Every one instantly willing to talk to a stranger about the Browns.

I have also developed the persistent belief that the Browns are going to reach greatness again.  I'm just waiting to be proven right.

My videos are an effort to describe what it has been like to be a Browns fan, yesterday and today, and what it would mean to us if the Browns returned to create a new football dynasty. I like to think these videos are an aural / pictorial history of being a Browns fan."

The OBR is happy to be able to relay tdc's efforts to our visitors, and we're constantly amazed at the creativity and passion of Browns fans all over the globe.

* REGARDING USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS: TDC credits all photographs and musical selections during and at the end of videos. If any of the content providers do not wish their material to be used within the video, please contact tdc though our friends at the OBR and we will quickly remove them. Neither tdc productions nor the OBR have any desire or intention to profit from the use of this material.


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