Commentate-Off 2K2 Winners Announced!!

The Pompous Judge Panel has finished their harrumphing and huzzahing and has finally managed to come up with winners of Commentate-Off 2K2. Since the judges are a bit dazed and bordering on completely mental, they were unable to agree on five winners. So, today we announce the eight winners of Commentate-Off 2K2, who will provide their unique perspectives during the upcoming season.

The Pompous C2K2 Judging Panel hereby announces the following selection of Empowered Bernie's Insiders Commentators for the 2002 season. Follow the links to read the columns which inspired the Pompous Judges to heights of delirium and plagaristic temptation.

(In alphabetical order)

The Wizard of Oz Division

Joe Brownlee
Players to Watch in 2002

I am a Man of  Constant Sorrow

For the Love of Money

Doc Crispy
Owners aren't the Only Ones to Blame

The Oracle
City of Angels, Visions of Hell

Butch and Pete, Take 2

Tommy Stilleto
I'm Right, You're Wrong, Shut Up

Thank you to everyone who participated in Commentate-Off 2K2! Even the Pompous Judges admit that the decision was very difficult and that we were very impressed by the high quality of the entries. We really enjoyed reading these entries and are, as usual, dumbfounded by the ability of Browns fans to have interesting takes.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, insults, or subtle rejoinders.

- AB


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