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New Premium Services to Debut

Bernies Insiders will debut a number of new Club Member services for the upcoming 2002 season. Get the scoop on what you can expect. If you're not a Club Member, <A HREF="">click here to subscribe</A>.

It has been an incredible year of change here a Bernie's Insiders.

In the last year, we've mutated from BTNG, launched a magazine, brought current and previous players into our chat room, put together a great team of Insiders who work with the Browns fans who maintain the site, and made a ton of technical improvements behind the scenes. Our focus continues to be making Bernie's Insiders a great free site, as well as a great site for Club members. Even as we strive to introduce new free features, Bernie's Insiders will be also be introducing a number of new services in the coming weeks for our Club Members. Click here to become a Club Member, or to try out the service for five days free.

Here are some of the features which are available now or will be introduced soon:

Hot News
Fully integrated into our new player profiles (which are also available to non-Members), Bernie's Insiders Hot News will present original scoops from our Insiders as well as the latest from across the web. Tied into TheInsiders network, Hot News will also present information impacting the Browns from other Insiders sites and also from dedicated TheInsiders NFL experts. Expect a constant stream of updates into Hot News throughout training camp and the rest of the season, as we hope to have multple updates daily. Hot News gives us a convenient way to quickly get news and rumors out to you faster than any other independent Browns site and can be done faster than putting together a full-fledged article.

Our player profiles, which are integrated with Hot News, are currently being moved to this new format from our old format the Wardawg and Green Mountain Dawg have been maintaining. We hope to have that done by the start of exhibition season.

Fast Training Camp Coverage
It's hard to believe, but this time last year, we were still BTNG and doing the best we could to cover training camp on the weekends or if someone took a day off of work. This year, Bernie's Insiders will be providing the fastest training camp coverage out there, with our reporters Mike McLain and David Carducci covering every practice. We are planning a minimum of two-a-day updates after each practice session, starting next week. These updates will take the form of either Camp Notes articles or Hot News. After several days, we will make training camp articles available to non-members, so that everyone can read them. Hot News will remain a Club-only feature.

Bernies Insiders Magazine Archives
Selected stories from past Bernie's Insiders magazine issues will be made available on the web site for Club Members. The archive will not include the current issue and not be everything from the magazine. We think, however, that you will find it a valuable online reference as years go on, and it will also be fully integrated with player profiles. So, if there's an article on the web site or from the magazine about a particular player, you will probably be able to find it by looking up the player in our roster. We will begin putting this archive online in the next several days, and it will probably take us a while to get everything up there. But we intend to build up the archive as fast as we can.

Access to All NFL Insider Articles
Not really a new feature, but something you might have been unaware of. Becoming a Bernie's Insiders Club Member will allow you to get to all premium articles on all NFL sites. This does not include premium forums on other sites, but will allow you access to Hot News and Articles. With Clubs soon to debut on the Ravens and Steelers sites, this will be a great way to stay up-to-date on our rivals. It's also terrific for fantasy football players who want to stay a step ahead. As an aside, the Ravens and Steelers will be using the same ClubChat room and password approach as Bernie's Insiders, so it's going to be a great way to sit in and learn about what's going on with our division rivals.

We hope you enjoy the new Bernies Insider Club features as they become available. If you have questions about the services, ideas, comments, whatever... feel free to write to me personally at

- AB


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