Transcript: Adam Caplan, Sirius Radio

Sirius Radio's national NFL reporter was in the OBR chat room Monday night offering his takes on the Browns chances and personnel in 2006. Adam also broke a little news right up front, with the latest in the Browns' negotiations with Kamerion Wimbley...

artbtz: Ladies and gents, well, gents, I present the world-famous Adam Caplan (cheers)
Adam Caplan: Hi everyone

ramllov: What do you see for the Cleveland Browns in 2006?
Adam Caplan: 7-9ish. The issues are how the OL gells, Frye improves... They should have a very strong running game. I like what CLE did in the draft and free agency. D'Qwell Jackson will be a very solid player for them next to Andra Davis for a long time.

Adam Caplan: BTW all, I talked to Wimbley's agent over the weekend. Things are progressing. I would imagine a deal done before rookies report

Pincushion: Adam, is there any chance that Wimbley could sign before all the wait for slotting?
Adam Caplan: Pin: He could be the next first rounder to sign Realistic chance of that happening. I think there's truth to what we reported last week on That sixth year is very important... What may happen is 5 years plus an option.

ramllov: Adam, who is going to be the Browns backup QB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Probably Dorsey.

Guest99: Adam: What's the latest on the Browns front office - will anyone be brought in soon to be president - what is John Collins up to?
Adam Caplan: Good leadership qualities but for the future, Anderson.

Guest111: What will Frye do this year
Adam Caplan: 111: Up and down but they must stick with him no matter what.

Foose: Must because of lack of options, or becuase he WILL develop?
Adam Caplan: Foose: Not having Edwards to start the season will hurt.

BelieveInTheBrown: Adam: Any word on Antonio Perkins. Everyone seems down on him, but I actually like what he can do as a returner. I think he can be an upgrade on Northcutt as a returner
Adam Caplan: BTB: Perkins has the speed to return but that's about it.

CCDawg49: what do you see as the browns weakest link at this point?
Adam Caplan: CCD: WRs without Edwards. Safety though there's upside there.

Guest111: What about the old players signed (washingotn and Willie) don't we need to win now?:
Adam Caplan: 111: They are going to develop this team as soon as they can but they had to get Washington in there, Fisk was too small to play nose in 3-4.

artbtz: Adam, some commentators are slobbering over the Ravens now that they signed McNair. What do you think about the Ratbirds prospects this year?
Adam Caplan: Art: 10-6 for BAL.
Guest111: 10-6......... no way - WHAT ABOUT THIER AGING OL
Adam Caplan: Guest: BAL is getting younger on OL actually. Getting McNair is huge too, they need more consistency at QB.

Tracker12: Adam, I listen to your shows religiously on Sirius and I alwas hear negative comments on the Browns, mostly because of the inexperience of Charlie Frye. If Cleveland had a different, Veteran Quarterback how would you rate them then?
Adam Caplan: Track: They would have to have a good veteran, Dilfer can't play anymore.

Guest99: Who will be a back up RB - Suggs or Green - will Droughns make it through his legal troubles?
Adam Caplan: Green, I think Suggs will be traded before the start of the regular season.

Guest111: Can the Browns beat Baltimore this year:
Adam Caplan: 111: Sure, in CLE.

ramllov: Will Drew Brees be the starting NO QB on the first game of the regular season?
Adam Caplan: Brees may be limited at the start of the camp but barring a setback, is expected to be ready for the season

Guest99: Can the Browns get much for Suggs?
Adam Caplan: Conditional 6th maybe... Immense talent but bad injury history

CCDawg49: adam, do you see any of our second day picks having an impact this year? vickers, baba, or harrison maybe?
Adam Caplan: I really like Jerome Harrison - looked great up close during senior bowl week.

BelieveInTheBrown: What do you think about Brian Russell? I think he doesn't get as much credit as he should for keeping our defense in position
Adam Caplan: Russell played in a very productive scheme a few years ago in MIN but got exposed for being too slow.

bigperm: Adam - thanks for taking your time to do this.....what is the consensous on - the toughest league going into the season?
Adam Caplan: NFC East may be best division.

Guest103: Adam, if everything goes right with Frye, the rookies, Edwards/Winslow's recovery, do you think the team is positioned well for the future?
Adam Caplan: I do, Savage for the most part is a good talent evaluator, McCracken is a good cap guy. They're in good shape there.

ramllov: Adam, can the Browns developing defense beat NO offense with Brees on the first game of the season?
Adam Caplan: Sure, especially if Wimbley is good as advertised. BTW, class individual. He just got married next week.

Tracker12: Is Vinny Comin back to Cleveland Adam?
Adam Caplan: Could if they aren't happy with Dorsey

Guest111: With Carson Palmer banged up and the fact that the Bengal defense will no way get 42 INT's this year - do you see them repeating?
Adam Caplan: CIN will be good defensively, Madieu Williams back is big for them.

Tracker12: Wouldn't Collins be a better acquisition?
Adam Caplan: It would cost much more

BelieveInTheBrown: Do you think McMillian or Speegle truly contribute this year, or are they destined to ride the pine again this year
Adam Caplan: Bench

Guest103: Adam, who do you like better for a long term solution at S? Pool or Jones?
Adam Caplan: Jones is he regains everything he lost before the injury. Both are good players though

Pincushion: Adam: whats the word on Roethlisberger?
Adam Caplan: Supposed to be ready to do something near the start of camp

bigperm: Who do you think is going to be the biggest supris player on the Browns....others in the league?
Adam Caplan: Travis Wilson if he gets the offense down. Had a very good week at the senior bowl, good size/speed

BelieveInTheBrown: Anything positive on Rideau / Cribbs beyond average camps? Or are they destined to be special teamer / practice squad guys
Adam Caplan: Special teamers

Guest111: Can the browns get into the endzone this year consistently with Frye
Adam Caplan: Not without Edwards

Avicennasis: Adam, do you think Bodden will beat out Cutch for the other starting corner spot?
Adam Caplan: I can't see it

Guest103: Everyone wants Wimbley to be the next McGinest but realistically how do you see him devloping?
Adam Caplan: He has great feet and movement, he'll play a lot this season, be a star in 3 years

ramllov: Adam, the Browns have three solid starting defensive linemen and the backups could be called developmental. How good are their backup defensive linemen?
Adam Caplan: Eason was very highly thought of coming out of Clemson, Kelley has a chance to be a solid contributor

Evil-Elf: Wilson hasn't shown any knees problems lingering?
Adam Caplan: Not really

Guest315: Adam: After Droughns, who do you see as the 2nd and 3rd string backs?
Adam Caplan: Green then Harrison, I see Suggs being dealt

Guest103: What about the Inside Backers? Who do you think becomes the starter opposite Andra Davis?
Adam Caplan: Thompson but long term, DQ

ramllov: Adam, William Green, how much upside does this guy have, has he matured to be the first round runner that was draftd a few years ago?
Adam Caplan: With his head on right and an improved OL, Green can be a very solid backup but Harrison offers a change of pace speed they need

bigperm: Does Big Teddy Washington have anything left? We can't be expecting him to play more than 25 snaps right? Is it rumored at all that he might stay on as a coach with Romeo?
Adam Caplan: About 20 plays a game is all they need from him

Pincushion: Adam: Is there any chance of us finding another quality DE out there ie. Brentson Buckner?
Adam Caplan: BB is a DT... He can't really play DE in 3-4

Lumpy: Adam....who do you see as the strong teams in the NFC this year, and which one will make the NFL championship? In particular, what do you think the Panthers will do? Thanks.
Adam Caplan: I'm on record with CAR-IND

Guest103: Speaking of the OL, I'm worried about our Guards. Andruzzi seems to be getting old and Coleman doesn't seem like a long-term answer. Will the interior of the line be a problem?
Adam Caplan: Agreed, they are a weakness. Andruzzi isn't the same player he was with NE and Coleman isn't anything special

Guest99: What do you think of Baba Oshinowo?
Adam Caplan: Like him but a developmental player

BelieveInTheBrown: Adam how much improvement do you expect with LeCharles in the middle
Adam Caplan: Major, Faine wasn't dominant

Guest103: Will the weakness at G limit what the Browns offense could potentially be in 2006?
Adam Caplan: It could be a factor

Avicennasis: How do you think the Eagles will rebound this year from last year's injury-riddled season?
Adam Caplan: 10-6 area, they had a very good offseason... Problems are at WR and LB

Guest111: Not much talk about our DE's McKinley and Roye - anything special for them this year? Double digit sacks:
Adam Caplan: Roye was a huge surprise last season but can't see that many sacks

Guest99: You think KW2 can come back to what he was at Miami?
Adam Caplan: Not that close this year but he'll be good. You have to be realistic, he hasn't played in two years esentially

BelieveInTheBrown: Adam what do you think Reuben Droughns does this year. With Bentley in the middle, and if defenses actually respect the passing game.
Adam Caplan: Should have a good season especially if Winsoow can help

ramllov: Adam, Scheafer at LT, how good is this guy?
Adam Caplan: Shaffer is an average player. Many were surprised at what he got paid.

BelieveInTheBrown: Shaffer better than Shelton? Or is it a trade off?
Adam Caplan: He could be better than Shelton though who is a dog and I don't mean the good kind

Guest103: Are you saying that the Browns O. Line has a star (Bentely) a good player (Tucker) and 3 average to below average players (Andruzzi, Coleman, Schaeffer)
Adam Caplan: Three averages and two very good ones... and Bentley could be great.

BelieveInTheBrown: I don't think Tucker gets enough credit
Adam Caplan: Agreed

Guest99: Is Lerner regarded as a light weight by the other NFL owners?
Adam Caplan: No, highly regarded, will do whatever is needed to win

Guest103: Will it be enough or will they need help in 2007? Just as LB was a great area of need heading into this season do you see G being the same way in 2007?
Adam Caplan: G is a position where you don't have to overspend, LT, RDE, CB, and QB are generally where you spend cash

Guest111: Better NFL career - Wimbley or Ngata?
Adam Caplan: Wimbley

Guest99: What team will end up in L.A.? When?
Adam Caplan: Not sure but JAX doesn't deserve a team - too small a market.

Pincushion: is there any chance buffalo moves?
Adam Caplan: Doubt it

Guest111: Who wins the NFC North
Adam Caplan: Chicago, easily, unless they have a lot of injuries

Guest111: AFC North?
Adam Caplan: PIT

ramllov: Adam, will we be fortunate enough to have you do a return chat later in the year?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Sure, hope to do a bunch before the season

Guest11: Even with all the players PITT has lost and with Holmes/Big Ben incidents...and Porter
Adam Caplan: They lose players every year and continue to win. There's a reason why Cowher is still there since 1992.

Guest99: LeChuck vs Teddy will be great to watch in training camp.
Adam Caplan: Agreed

Lumpy: Adam, has there been any foresight from the doctors on how well Rothlesbeger can take a hit this year?
Adam Caplan: Lumpy, they'll know as his injuries heal totally but I would suspect he'll get in 1-2 preseason games before the season starts if he's ready

BelieveInTheBrown: Adam do you think Orpheus Roye stats are like they are because of good play, or because he was on the field for so long?
Adam Caplan: BTB: Both - defensive stats are usually inflated on sub par teams

Guest103: Best guess as to when Edwards is the player they envisioned with the #3 overall pick. 2007?
Adam Caplan: Usually it takes two years for an ACL injury to a skill player to get back to normal

Foose: So, reading between the lines (PIT wins AFCN, BAL 10-6, CLE 7-9), are you predicting a CIN implosion or then entire AFCN being decent to very good?
Adam Caplan: CIN #2 in that division

Adam Caplan: BTW, if you have sirius, I'm hosting this Saturday from 8-11 am est

ramllov: Adam, what is your take on Leon Williams ILB from the University of Miami?
Adam Caplan: Should be a decent backup inside

bigfish49: What do you think of the Browns offensive coordinator?
Adam Caplan: Has a lot to prove... they helped him with Bentley and he gets back Winslow

BelieveInTheBrown: Considering it takes two years for an ACL injury then. Do you think Sean Jones plays to his potential this year? Finally plays with the same coaching staff and is far enough from his injury
Adam Caplan: I think Jones could be a pretty solid player in the secondary this season

BelieveInTheBrown: Well if you base your offense around a tight end, and a versatile fullback, yet have neither one. How well do you expect him to do without what he needs
Adam Caplan: They don't need a pass catching FB if Winslow is there... Droughns can catch the ball, all they need Smith to do is block

Guest213: Does Crennel have the players to make the Browns Def a top ten ubit this year?
Adam Caplan: Top-15

artbtz: Hey folks... Adam is going to have to take off. He just got zinged with a phone call.

Adam Caplan: We'll do this again at the start of camps

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