Fanview: Expectations vs. Character

Jeff Biletnikoff may like that the Browns are a good character team, but feels that isn't enough. Another take from a Browns fan on the only major Browns site built by fans, and for fans. The soapbox belongs to Jeff... let us know if you want a turn...

High character?  High expectations are better.

The recent struggles of Tim Couch got me thinking about how he and Terrell Owens are connected in a strange sort of way.

Roll with me on this one.

Both came into their last major situations in the NFL with high expectations.  Couch, of course was a #1 pick of the Browns, expected to lead Cleveland back to the top and thought of as a nice guy with good character. 

What happened?

He couldn't do it.

Pick your reason.  What's the difference?  The subject has been overdone and overanalyzed to death.  

On the other hand, T.O. came to Philly with high expectations and he delivered, on the field, where it counts.

They went to the Super Bowl.  No longer the bridesmaid in the NFC, Owens helped the Eagles get over the hump into the Big Dance.

All the crap about wanting more money, problems with his teammates, etc. is grist for the sports reporters and print media.  You'd think T.O. was public enemy #1 to hear some (Sean Salisbury, et al) talk about him.

Don't tell me he's a bad guy because he asked for more money.  You might question his methods but that's just show biz.  The bottom line is he asked for a raise, didn't get it and moved on.

Sound familiar?  Think that scenario might play out over the course of this year among folks with "real" jobs?

None of that stuff made him a bad player.

Last time I looked he signed a huge starter's contract with Dallas and Couch is out of the league.  Why?  Because he can play and Tim Couch couldn't.

High expectations.

The NFL is about winning and losing, period.  Sure, you want nice guys with good character; I'm for that but if they can't play, forget it-goodbye.

High expectations is just another way of saying "just win baby."

When the NFL image makers dumped on Owens it was about making sure the league's skirts stayed clean, telling people what they want to hear and keeping the ball rolling.

Image. Image. Image.

As you await the start of the Browns training camp, be wary about all the stories coming out about the "high" character of the new Browns roster.  Those kinds of articles are becoming fluff to me.  

It's nice to have nice people but its even nicer to have guys that can play.

I hope the Browns smile their way to Super Bowl 41 but their grins aren't going to be the only thing I watch for this season because guys like Owens are competing for Super Bowls and players like Couch get a lot of golf in and go to their college team's games in the fall.

It's time we have high expectations for the Cleveland Browns.

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