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With training camp a week-and-a-half away, we're still stuck without much in the way of Browns news. In less than two weeks, the local media will wake up and rediscover a thing called "Cleveland Browns football", but until then a lot of us are hanging out and scouring the Internet for anything of interest to get our fix of football.

The Browns fans participating in the OBR's totally-free Muni Lot, however, as generating their own articles and videos, and there's been a lot of good stuff released over the last week.

Over the weekend, top dead center productions unleashed two new videos. Debuting in the Watercooler at the appropriate 11:30PM time on Friday night, "Cool It Group" is a tribute to the infamous Cleveland TV host "Ghoulardi", who spawned scores of imitators after he left the air. A true Cleveland original, Ghoulardi is remembered fondly by just about everyone who grew up in Cleveland during his heyday. With music and pictures that you will remember from his show, and those that followed, Cool It Group is a must-see which clocks in at slightly over twelve minutes.

tdc continues with their tongues-in-cheek for "Would I Lie to You?", a look back at Butch Davis', um, occasional challenges expressing himself with full candor. The 80s Annie Lennox vehicle, Eurythmics, provide the music.

The multi-media assault doesn't end there, however, as bloggers and podcasts are found on the Muni Lot as well:

The Dawghouse Blog continues its fantasy preview of the AFC North, with plenty of links to pre-season prognostications and MikeB's own takes on how the Browns and their rivals stack up from a fantasy perspective.

The original Browns blogger, Ace Davis, also continues his excellent work on the Muni Lot blogs. He takes a look at the Browns "baseline lineup" in his latest entry.

Also of interest is the OBR radio podcast, generally presented the day after the live show on Tuesday nights 9-11PM on Sportstalk Cleveland. Last week's show properly indicated how the Browns would deal with the supplemental draft as well as providing exclusive information about the team's talks with Browns rookies.

One of the things that makes blogging and producing the content on the Muni Lot so much fun are hearing from fans via comments. There haven't been a lot of comments of late, which is probably caused by confusion about how to log in to the Muni Lot. The Muni Lot is completely separate from Scout's systems, and is supported entirely by the OBR and our subscribers.

We have, however, tied together your Scout log-in and log-ins on the Muni Lot. Click here to set up a Muni Lot login so you can leave comments and talk about to our bloggers, podcasters, and videographers. The Muni Lot is a throwback to the advertising and subscription-free days of the infamous You can support it by belonging to the OBR, and well as by "paying" the fans who put it together by commenting on their work.




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